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Losing an internet bet against the Dodgers, one man eats every food sold at Dodger Stadium

Written by
Brittany Martin

It may be an even bet on whether the Dodgers will win their Division Series against the Washington Nationals tomorrow evening, but we can say we know at least one guy who has already suffered the consequences of betting against the team. And those consequences were… nacho cheese flavored. 

When pitcher Joe Blanton signed with the team this past January, he didn’t have the greatest reputation. He was 11 years into his career, but in all that time had rarely logged stats that were anything more than average. Some critics said he seemed to have peaked in 2009. While he played a good season in 2015, not all Dodgers fans were enthusiastic when he arrived in L.A.

One vocal Twitter user was particularly unimpressed, NBC Sports reports. The fan known as @TheAmitie posted, “If Joe Blanton pitches 75+ innings of league average ERA next year, I will eat one of everything on the menu at Dodger Stadium.” 

Fast forward to October and one @TheAmitie was forced to eat his words—along with quite an assortment of ballpark snacks—when Blanton actually pitched substantially better than league norms.

He created a budget: $20 for hot dogs, $15 for fries ($7 for standard plus $8 for garlic), $25 for nachos (various options on offer) and so on, totaling $250. A Go Fund Me page went up and collected $450 within days. The extra money raised by the Go Fund Me is being donated to charity, we’re told, and not going to cover his medical bills from eating all that stadium food.

The moral of the story might be to watch what you say on the internet.

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