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Meet our newest blogger... LA Jesus

Kate Wertheimer

Some of you may know him as Hollywood Jesus, or as the strange, tall man roaming the city in white robes. He's one of LA's favorite local celebrities, and also happens to be our newest blog contributor.

His viewpoint is unique and he can wax poetic about pretty much anything (his first advice column contains some actual verse). When I asked him for an update on his assignment, this is the response I received:

"Every night before I retire I'm at the keyboard pecking away. In olden days there might be a wicker wastebasket on the floor just to the right of a rolltop desk, overflowing with papers yanked from the carriage of a Remington. And there would be coffee and a grinder and an old Boston fern and a goldfish, a comet-tail named Kate, making busy in her glass house, watching...waiting."

I'm a goldfish, and LA Jesus is a blogger. We truly live in the city of dreams.

Read LA Jesus' first post here. It's... a revelation.

If you have some tough questions or are in need of advice, ask LA Jesus in the comments section below. Just don't expect any miracles.

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