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'Play Like A Girl' celebrates women in music at the Echo and beyond

'Play Like A Girl' celebrates women in music at the Echo and beyond
Photograph: Courtesy PLAG

Are you a lady who loves to play music? You need to know about Play Like A Girl—or PLAG for short.

The idea for PLAG came about earlier this year. Local lady musician Kimi Recor, of the band Dræmings, was lamenting the lack of opportunities to celebrate women in music, when the idea hit her: what if there was a monthly showcase featuring female-fronted bands? Recor recruited some of her female friends, and PLAG was formed.

In its current iteration, PLAG is a woman-powered collective creating a safe space for women (and those who identify as women) to connect and create. PLAG throws an all-ages, monthly feminist showcase at the Echo celebrating the best female acts in town. Each showcase has a companion zine featuring artwork, photography and writing from different local women.

As if that weren't cool/empowering enough, PLAG hopes to keep expanding. In the fall, they'll release their first EP from location alternative band Iris, produced by Recor and released under the collective's very own label, PLAG Records.

Eventually, Recor hopes to implement PLAG chapters across the country (and world!), creating a network of showcases and contacts for women in music. She also envisions a partnership with other female music collections to create an FYF-style music festival prominently (if not exclusively) featuring female talent. A Lilith Fair for a new generation, perhaps?

To learn more, get involved and sign up for PLAG's newsletter (which gets you on the eternal $5 list, meaning tickets to the monthly showcase will be $5 for you forever), check out the collective's website. You can also find them on FacebookInstagram and Twitter to stay super up-to-date on all the rad lady music happenings in the city.

Curious about what a PLAG showcase sound like? Check out this compilation video from their last event: