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Sage Vegan Bistro
Photograph: Jakob N. LaymanSage Vegan Bistro

Sage Vegan Bistro launches a fully vegan brewery and bar

Written by
Brittany Martin

Veggie-lovers and beer-lovers have something new to share: Sage Vegan Bistro has just launched a completely vegan microbrewery adjacent to their Echo Park cafe. Along with the brewery operation also comes with a full tasting room and bar to knock back the animal-friendly drinks in style.

There are six fermentation tanks in place, Eater L.A. reports, which implies that at least six of the tasting room’s 36 taps will probably eventually be used for the house beers. For now, they are rolling out their own vegan beers slowly, starting with a habanero pilsner, and using the other taps for pre-batched cocktails, wine and kombucha.

While non-vegans might not think about it often, beer isn’t necessarily fit for a vegan diet. A number of breweries, particularly those that adhere to British and Irish beer brewing traditions, use animal-derived additives and ingredients in making their suds. Guinness famously uses the fish-derived clarifying agent isinglass and other beers can contain ingredients like gelatin, casein and other products unsuitable for veggie lips. Los Angeles has no shortage of great spots for vegan dining, but Sage’s brewpub might mark the first proactively vegan drinking establishment around.

The bar is now open, but night owls may want to keep in mind that hours currently end at the relatively-early 11pm on weekdays, though they will be staying open until midnight on Friday and Saturday and may be extending until a 1am closing time if things pick up.


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