The 6 worst bottlenecks in LA traffic account for over 33 million hours in delay each year

Written by
Seth Kelley
Photograph: Courtesy Creative Commons/Flickr/Eric Demarcq

A new study confirms something that we all know and live on a daily basis: traffic in Los Angeles is an issue. But the report, released by the American Highway Users Alliance, gets into some really nitty-gritty, upsetting details. One-third of the nastiest bottlenecks in the country, it says, are in LA.

Let’s not get dramatic: the worst bottleneck in the country (measured by hours of delay annually) is not in LA, it's in Chicago (on the Kennedy Expressway). But that doesn’t excuse the fact that LA earned the next six spots on the list, and 11 of the top 30. New York, the next biggest offender, only has five spots in the top 30.

Below are the worst spots in LA, although you're probably all too familiar.

1. The 405 between Route 22 and the 605: 7 million hours in delay. 

2. The 10 between Santa Fe Avenue and Crenshaw Boulevard: 7 million hours in delay.

3. The 405 between Venice and Wilshire boulevards: 6 million hours in delay.

4. The 101 between Franklin Avenue and Glendale Boulevard: 5 million hours in delay.

5. The 110 between Exposition Boulevard and Stadium Way: 5 million hours in delay.

6. The 101 between Sepulveda and Laurel Canyon boulevards: 3 million hours in delay.

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