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Morrissey at FYF 2015, day 2
Photograph: Mallory TurnerMorrissey at FYF 2015, day 2

The City of L.A. has officially declared this Friday Morrissey Day

Michael Juliano
Written by
Michael Juliano

When Morrissey comes to town, it’s a big deal—so big, in fact, that the Hollywood Bowl is going meatless for the famous vegetarian’s two shows this weekend.

In addition, the Los Angeles City Council has declared this Friday, November 10 “Morrissey Day.” Valley councilmember Monica Rodriguez introduced the resolution at today’s city council meeting, complete with an official commemorative certificate.

“Morrissey Day honors the man who put the ‘M’ in Moz Angeles, an icon whose music continues to touch and uplift countless people across the globe,” said councilmember Rodriguez. “Morrissey uses his voice to raise awareness for many social issues while ‘in his own strange way,’ always staying true to his fans.”

Outside of government, L.A. shows a lot of love to the former Smiths frontman, with karaoke nights, mariachi tributes and even a vandalized sign on the 101 that changed the Hollywood Bowl exit to read “Morrissey.” In return, Morrissey will mount a pop-up shop next weekend, November 17 to 19, at 8250 Melrose Avenue.

The not-at-all-promotional declaration comes ahead of Morrissey’s aforementioned performances at the Bowl, plus his upcoming album Low in High School. It’s also not the first time the city has recognized pop culture favorites; official days have recently been declared for Kobe Bryant, La La Land, the Doors and X, ahead of the punk band’s Grammy Museum exhibition.

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