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The naked Trump statue is going up for auction (in case you need to own that)

Brittany Martin

UPDATE (10/24/16): The results are in from the auction and now we know that some art (is that the word?) collector was willing to spend $22,000 to take home L.A.'s naked Trump statue, according to KTLA. Estimates had placed the value between $10,000 and $20,000, so clearly there was even more desire than expected at the auction held here in Los Angeles over the weekend. A portion of the proceeds from the sale will be donated to the National Immigration Forum. 

Of the statues placed by street art collective INDECLINE in cities across the country, only the one that went up in Los Feliz survived long enough to make it to the auction block. All of the others were either confiscated by local authorities or damaged while on display. 

The naked statue of Donald Trump that popped up in Los Feliz earlier this month is going up on the auction block. In the event your living room has an empty spot calling out for the statue, be prepared to invest a bit of cash. It’s predicted that the sale price will be around $10,000 to $20,000, according to CNBC—of which some portion will be donated to the immigrant-rights campaign work of the National Immigration Forum. 

Five identical statues were erected around the country by the artist collective INDECLINE. Of them, four were defaced or confiscated by local authorities. Only the Los Angeles installation has survived intact and ready to sell.

"The explicit statue quickly became a symbol of political protest art and garnered international coverage when the gallery refused to hide or censor the statue," a media release from the auction house said.

Many of the pieces in the upcoming “Street Art and Contemporary Art” sale at Julien’s Auctions feature political overtones. A Knowledge Bennett depiction of Hillary Clinton, part of his Cojones series, will be included, as well as a Banksy piece and one of Shepard Fairey’s original Hope portraits of Barack Obama from back in 2008. There is even work by Enter Through the Gift Shop star Mr. Brainwash among the street art offerings.

The auction of more than 100 pieces is set to take place October 22 at Julien’s Auctions Los Angeles location. As CBS reports, the public will be able to view the collection prior to the auction, starting on October 17.

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