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Three back-to-back rainstorms are set to soak L.A. this week

Three back-to-back rainstorms are set to soak L.A. this week
Photograph: Instagram/@dianazalucky

Hope you’ve enjoyed the few dry, rain-free days that the area has been treated to recently, because we’re about to plunge right back into rain. Forecasters are projecting three back-to-back storms to blow through the region starting mid-week.

Each of the three systems will bring stormy conditions, with a total accumulation of one to three inches of rain expected in Southern California. Northern California, which keeps getting drenched this winter, will be looking at at least twice that amount.

In mountain areas, these storms will manifest as even more snow, potentially as much as 10 feet by Monday, on top of existing accumulations that have reached more than 20 feet. Mammoth Mountain ski area projects that this will likely tally up to the snowiest January they have ever recorded.

The rain itself isn’t the only thing to worry about with these storms. There are also wind-related hazards to be on the look-out for this week. 

“Gusty winds accompanying each storm could also knock down more trees, cause sporadic power outages and make travel extremely difficult,” senior meteorologist Kristina Pydynowski told AccuWeather. 

Experts also warn in particular of the likelihood of flash flooding in Palm Springs and other desert areas that are not accustomed to this level of rainfall, as well as the possibility that we’ll see more mudslide and debris-related road closures, similar to what happened recently along Laurel Canyon Boulevard. To stay up to date, check the L.A. County road closures map maintained by the Department of Public Works.  

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