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Photograph: Dawk Suice/Flickr/CC

Tupac is representing L.A. in this year's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominations

Brittany Martin

One of L.A.’s most famous sons—or maybe infamous, depending on the person you ask—is up for a nod from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. This morning, Tupac Shakur was announced as one of the 2016 class of nominees.

This year is the first time he has been eligible for the honor because there is a rule that a minimum of 25 years has to pass from the artist’s debut album before they can be nominated for the Hall of Fame. It looks like a good sign that he received a nomination as soon as he became eligible. Other first-time nominees this year include Pearl Jam, Electric Light Orchestra and Joan Baez, the L.A. Times reports.

If ‘Pac makes the cut, he’ll be one of the few hip-hop artists to do so. Currently, just the Beastie Boys, RUN-D.M.C and N.W.A (also repping L.A. there) have made it in. He is definitely the only nominee to appear at Coachella in hologram form, so that has to count for something. 

But a nomination doesn’t always mean an artist makes the final list. There are two rounds of voting ahead, one where the public gets to weigh in and then a panel of experts will make the final determination. If you want to tell those folks in Cleveland that you really want Tupac in the Hall, you can start casting your vote on their website today. 

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