With Love to Mexico

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With Love to Mexico
Photograph: Courtesy Dinner Lab

Exclusive dining club pop-up Dinner Lab is going public for the first time with their event With Love to Mexico, at 5400 Wilshire Boulevard. Prepare yourself for a traditional Mexican dinner, hosted by inventive chefs from restaurants across LA. Featuring dishes such as tacos de pulpo, low braised birria and mole panna cotta, the feast will be executed by Chichen Itza’s Gilberto Cetina, Malibu Pier Restaurant & Bar's Jason Fullilove, Fattoria Del Vicario's Matt Dhillon, Scratch Bar’s Phillip Frankland Lee and Francisco Guzman, as well as City Tavern’s Ryan Turner. Proceeds from the event will go to Mexico Unido, in an effort to bring awareness to the violence related to drug cartels in Mexican regions such as Jalisco, Puebla and Oaxaca. Creative food and dishes for charity? Count us in—salud!

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