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Coachella 2013 lineup: Friday bands (slide show)

Check out all the bands playing Friday sets—on April 12 and April 19—at the Coachella 2013 festival.


Click to the next image to see all the bands in the Friday lineups at the Coachella 2013 festival.


The Stone Roses

Fridays April 12 and 19

Origin: Manchester
Previously played Coachella: First-timer

One of the pioneering groups of Manchester's popular Madchester movement, this legendary four-piece rock band—vocalist Ian Brown, guitarist John Squire, bassist Gary "Mani" Mounfield, and drummer Alan "Reni" Wren—meshes '60s style, psych/alt guitar pop with an '80s dance beat.

 Download The Stone Roses (20th Anniversary Legacy Edition) on Amazon
 Download Second Coming on Amazon



Fridays April 12 and 19

Origin: London
Previously played Coachella: 2003

We're hoping for an eclectic mix of singles and album tracks from the London alt-rockers—from their baggy-ish Leisure era, through the heights of their Britpop heyday, all the way to the moody, textured art-rock of their latter work. Expect even the youngest of festival goers to "woohoo" along to "Song 2," by far the band's most well-known hit stateside.

 Download "Song 2" on Amazon
 Download Blur: The Best Of on Amazon


Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Fridays April 12 and 19

Origin: New York City
Previously played Coachella: 2006, 2009

Powder keg frontwoman Karen O and New York's favorite art-punk alt-poppers are prepping the April release of Mosquito, their first formal LP since 2009's It's Blitz! Amongst their hefty stable of hits, expect to hear a few new ones, including Mosquito's gospel-tinged first single, "Sacrilege." Yeah Yeah Yeahs are never less than spectacular live, so stake out your spot near the stage for the band's third appearance at Coachella.

 Download new single "Sacrilege" on Amazon
 Download It's Blitz! on Amazon


Modest Mouse

Fridays April 12 and 19

Origin: Issaquah, WA
Previously played Coachella: 1999

The indie-rock stalwarts of Modest Mouse haven’t released a full-length album in more than six years (the last was 2007’s We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank), but the band, now based in Portland, Oregon, hasn’t been resting. For a group that started out playing tiny clubs, bingo halls and dive bars, Modest Mouse fills larger spaces remarkably well, offering up a slightly frenetic live show anchored by Isaac Brock’s distinctive singing, full of yelps and shouts.

 Download Good News For People Who Love Bad News on Amazon
 Download The Lonesome Crowded West on Amazon


Lou Reed

Fridays April 12 and 19

Origin: New York City
Previously played Coachella: First-timer

Okay, so we won't get to see the Rolling Stones this April, as speculated, but Lou Reed is quite the consolation prize. Expect all the faves—and plenty of less-well-known new tracks too—from the grumpy Velvet Underground hero. Hope to hear "Kill Your Sons," about Reed's own experience with electroconvulsive therapy meant to "cure" his bisexuality.

 Download Walk On The Wild Side on Amazon
 Download Transformer on Amazon


Jurassic 5

Fridays April 12 and 19

Origin: Los Angeles
Previously played Coachella: 1999, 2002

The alt hip-hop group—originally formed in 1993 from two previous groups, Rebels of Rhythm and Unity Committee—reunites for this year's festival, after parting ways in 2007 due to "musical differences." Here's hoping their set won't be an awkward one, or a lackluster nod to the group's glory days.

 Download Quality Control on Amazon
 Download Power in Numbers on Amazon

 (Photograph: © Deirdre O'Callaghan)
Photograph: © Deirdre O'Callaghan


Fridays April 12 and 19

Origin: London
Previously played Coachella: First-timer

As its deadpan title suggests, Grinderman 2 is the second album from Nick Cave’s latest band, in which the Australian singer, songwriter, actor and novelist is joined by the three hairiest members of his longtime backing troupe, the Bad Seeds. The band's rowdy 2007 debut served notice that years of goth-punk balladeering hadn’t dulled Cave’s flair for raw garage rock; but the most convincing cuts here are the slow, pretty ones. Either way, their festival set promises an awesomely warped experience.

 Download Grinderman on Amazon
 Download Grinderman 2 on Amazon

 (Photograph: Josh Owens)
Photograph: Josh Owens


Fridays April 12 and 19

Origin: Santa Cruz, California
Previously played Coachella: 2007, 2010

Massive bass, Burning Man–worthy breaks and a vaguely aggro-hippy vibe: That’s what Lorin “Bassnectar” Ashton is all about. The San Francisco artist—one of the most popular and influential figures in California's electro music scene—plays, celebrating a new disc, Vava Voom.

 Download Vava Voom on Amazon
 Download Divergent Spectrum on Amazon


Dog Blood

Fridays April 12 and 19

Origin: Los Angeles, CA + Hamburg, Germany
Previously played Coachella: First-timer

Despite the slightly creepy name, this side project and surprisingly equal collaborative effort from Skrillex and Boys Noize (formed in 2012 after the two had a jam sesh in a Berlin recording studio) promises electro house and acid techno for dance-happy festival-goers.

 Download "Next Order" on Amazon
 Download "Middle Finger" on Amazon


How to Destroy Angels

Fridays April 12 and 19

Origin: Los Angeles, CA
Previously played Coachella: First-timer

How to Destroy Angels—Trent Reznor, Mariqueen Maandig and Atticus Ross—released its self-titled six-song debut EP in 2010, and their newest, Welcome Oblivion, in March. They have an eerie tone with a heavy industrial sound reminiscent of NIN, only now with a female vocalist, and percussion sequences that are sure to get stuck in your head. Listen now or save yourself for their Friday sets.

 Download Welcome oblivion on Amazon
 Download How To Destroy Angels on Amazon

 (Photograph: Chrissy Piper)
Photograph: Chrissy Piper

Passion Pit

Fridays April 12 and 19

Origin: Cambridge, MA
Previously played Coachella: 2010

Masters of summer pop (the indie Bee Gees?), Passion Pit have finally delivered the follow-up to their awesome 2009 album, Manners, with a lush new disc, Gossamer. Fans of singalong choruses, Phoenix, MGMT and strolling in the moonlight in the middle of summer (or a hot night in the California desert in April) will love it.

 Download Gossamer on Amazon
 Download Manners on Amazon


Tegan and Sara

Fridays April 12 and 19

Origin: Calgary, Canada
Previously played Coachella: 2005, 2008

Canadian twins Tegan and Sara return to SoCal with their winning brand of indie pop—all layered vocals, scuzzy guitars and tempered angst. They’ll be treating the festival audience to tunes from their seventh album, the acoustic guitar and synth-driven Heartthrob, released in late January.

 Download Heartthrob on Amazon
 Download So Jealous on Amazon


Band of Horses

Fridays April 12 and 19

Origin: Seattle, WA
Previously played Coachella: 2009

In case you missed the memo, this Seattle band of furry-faced men is kind of a big deal. It was a Grammy-nominated act! No longer signed to Sub Pop but a real major label! The quintet continues to offer rousing, blues- and country-tinged, Neil Young–referencing rock, supporting their latest, fourth album, Mirage Rock.

 Download Mirage Rock on Amazon
 Download Everything All The Time on Amazon


Beach House

Fridays April 12 and 19

Origin: Baltimore, MD
Previously played Coachella: 2010

The Baltimore duo released Bloom, its fourth album of stunning textured dream pop, earlier last year. This Coachella appearance may be anything but intimate, but Beach House, having truly bloomed recently, has the potential to transform the larger venue into a hazy bedroom of its own design.

 Download Bloom on Amazon
 Download Teen Dream on Amazon

 (Photograph: Justin Broadbent)
Photograph: Justin Broadbent


Fridays April 12 and 19

Origin: Toronto, Canada
Previously played Coachella: 2006, 2008

This Canadian band, formed in Toronto in 1998, wavers between indie rock and new wave. They self-released their 2009 LP, Fantasies, and sold over 500,000 copies worldwide without the help of a record label, which is pretty badass. Expect to hear some Fantasies cuts, as well as newer tunes off the band's 2012 album, Synthetica.

 Download Synthetica on Amazon
 Download Fantasies on Amazon

 (Photograph: Gabi Porter)
Photograph: Gabi Porter

Local Natives

Fridays April 12 and 19

Origin: Los Angeles, CA
Previously played Coachella: 2010

Local Natives’ debut, Gorilla Manor, features three-part melodies that portend chlorine on sweat-soaked skin. Lyrical metaphors skew toward psychedelic freak folk and Halloween on uppers, an addictive combination. Expect more of the same as they hit up Coachella in support of Hummingbird, which dropped in January.

 Download Hummingbird on Amazon
 Download Gorilla Manor on Amazon


Of Monsters and Men

Fridays April 12 and 19

Origin: Iceland
Previously played Coachella: First-timer

Buzzy Icelandic indie-folksters Of Monsters and Men, who emerged as stars of SXSW in 2012, play behind their debut, My Head Is An Animal. The sextet pens appealing, mild-mannered ditties that later explode into happy-clappy choruses reminiscent of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.

 Download My Head Is An Animal on Amazon
 Download "Little Talks" on Amazon


Infected Mushroom

Fridays April 12 and 19

Origin: Haifa, Israel
Previously played Coachella: 2007, 2010

One of the Middle East's biggest international cult successes, the Israeli-hatched psychedelic-trance group Infected Mushroom (now residing in sunny LA) will spread its good vibes, playing songs from 2012's Army of Mushrooms. Expect a mind-blowing multimedia backdrop to their performance, as per usual.

 Download Army Of Mushrooms on Amazon
 Download Vicious Delicious on Amazon

 (Photograph: Andy Mueller)
Photograph: Andy Mueller


Fridays April 12 and 19

Origin: Vancouver, Canada
Previously played Coachella: First-timer

Since their debut LP Post-Nothing was released in 2010, Vancouver duo Japandroids have split up, got back together and guitarist Brian King nearly died from a perforated ulcer. But he didn't! And now they're back to play their clattery, grubby rock in support of sophomore album Celebration Rock in 100-degree heat.

 Download Celebration Rock on Amazon
 Download Post-Nothing on Amazon

 (Photograph: Pamela Littky)
Photograph: Pamela Littky

Divine Fits

Fridays April 12 and 19

Origin: Montreal, Canada + Austin, TX
Previously played Coachella: First-timer

This trio is a supergroup à la Wild Flag: Britt Daniel from Spoon, Dan Boeckner from Wolf Parade and Handsome Furs, and Sam Brown from New Bomb Turks. With beefy basslines, sharp-angled guitars and crunchy keyboards, these indie-rock royals pack tight, spiky hooks and precisely ambiguous vocal stylings into their excellent debut, A Thing Called Divine Fits.

 Download A Thing Called Divine Fits on Amazon
 Download "Would That Not Be Nice" on Amazon



Fridays April 12 and 19

Origin: Chile
Previously played Coachella: First-timer

Swiss-Chilean DJ and producer Luciano, master of the house and techno label Cadenza, has become one of the biggest names in electronic music in the past few years. Switzerland-born and Santiago-raised, Luciano first conquered Chile, then moved on to Europe and now graces SoCal with his presence during what promise to be two amazing Friday sets.

 Download Vagabundos 2012 on Amazon



Fridays April 12 and 19

Origin: Toronto, Canada
Previously played Coachella: 2008

Dreamy Canadian alt-poppers Stars—who have toured and shared/swapped band members with friends Broken Social Scene—will show off songs from their new LP, The North. Hope to hear songs from 2004's Set Yourself On Fire, written and recorded one winter while the band sequestered themselves away in a cabin, cut off from everything except their writing.

 Download The North on Amazon
 Download Set Yourself on Fire on Amazon


Johnny Marr

Fridays April 12 and 19

Origin: Manchester, England
Previously played Coachella: 2003

Veteran guitarist and songwriter Johnny Marr is most well known for his work in the Smiths, Modest Mouse and the Pretenders. The melancholy of the Smiths is apparent, but Marr makes the sound his own—see him perform his signature, jangly guitar solos during his Friday sets.

 Download The Messenger on Amazon
 Download Boomslang on Amazon



Fridays April 12 and 19

Origin: Oxford, England
Previously played Coachella: 2011

The Oxford quintet, who set themselves apart from the Rapture-like, punk-funk cum retro synth-pop pack by flashing an unselfconscious intelligence and bashing out smart, danceable pop tunes, will play to promote their new album Holy Fire. Think math rock mixed with indie, new wave and a hint of kraut.

 Download Holy Fire on Amazon
 Download Total Life Forever on Amazon

 (Photograph: © Miya Mizuno)
Photograph: © Miya Mizuno

Seth Troxler

Fridays April 12 and 19

Origin: Kalamazoo, MI
Previously played Coachella: First-timer

Electronic dance music is often grouped into two styles: the cold and austere niche of, say, the German minimalists, and the exceedingly populist sounds of Swedish House Mafia and Skrillex. But that leaves out a wide swath of music that’s serious and elegant enough for the eggheads, yet warm and fuzzy enough for casual clubbers. That’s the sweet spot where you’ll find the Visionquest crew’s Seth Troxler, playing Fridays.

 Download Boogy Bytes 5 on Amazon
 Download Lab: Mixed on Amazon


Wolfgang Gartner

Fridays April 12 and 19

Origin: San Luis Obispo, CA
Previously played Coachella: 2010

Grammy-nominated Wolfgang Gartner (the big-room alias of tech-house producer Joey Youngman, born in 1982) is an artist who's remixed the likes of Timbaland and Britney Spears in breakdown-heavy electrohouse style. Considered a forerunner of the genre "complextro," Gartner's set is one not to be missed.

 Download Back Story on Amazon
 Download Weekend In America on Amazon


Nicky Romero

Fridays April 12 and 19

Origin: Amerongen, Netherlands
Previously played Coachella: First-timer

Nicky Romero is a young man with a big-room sound that's not so far removed from that of his fellow Dutch dudes Sander van Doorn and Fedde Le Grand. He specializes in all forms of house—tech, electro, progressive—and promises a packed set at this year's festival.

 Download Miami 2012 (Mixed By Mync & Nicky Romero) on Amazon
 Download Toulouse on Amazon



Fridays April 12 and 19

Origin: London, England
Previously played Coachella: First-timer

London's Modestep does electro-dubstep with a live band and recently described its sound as "ridiculous live bass" in an interview with Vibe. For a taste of the mosh-friendly madness before the festival, check out their latest viral video "Sunlight," which features debauched senior citizens on a drugged-out binge.

 Download Evolution Theory on Amazon
 Download "Sunlight" on Amazon


Tommy Trash

Fridays April 12 and 19

Origin: Queensland, Australia
Previously played Coachella: First-timer

One of Australia's biggest electro-house talents, Tommy Trash has produced over 50 original and remix tracks since his start in 2006. Currently residing in LA, Trash has recently been working on a track appropriately titled "In 'N Out" (although we can't be sure it's the burger joint he's referencing...).

 Download "The End" on Amazon
 Download "Cascade" on Amazon


Thomas Gold

Fridays April 12 and 19

Origin: Berlin, Germany
Previously played Coachella: First-timer

The massive progressive-house sounds of Thomas Gold, the rising German star who's a mainstay of Mark Knight's Toolroom Records, should go over quite well in the open air. Known for his explosive live sets, Gold will no doubt remix some of 2013's biggest pop songs.

 Download Axtone Presents Thomas Gold on Amazon
 Download Sing2Me on Amazon


The Shouting Matches

Fridays April 12 and 19

Origin: Eau Claire, WI
Previously played Coachella: First-timer

A side project of Bon Iver's Justin Vernon, the Shouting Matches are a raucous, bluesy trio (formerly a duo) that perform with a healthy dose of screaming, stumbling and—quite obviously—boozing. Performances are clearly improvised, but it seems to help more than it hurts—the band's energy takes on a life of its own, and you'll be hard-pressed not to do a little stumbly dancing yourself.

 Download Grownass Man on Amazon
 Download "Mother, When?" on Amazon


Dillon Francis

Fridays April 12 and 19

Origin: Los Angeles, CA
Previously played Coachella: First-timer

You'll always get hard-charging electronic beats from Mad Decent recording artist and LA producer Dillon Francis. Francis is known as one of the pioneers of moombahton, a fusion genre of house music and reggaeton (and its sub-genre moombacore). Drop by his set on Friday, then drop some knowledge (and funny vocab words) on your friends.

 Download "I.D.G.A.F.O.S." on Amazon
 Download Something, Something, Awesome. on Amazon

 (Photograph: © Jodie Banaszkiewicz)
Photograph: © Jodie Banaszkiewicz

Four Tet

Fridays April 12 and 19

Origin: London, England
Previously played Coachella: 2005

One-man, post-rock-electronic-digital-funk machine Four Tet (a.k.a. Kieran Hebden) will play behind his new album, Pink. You may hear something that sounds familiar, as Hebden has performed remixes for a number of artists including Aphex Twin, Beth Orton, Radiohead, Battles and Black Sabbath.

 Download Pink on Amazon
 Download There Is Love In You on Amazon

 (Photograph: Chrissy Piper)
Photograph: Chrissy Piper

Aesop Rock

Fridays April 12 and 19

Origin: San Francisco, CA
Previously played Coachella: 2003, 2005, 2008

On 2012 disc Skelethon, Bay Area rapper Aesop Rock sounds rejuvenated, revved up and more than a little upset. "Moral compass all bat-shit spinning in the shadows of immoral magnets / Are we supporting the artist or enabling the addict?" he spits on "Zero Dark Thirty." Hope to hear it during his Friday set.

 Download Skelethon on Amazon
 Download None Shall Pass on Amazon

 (Photograph: Danny Payne)
Photograph: Danny Payne


Fridays April 12 and 19

Origin: Leeds, England
Previously played Coachella: First-timer

Riding high on the success of its 2012 debut album, An Awesome Wave, talented Leeds quartet Alt-J brings its gangly, odd and irresistible indie-pop stylings to Indio this April. Crowd favorites will be the quirky "Fitzpleasure" and beautiful "Breezeblocks."

 Download An Awesome Wave on Amazon
 Download "Breezeblocks" on Amazon


Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine

Fridays April 12 and 19

Origin: San Francisco, CA
Previously played Coachella: First-timer

Punk rock band Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine released their debut album, The Audacity of Hype, in 2009. Since then, they have released a pair of EPs, and are now unveiling a new LP, White People and the Damage Done, this April. Listen for Dead Kennedys influence mixed with Detroit style proto-punk, plus a healthy dose of sonic guitar noise and metal percussion.

 Download The Audacity Of Hype on Amazon
 Download Shock-U-Py! on Amazon

 (Photograph: Christina Kernohan)
Photograph: Christina Kernohan


Fridays April 12 and 19

Origin: Montreal, Canada + Glasgow, Scotland
Previously played Coachella: First-timer

The deservingly hyped Scottish-Canadian dance duo—comprised of producer/DJs Hudson Mohawke and Lunice, from Glasgow and Montreal, respectively—brings its bass-heavy party tunes to Coachella. This collab is quickly becoming larger than the sum of its parts, and is backed by Kanye West—so, you know, don't miss it.

 Download TNGHT on Amazon
 Download "Higher Ground" on Amazon


Jake Bugg

Fridays April 12 and 19

Origin: Nottingham, England
Previously played Coachella: First-timer

This 19-year-old British newcomer isn’t your average teenager, even if labels like “the new Dylan” (applied by UK's the Guardian) feel like a bit much. Bugg has mastered retro-modern songwriting on his 40-minute self-titled debut LP, which fits in with a long lineage of Brit-rock forefathers, while taking cues from manifestly stateside icons such as Dylan and Robert Johnson.

 Download Jake Bugg on Amazon
 Download Two Fingers EP on Amazon


Earl Sweatshirt

Fridays April 12 and 19

Origin: Los Angeles, CA
Previously played Coachella: First-timer

This little dude (full name Thebe Neruda Kgositsile) was discovered in 2009 by Tyler the Creator through his MySpace account. Now, at just 19, he's already billed as a rapper, songwriter, producer and one of the youngest members of LA-based hip hop collective Odd Future.

 Download "Whoa" on Amazon
 Download "Chum" on Amazon

 (Photograph: Colin Kerrigan)
Photograph: Colin Kerrigan


Fridays April 12 and 19

Origin: Minneapolis, MN
Previously played Coachella: First-timer

These hotly tipped vocoder-heavy Minneapolians recall trip-hop's heyday with their Portishead-like beats and Channy Leaneagh's vocals drifting hazily overhead. The internet is awash with hype from Bon Iver and Jay-Z alike over these electronic, R&B-influenced indie rockers.

 Download Give You The Ghost on Amazon
 Download Dark Star Remix EP on Amazon



Fridays April 12 and 19

Origin: Los Angeles, CA
Previously played Coachella: First-timer

This American rock/pop band was formed in LA in 1971 by brothers Ron and Russell Mael. Their idiosyncratic stage presence and quirky lyrics garnered them a cult following, and you'll probably become a believer after seeing their set, which could include anything from glam rock to chamber pop.

 Download Kimono My House on Amazon
 Download Angst In My Pants on Amazon


Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra

Fridays April 12 and 19

Origin: Tokyo, Japan
Previously played Coachella: First-timer

If happiness is contagious then Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra must be highly viral. How could anyone listen to them and not be compelled to feel happy? Founded in 1988, they were the pioneers of the Japanese ska scene that formed when a second bout of ska—that sublime mix of calypso and jazz—hit the world. Today they are genre institutions. If you have any sort of proclivity towards ska then this set is not to be missed.

 Download Paradise Blue on Amazon
 Download Perfect Future on Amazon

 (Photograph: Sebastian Mlynarski)
Photograph: Sebastian Mlynarski

Purity Ring

Fridays April 12 and 19

Origin: Montreal, Canada
Previously played Coachella: First-timer

Montreal duo Purity Ring can lay claim to one of last year's strongest debuts with Shrines, an original brand of future-pop that weds sugar-sweet melodies and butchered samples with evocative, deeply creepy lyrics. Live, Megan James and Corin Roddick are a revelation: Roddick’s setup features homemade lanterns, which he hits with drumsticks to trigger sounds, while James is the shrouded, drum-bashing mistress of ceremonies.

 Download Shrines on Amazon
 Download "Fineshrine" on Amazon

 (Photograph: Courtesy Youth Lagoon)
Photograph: Courtesy Youth Lagoon

Youth Lagoon

Fridays April 12 and 19

Origin: San Diego, CA
Previously played Coachella: First-timer

A signee of the rapidly diversifying Fat Possum roster, Youth Lagoon—the one-man project of 23-year-old Boise, ID, singer-songwriter Trevor Powers—fashions an eerie appeal out of reedy vulnerability, nostalgic pop hooks and hazy, dreamlike distance. At his Friday sets, you can expect to hear from his sophomore album, Wondrous Bughouse.

 Download Wondrous Bughouse on Amazon
 Download The Year of Hibernation on Amazon


Lee "Scratch" Perry

Fridays April 12 and 19

Origin: Kendal, Jamaica
Previously played Coachella: First-timer

The Black Ark days (and the Black Ark studio itself) are a distant memory, but the mark on music—not only reggae—that Lee Perry made there during the last half of the ’70s is indelible. Given that he's most famous as a producer, it's surprising what a great performer Perry still is; bobbing around the stage, he testifies in his own indecipherable tongue, spreading joy with every hoarse syllable.

 Download Revelation on Amazon
 Download The Upsetter Selection: A Lee Perry Jukebox on Amazon



Fridays April 12 and 19

Origin: Los Angeles, CA
Previously played Coachella: First-timer

Retro-soul crooner Dam-Funk channels the sexuality of Prince and the thick funk of James Brown, packaging them both inside synth-laden jams. He's even known to some as LA's "Ambassador of Boogie Funk" although we know all the young festival-goers will roll their eyes (and we kind of are, too) at such a moniker.

 Download Toeachizown on Amazon
 Download I Don't Wanna Be a Star! on Amazon


DJ Harvey

Fridays April 12 and 19

Origin: Cambridge, England
Previously played Coachella: First-timer

DJ Harvey is the man who helped pioneer the disco edit and has been known as an all-round legendary DJ over several decades. There are few DJs worth their salt today who don't have at least a little love for Harvey, who has effectively been on hiatus for the best part of ten years. Expect cosmic disco, thumping funk-driven house, dancefloor-oriented techno and a whole lot more, all supplied by the deft hands of a master-craftsman.

 Download Late Night Sessions V.1: DJ Harvey on Amazon
 Download Mix Freaks [Japan CD] on Amazon


Jamie xx

Fridays April 12 and 19

Origin: London, England
Previously played Coachella: First-timer

Hugely in-demand producer, remixer and one half of a mildly popular lo-fi duo, Jamie xx is as happy laying down a killer Boiler Room set as he is remixing Radiohead or Gil Scott-Heron, so expect smoky downtempo goodness among bassier endeavors from this English remix artist.

 Download We're New Here by Gil Scott-Heron and Jamie xx on Amazon
 Download Far Nearer / Beat For - EP on Amazon



Fridays April 12 and 19

Origin: Washington, DC
Previously played Coachella: First-timer

Deathfix started as a collaboration with keyboardist Richard Morel, with whom former Fugazi drummer Brendan Canty toured as the rhythm section for Bob Mould a few years back. Since growing Deathfix into a band they’ve found common ground in a rich pop sound more indebted to Roxy Music and David Bowie than the typical punk touchstones associated with the D.C. scene.

 Download Deathfix on Amazon
 Download "Transmission" on Amazon

 (Photograph: © Sylvain Richard)
Photograph: © Sylvain Richard


Fridays April 12 and 19

Origin: Nantes, France
Previously played Coachella: First-timer

This French turntable group (formerly known as Coups2Cross) was formed in 1998 in the city of Nantes. It won the Disco Mix Club World Team DJ Championship four years in a row in the early 2000s, and last year released its first EP, Down the Road, and full-length album, Tetr4.

 Download Tetr4 on Amazon
 Download "Down the Road" on Amazon



Fridays April 12 and 19

Origin: London, England
Previously played Coachella: 2011

Beatboxer extraordinaire and festival favorite Beardyman (Darren Foreman) brings his seemingly physically impossible vocal talents to the stage—the place where his hip hop/drum and bass/electro recreations (done with beat boxing and live looping) work by far the best.

 Download Where Does Your Mind Go? on Amazon
 Download Oh! on Amazon

 (Photograph: Graeme Flegenheimer)
Photograph: Graeme Flegenheimer

Lord Huron

Fridays April 12 and 19

Origin: Los Angeles, CA
Previously played Coachella: First-timer

Rising LA indie folk band Lord Huron will play songs from their debut LP, Lonesome Dreams. The project began as lead singer Ben Schneider's vision and now involves four additional members, who offer campfire-ready, harmony-laden folk-pop. They were named KCRW's 2012 "band you should have known," but it's not too late! Get to know them during their Friday sets.

 Download Lonesome Dreams on Amazon
 Download "Time To Run" on Amazon

 (Photograph: Tom Beard)
Photograph: Tom Beard

Palma Violets

Fridays April 12 and 19

Origin: London, England
Previously played Coachella: First-timer

This English band from Lambeth, London—comprised of Sam Fryer and Chilli Jesson on vocals and guitar, Pete Mayhew on keyboards and Will Doyle on drums—formed in 2011 as a solid garage rock act with psychedelic influences. They won two NME awards in 2012, for Best New Band and 50 Best Tracks of 2012 (for their single "Best of Friends").

 Download "Best of Friends" on Amazon
 Download 180 on Amazon


IO Echo

Fridays April 12 and 19

Origin: Los Angeles, CA
Previously played Coachella: First-timer

LA-based, shoegazey pop duo IO Echo combine sounds of the Far East with those of the Old West. Think Siouxsie and the Banshees, Echo & the Bunnymen or Niki & the Dove. They've opened for Florence & the Machine and will make their debut in Indio as part of Coachella's Friday lineup.

 Download IO Echo on Amazon
 Download "When the Lillies Die" on Amazon


Skinny Lister

Fridays April 12 and 19

Origin: London, England
Previously played Coachella: First-timer

This UK-based, five piece folk act have released a series of self-released singles since their formation in 2009, and recently dropped their debut album Forge & Flagon in January of this year. Skinny Lister has been playing behind the release all year, starting with a tour in Germany, then joining Flogging Molly on the first half of their annual Green17 tour. Coachella is the first of their many summer festival stops, so take the opportunity to see them while they're still feeling somewhat fresh.

 Download Forge & Flagon on Amazon
 Download "Rollin' Over" on Amazon

 (Photograph: MJ Kim)
Photograph: MJ Kim

James McCartney

Fridays April 12 and 19

Origin: London, England
Previously played Coachella: First-timer

James McCartney—yep, that's Paul and Linda's lone son, reared during Wings' late-’70s heyday—shows off his well-crafted folk-pop. He's a talented songwriter, whose work seems to owe more to moody Lennon ballads than dad's work (although he's the spitting image of dad, meaning that ladies will most certainly swoon more over his music than his looks—sorry Paul).

 Download Available Light on Amazon
 Download The Complete EP Collection on Amazon


The Neighbourhood

Fridays April 12 and 19

Origin: Los Angeles, CA
Previously played Coachella: First-timer

This super catchy, young quintet from Thousand Oaks was responsible for last summer's ubiquitous ditty "Sweater Weather." They swing more toward pop than perhaps they'd like, but their tunes are perfect for a summer festival, even if their efforts since last summer have turned a bit broody.

 Download "Sweater Weather" on Amazon
 Download "I'm Sorry..." on Amazon


Sam XL Pure Filth Sound

Fridays April 12 and 19

Origin: Los Angeles, CA
Previously played Coachella: 2010, 2011

A collab between Sam XL of Pure Filth and David Harrow formerly of On-U Sound, this project began in 2010 at a series of small club installations in LA called "Screwface." They've since been producing original music and visual content to go along with it, much of which you'll see during their Friday sets.

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