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Coachella 2013 lineup: Sunday bands (slide show)

Check out all the bands playing Sunday sets—on April 14 and April 21—at the Coachella 2013 festival.

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Red Hot Chili Peppers Sundays April 14 and 21 Origin: Los Angeles, CAPreviously played Coachella: 2003, 2007 Recent Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductees Red Hot Chili Peppers have changed quite a bit since the funky rap-punk hybrid of their eponymous 1984 debut, releasing radio-friendly and borderline-bland pop-rock on 2011's I'm With You. No matter how you feel about the new RHCP, who are currently prepping a covers EP, there's no denying singing along when classics like "Give It Away" and "Dani California" come on.  Download I'm With You on Amazon Download Greatest Hits on Amazon
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds Sundays April 14 and 21 Origin: Victoria, AustraliaPreviously played Coachella: First-timer Nick Cave hasn’t lost his flair for the down-and-dirty fury that defined his early work with the Birthday Party, which is evident on his band's latest (though admittedly more subdued) release, Push the Sky Away, as well as at his live shows—can you name another 50-year-old man you’d like to hear describe a case of the “No Pussy Blues”? Hope to hear hell-yea classics like "Stagger Lee" and "Red Right Hand" during his Sunday sets.  Download Push the Sky Away on Amazon Download The Boatman's Call on Amazon
 (Photograph: © Soren Solkaer Starbird)
Photograph: © Soren Solkaer StarbirdVampire Weekend Sundays April 14 and 21 Origin: New York, NYPreviously played Coachella: 2008, 2010 Beloved world-pop preppies Vampire Weekend have no interest in sucking your blood (though we know a few festival-goers who would probably jump at that chance). Pop your collar and channel that chick on the (unauthorized) cover of Contra—the band's addictive second album—to fully enjoy the the restless rockers' Sunday sets.  Download Contra on Amazon Download Vampire Weekend on Amazon
Social Distortion Sundays April 14 and 21 Origin: Fullerton, CAPreviously played Coachella: First-timer All the punks who got Social D tats back in the early ’80s like to crow about how the band ain't what it used to be. Well, yes, times indeed change, and even if the band's old fans haven't faced up to it, Social D is no longer a punk band—just a kick-ass rock band.  Download Hard Times And Nursery Rhymes on Amazon Download Greatest Hits on Amazon
Wu-Tang Clan Sundays April 14 and 21 Origin: Staten Island, NYPreviously played Coachella: First-timer Critically and commercially acclaimed, this impossibly influential Staten Island hip-hop collective first emerged from the underground in 1993. What with solo albums and live dates from members GZA, Raekwon and Method Man, there's been a lot of peripheral and fractured Wu activity in recent years, so to have the entire original crew (save for the late Ol' Dirty Bastard, whose son Young Dirty Bastard is sometimes a special guest) back on stage is a treat indeed. Expect much muthafuckin' noise when they drop bombs like "C.R.E.A.M." and "Protect Ya Neck."  Download Enter The Wu-Tang on Amazon Download Legend Of The Wu-Tang: Wu-Tang Clan's Greatest Hits on Amazon
Pretty Lights Sundays April 14 and 21 Origin: Fort Collins, COPreviously played Coachella: 2010 Producer Derek Vincent Smith, better known as Pretty Lights, mixes so many flavors—Portishead atmospherics, early-’90s rave, gangsta rap and big beat, to name a handful—it’s a little like eating 20 different types of candy all at once: pretty awesome, if it doesn't give you a headache.  Download Making Up A Changing Mind on Amazon Download Taking Up Your Precious Time on Amazon
Eric Prydz Sundays April 14 and 21 Origin: Stockholm, SwedenPreviously played Coachella: First-timer Stockholm-bred, LA-based DJ and producer Eric Prydz (who sometimes goes by Pryda) is a veritable clubland hit machine on the other side of the ocean—and at stateside clubs that like their house beats on the big and brawny side. If that's you too, don't miss his Sunday sets.  Download Eric Prydz Presents Pryda on Amazon Download "Call On Me" on Amazon
Tame Impala Sundays April 14 and 21 Origin: Perth, AustraliaPreviously played Coachella: 2011 Tame Impala's celebrated debut LP, Inner Speaker, parlayed fuzz-soaked tidal waves of melodic psych-rock into massive anthems that, dare we say it, channeled John Lennon at times. Its recently arrived successor, Lonerism, extends that winning formula into a sound that's referential but never merely derivative: old-fashioned, newfangled and timeless all at once. Hear songs from both albums during the band's Sunday sets.  Download Lonerism on Amazon Download Inner Speaker on Amazon
 (Photograph: Scarlet Page)
Photograph: Scarlet PageThe Lumineers Sundays April 14 and 21 Origin: Denver, COPreviously played Coachella: First-timer These percussive, upbeat folk rockers originally hail from New York but are now based in Denver, where they've gained success that went quickly from local to nationwide. The band’s rootsy debut, The Lumineers, has gone gold, and “Ho Hey” has popped up everywhere from a Bing ad to a trailer for Oscar contender Silver Linings Playbook. In its songs and trajectory, the young trio has melded assurance and catchiness to surge, ever so swiftly, to the top.  Download The Lumineers on Amazon Download "Ho Hey" on Amazon
 (Photograph: Jay Brooks)
Photograph: Jay BrooksDead Can Dance Sundays April 14 and 21 Origin: Melbourne, AustraliaPreviously played Coachella: First-timer Some might pigeonhole the Aussie dyad’s exotic refrains as music consumed only by tortured souls brooding over black coffee. Listen more carefully, and you’ll find that its sound is unbounded by time or genre. How can one categorize Lisa Gerrard’s eerie warbles, which have ripened with age; Brendan Perry’s elegant vocals, ornamented with nonsense syllables; or the duo’s ritualistic tribal drums and mournful instrumentals? Tormented by creative spirits, the fiftysomething artists may have had their heyday three decades ago. But Dead Can Dance has not lost its aptitude for hauntingly beautiful compositions, as we'll hopefully see this April.  Download Anastasis on Amazon Download Within The Realm Of A Dying Sun on Amazon
 (Photograph: © Andrew Whitton)
Photograph: © Andrew WhittonLa Roux Sundays April 14 and 21 Origin: London, EnglandPreviously played Coachella: 2010 As with many of today’s gifted pop starlets (we’re looking at you, Gaga), La Roux frontwoman Elly Jackson has cultivated an image that seems carefully designed to overshadow her catchy if rather conventional music—in this case: chilly, retro synth-pop. Still, behind the gravity-defying red tresses and androgynous getups is a very human performer with a powerhouse voice.  Download "Bulletproof" on Amazon Download La Roux on Amazon
 (Photograph: Courtesy Universal Republic Records)
Photograph: Courtesy Universal Republic RecordsJames Blake Sundays April 14 and 21 Origin: London, EnglandPreviously played Coachella: First-timer As he's yet to release a follow-up to 2011's hotly debated debut, 24-year-old Brit James Blake will most likely perform a set of his trademark sparse, dubstep-wobbled falsetto soul, plus—we hope—new material. His recent single "Confidence Boost," with MC Trim, suggests a darker, more aggressive direction.  Download "Retrograde" on Amazon Download James Blake on Amazon
Excision Sundays April 14 and 21 Origin: Kelowna, CanadaPreviously played Coachella: 2011 This dubstep DJ and music producer from British Columbia, who also goes by his given name of Jeff Abel, put out his first release in 2007. "No Escape" (put out on his own record label, Rottun Recordings) immediately sold out and was re-pressed, and he's been steadily touring ever since.  Download "Existence VIP" on Amazon Download "Headbanga" on Amazon
 (Photograph: John Londono)
Photograph: John LondonoGrimes Sundays April 14 and 21 Origin: Montreal, CanadaPreviously played Coachella: First-timer Don't be fooled by Claire Boucher's alias, Grimes—far from sordid, her output tends toward dreamy, floaty, dancey soundscapes, especially when her sighing voice comes in. Aside from her fastidiously fractured synth-pop (check out Visions, a widely acclaimed recent effort on 4AD), this Montreal auteur is active in dance, film and visual art. Should make for an extremely au courant and compelling live show.  Download Visions on Amazon Download "Oblivion" on Amazon
 (Photograph: Danny Clinch)
Photograph: Danny ClinchThe Gaslight Anthem Sundays April 14 and 21 Origin: New Brunswick, NJPreviously played Coachella: 2009 This Jersey quartet is riding very high indeed with their soulful, gritty and gusty alt-rock take on Springsteen. Anticipate cuts from 2012's Handwritten, an LP that keeps true to the classic rock & roll and punk sensibilities that have driven the group since it formed in 2006.  Download Handwritten on Amazon Download The '59 Sound on Amazon
 (Photograph: Bill Sitzmann)
Photograph: Bill SitzmannThe Faint Sundays April 14 and 21 Origin: Omaha, NEPreviously played Coachella: 2005 The Faint has always occupied a weird spot in music. Within the larger indie-rock scene, the Faint remained outsiders: too enamored of synths for the so-called garage-rock revival led by the Strokes and the White Stripes, too rock-oriented to be part of the budding electroclash movement. But that might be why their music holds up as well as it does: Their dark, pulsating tunes are as danceable as ever, with songs like “Agenda Suicide”—featuring lyrics about grinding yourself down at a soulless job “to get that pretty little home”—remaining relevant a decade later. And the group’s electropunk ethos comes alive during a gig, which is often a sweaty, glorious mess of music and frenetic dancing (both from the band and the audience).  Download Danse Macabre on Amazon Download Wet From Birth on Amazon
Hardwell Sundays April 14 and 21 Origin: Breda, NetherlandsPreviously played Coachella: First-timer Young Dutch phenom Hardwell, a progressive and electro-house DJ and music producer at the wee age of just 25, nowadays seems to spend most of his time spinning his populist version of big-room house in Vegas—but come April, he'll be banging out the big beats in Indio.  Download "Spaceman" on Amazon Download "Cobra - Official Energy Anthem 2012" on Amazon
Paul Oakenfold Sundays April 14 and 21 Origin: London, EnglandPreviously played Coachella: 2001, 2002, 2006 Before there was Skrillex, there was Paul Oakenfold. The three-time Grammy-nominated artist paved the progressive house dance genre for dozens of DJs after him, from which seemingly endless subgenres of electronic dance music spawned. In addition to playing at some of the most notorious clubs in the world and signing artists like Will Smith and Salt-n-Pepa through his record label, Perfecto, Oakenfold has toured with Madonna and U2, and has done scores for movies such as The Bourne Identity and The Matrix Reloaded.  Download Greatest Hits & Remixes on Amazon Download "Ready, Steady, Go" on Amazon
 (Photograph: Brantley Gutierrez)
Photograph: Brantley GutierrezDinosaur Jr. Sundays April 14 and 21 Origin: Amherst, MAPreviously played Coachella: First-timer The beloved alternative rock band once simply known as Dinosaur, before legal issues forced the addition of "Jr.," are still rocking thirty years later. They've done the festival circuit before, playing Lollapalooza and LA's Fuck Yea Fest, but this will be their first time playing the sweaty desert at Coachella.  Download I Bet On Sky on Amazon Download Feel The Pain on Amazon
Raider Klan Sundays April 14 and 21 Origin: Miami, FLPreviously played Coachella: First-timer 21-year-old SpaceGhostPurrp, a rapper and producer from Miami, Florida, is a founding member of this underground rap group, which is sometimes stylized as RVIDXR KLVN in what SpaceGhostPurrp calls "Raider Hieroglyphics." Fun fact: SGP and A$AP Rocky are frenemies, even though their music sounds amusingly alike. Buy Mysterious Phonk: Chronicles of Spaceghostpurrp on Amazon
OMD Sundays April 14 and 21 Origin: Wirral Peninsula, EnglandPreviously played Coachella: First-timer Andy McCluskey and his Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark celebrate over 30 years in the business of making intelligent synth pop, once again reunited with Humphreys, Holmes and Cooper, who quit in 1989 but rejoined a few years ago. While waiting to shimmy to Pretty in Pink classic "If You Leave," expect to hear tunes from the band's twelfth studio album, English Electric, due to hit the airwaves this April.  Download The Best Of Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark on Amazon Download "If You Leave" on Amazon
Roni Size & Dynamite MC Sundays April 14 and 21 Origin: Bristol, EnglandPreviously played Coachella: 1999, 2001, 2005, 2009 Drum ’n’ bass kingpin Roni Size jets over from his Bristol, U.K. home to spin his impossibly funky rhythms—a confluence of hip hop, funk, soul and house. The godfather of jungle deftly melds his beats with live drums and double bass, which makes for a larger than life sound, especially during live shows. Grab your glow sticks and your brown paper bags, it's rave time.  Download New Forms on Amazon Download Return To V on Amazon
 (Photograph: Autumn DeWilde)
Photograph: Autumn DeWildeThe Airborne Toxic Event Sundays April 14 and 21 Origin: Los Angeles, CAPreviously played Coachella: 2009 Whether you consider the Airborne Toxic Event to be LA’s answer to Coldplay or art-rock usurpers of the Killers and Silversun Pickups, frontman Mikel Jollett's voice—an offbeat and weirdly compelling mix of Iggy Pop and Billy Joel—is just too strong to be denied. Expect to hear from the band's upcoming third album, Such Hot Blood.  Download new single "Timeless" on Amazon Download All At Once on Amazon
 (Photograph: Maximilla Lukacs)
Photograph: Maximilla LukacsFather John Misty Sundays April 14 and 21 Origin: Baltimore, MDPreviously played Coachella: First-timer The buzzy aura surrounding Father John Misty extends beyond his past life as a Fleet Foxes member under his given name, J. Tillman, to the music he is now releasing as a solo artist: soaring, soulful folk-rock that's spiked with an energy and cleverness that's absent from the Seattle group's milky work. Be sure to check out his Sunday sets.  Download Fear Fun on Amazon Download "Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings" on Amazon
 (Photograph: Shawn Brackbill)
Photograph: Shawn BrackbillTanlines Sundays April 14 and 21 Origin: New York, NYPreviously played Coachella: First-timer At first listen, Mixed Emotions, the debut full-length from Tanlines, sounds like a straightforwardly good-time album: honest pop with swelling synths and giddy arrangements. But as you delve deeper, dark undercurrents emerge and wonderfully anthemic choruses begin to convey lostness and uncertainty. Likewise, the band members engage in multiple identities: Brooklyn indie entertainers who make lighthearted synth-rock, and complex, introspective artists who disclose further depth with each album spin.  Download Mixed Emotions (Amazon Exclusive Version) on Amazon Download Settings on Amazon
 (Photograph: Hal Wilson)
Photograph: Hal WilsonRodriguez Sundays April 14 and 21 Origin: Detroit, MIPreviously played Coachella: First-timer This Mexican-American singer-songwriter cut just two albums in 1970 and 1971, before veering off the radar when his career stalled. (Playing an industry showcase with his back to the crowd probably didn’t help.) The Detroit native popped up again briefly to tour Australia in the late ’70s, but after that—zip. Rodriguez was gone, leaving only his music as proof of his existence. In the meantime, Cold Fact, Rodriguez’s debut, became huge in South Africa, which turned Rodriguez—or at least the idea of Rodriguez—into a counterculture hero. Stories sprang up concerning the musician’s fate: Some said he died after setting himself alight onstage; others, that he had murdered his girlfriend and ended up in a mental hospital. In 1996, journalist Craig Bartholomew-Strydom began a search for the cult singer, now chronicled in a great Oscar-winning documentary, Searching for Sugar Man. Suffice to say, Rodriguez was found alive and well in Michigan, somewhat surprised to hear of his popularity on the other side of the world. Having at last toured South Africa, where his fans are truly adoring, Rodriguez is finally getting another crack at America. Color us very curious to see the man in action.  Download Searching For Sugar Man on Amazon Download Cold Fact on Amazon
 (Photograph: Jon Baker)
Photograph: Jon BakerAlex Clare Sundays April 14 and 21 Origin: London, EnglandPreviously played Coachella: First-timer What a glorious change of fortune. Having been hyped to the hills but with little chart success last year, blue-eyed soul singer Alex Clare moved to Israel and gave up the biz. It was only then that his track "Too Close" was featured on a worldwide Microsoft advert, leading to this renewal of interest in the Diplo and Switch-produced modern soulster (and former paramour of Amy Winehouse).  Download "Too Close" on Amazon Download The Lateness Of The Hour on Amazon
 (Photograph: © Pola Sieverding)
Photograph: © Pola SieverdingPaul Kalkbrenner Sundays April 14 and 21 Origin: Berlin, GermanyPreviously played Coachella: First-timer This German techno/electro DJ and producer will play to promote his fifth album, Icke Wieder, which he described as "old times" for its lack of vocals, bells and whistles. He's had more than 17 years of experience as a producer and live act, which means his Sunday sets are sure to please.  Download Guten Tag on Amazon Download Berlin Calling - The Soundtrack by Paul Kalkbrenner on Amazon
 (Photograph: James Moriarty)
Photograph: James MoriartyJessie Ware Sundays April 14 and 21 Origin: Oban, ScotlandPreviously played Coachella: First-timer This pretty British singer-songwriter has been likened to Adele and Sade, and many call her debut album, Devotion, one of the best of 2012. Unfortunately, she may be better known for her illegal sampling of rap legend Big Pun's track "100%," which she has since had to remove from her work. Oops. Buy Devotion on Amazon Download If You're Never Gonna Move EP on Amazon
Loco Dice Sundays April 14 and 21 Origin: Dusseldorf, GermanyPreviously played Coachella: First-timer German producer and Desolat label founder Loco Dice's chunky house grooves and minimal techy melodies will no doubt go over well with the festival's crowd of dedicated LD fans and general beat-heads alike. Ever the entrepreneur, he's collaborated with a cosmetic brand to release a nail polish along with a special music mix, tracks from which you just may hear during his Sunday sets.  Download Loco Dice - The Lab 01 on Amazon Download "Menina Brasiliera" on Amazon
Jamie Jones Sundays April 14 and 21 Origin: London, EnglandPreviously played Coachella: First-timer London-based rave-lover Jamie Jones is a man who's rapidly become (both solo and in the duo Hot Natured) one of electronic dance music's biggest stars via a series of stunningly good releases on the Hot Creations label and other name-drop-worthy imprints.  Download fabric 59: Jamie Jones on Amazon Download Tracks From The Crypt on Amazon
The Three O'Clock Sundays April 14 and 21 Origin: Los Angeles, CAPreviously played Coachella: First-timer This alt-rock group is associated with LA's 1980s Paisley Underground scene (think the Bangles or Dream Syndicate). Expect to hear psychedelic pop rock with a punk energy—a sound that may have been more original in the '80s, but is still pretty fun today.  Download Sixteen Tambourines / Baroque Hoedown on Amazon Download Arrive Without Travelling on Amazon
Disclosure Sundays April 14 and 21 Origin: Surrey, EnglandPreviously played Coachella: First-timer This pair of studio-based producers (brothers Guy and Howard Lawrence) put out a garage/house remix of Jessie Ware's "Running" that basically owned 2012. Ware began playing with them, helping to launch them to success, and now you can see Disclosure take it to the stage this April during their Sunday sets.  Download "Running (Disclosure Remix)" by Jessie Ware on Amazon Download The Face EP on Amazon
Mimosa Sundays April 14 and 21 Origin: Oakland, CAPreviously played Coachella: First-timer Oakland-based Tigran Mimosa has recently become a festival fave, largely due to a diverse sound that ranges from drum 'n' bass to dubstep to, on latest single “SWRV," trap. A first-timer at Coachella, Mimosa is sure to bust out fan favorite "Drippin" and the odd-but-we-like-it "Fluorescence."  Download "Drippin" on Amazon Download "Flourescence" on Amazon
 (Photograph: Ryan Manning)
Photograph: Ryan ManningCloud Nothings Sundays April 14 and 21 Origin: Cleveland, OHPreviously played Coachella: First-timer The precocious Ohio foursome have outgrown their prolific lo-fi power-pop beginnings and honed a dry, personal kind of alterno on their third LP, 2012's Attack on Memory. The album was well-received, and you can probably plan to hear most of it during the band's Sunday sets.  Download Attack On Memory on Amazon Download Cloud Nothings on Amazon
Parov Stelar Band Sundays April 14 and 21 Origin: Linz, AustriaPreviously played Coachella: First-timer Austrian musician and DJ Stelar combines house, breakbeat, jazz and pop with his electro-swing band. Parov Stelar's tracks have been used on countless compilations and in many commercials; his sound is well-known and widespread, and his live set will probably sound familiar, even if you've never heard of him.  Download Shine on Amazon Download "Booty Swing" on Amazon
 (Photograph: Courtesy the Dog & Pony Show)
Photograph: Courtesy the Dog & Pony ShowJulio Bashmore Sundays April 14 and 21 Origin: Bristol, EnglandPreviously played Coachella: First-timer Producer and DJ Julio Bashmore made his name in house music in an interesting way—by sequestering himself away from his hometown and bass hotbed of Bristol. Staying on the edge of the scene allowed Bashmore to create a unique take on the genre, which you can hear for yourself during his Sunday sets.  Download "Battle For Middle You (Maurice Donovan Dub)" on Amazon Download "Husk" on Amazon
Thee Oh Sees Sundays April 14 and 21 Origin: San Francisco, CAPreviously played Coachella: First-timer The San Francisco-based pyschedelic garage rock act—known for their prolific album releases, energetic live shows and a strange visual aesthetic (think whimsical cartoons spliced with horror imagery)—heads south for Coachella, where they're sure to weird everyone out (in a good way).  Download Putrifiers II on Amazon Download Carrion Crawler / The Dream on Amazon
Dub FX Sundays April 14 and 21 Origin: Melbourne, AustraliaPreviously played Coachella: First-timer Since establishing himself, Dub FX has gained a huge following, thanks to his amazing beat boxing skills, which he matches up with hip-hop, drum 'n' bass, and reggae beats. Watch as he brings a street-like performance to the festival: Using only his vocals and live looping and pedal effects, it’ll surely be astounding.  Download A Crossworlds on Amazon Download "So Please" on Amazon
 (Photograph: Mads Perch)
Photograph: Mads PerchMaya Jane Coles Sundays April 14 and 21 Origin: London, EnglandPreviously played Coachella: First-timer London's Maya Jane Coles doesn't have the star power of the many headliners in this fest's lineup. Yet. The talk of the scene, for those bowled over by her heavy-hitting deep tech-house offerings, she's easily one of electronic music's most rapidly ascending stars.  Download DJ-Kicks on Amazon Download Easier to Hide on Amazon
JEFF the Brotherhood Sundays April 14 and 21 Origin: Nashville, TNPreviously played Coachella: First-timer Nashville duo JEFF the Brotherhood are sure to woo with their garage rock tunes (sometimes described as psychedelic, sometimes as punk, sometimes as pop rock) and good looks. They've done splits with such big names as Ty Segall and Best Coast, which should speak to their musical chops.  Download Hypnotic Nights on Amazon Download We Are The Champions on Amazon
Smith Westerns Sundays April 14 and 21 Origin: Chicago, ILPreviously played Coachella: First-timer Audiences just can't resist the knack of Chicago's indie outfit Smith Westerns for melody and keen retro grooves, a garage-rock thunderstorm rife with nods to T. Rex, David Bowie and other psych and glam touch points. Catch the Coachella first-timers' Sunday sets.  Download Dye It Blonde on Amazon Download Smith Westerns on Amazon
Kurt Vile and the Violators Sundays April 14 and 21 Origin: Philadelphia, PAPreviously played Coachella: First-timer The Philadelphian troubadour—and The War On Drugs collaborator—and his crew play Sunday sets, peddling lo-fi psych and an echo-sodden, agreeably eccentric blend of folk and rock, as per recent album Smoke Ring for My Halo. Expect to hear new tunes from Vile's April release, Walkin on a Pretty Daze.  Download Smoke Ring For My Halo on Amazon Download Childish Prodigy on Amazon
Dirtyphonics Sundays April 14 and 21 Origin: Paris, FrancePreviously played Coachella: First-timer The Parisian group, started in 2004, is a team of electronic drum 'n' bass producers who have worked with the likes of Skrillex, Marilyn Manson and NERO. The Dirtyphonics, whose members all have backgrounds in metal and rock bands, will heat up the last day of the festival.  Download Dirty on Amazon Download The Tarantino EP on Amazon
 (Photograph: Krijn Van Noordwijk)
Photograph: Krijn Van NoordwijkJoris Voorn Sundays April 14 and 21 Origin: Amsterdam, NetherlandsPreviously played Coachella: First-timer Dutch DJ, producer, remixer and rejected label head Joris Voorn, based in Amsterdam, has come out of nowhere in the past half decade to become one of the world's top makers and spinners of rather twisted electronic house, which you can hear during his Sunday sets.  Download Future History on Amazon Download "Revelation" on Amazon
Hanni El Khatib Sundays April 14 and 21 Origin: Los Angeles, CAPreviously played Coachella: First-timer One-man band HeK is an LA resident of Filipino-Palestinian parentage whose debut single, a rowdy, punked-up blues take on Funkadelic's "I Got A Thing," soundtracked a recent Nike ad campaign. Expect to hear that, plus cuts from his debut album, Will the Guns Come Out.  Download Will the Guns Come Out on Amazon Download "I Got A Thing" on Amazon
 (Photograph: Georg Roske)
Photograph: Georg RoskeDanny Avila Sundays April 14 and 21 Origin: Madrid, SpainPreviously played Coachella: First-timer Dubbed "the Spanish super talent" by Tiësto at a mere 17 years old, Spanish powerhouse Danny Avila has already put himself on the map. Inspired by the likes of Afrojack and David Guetta, he started out playing friends’ parties, moving swiftly on to charting on the Beatport Top Ten, and then winning "Best Newcomer DJ" at the 2011 Vicious Music Awards. Since then, the electro house whiz has scored headline slots with Fedde Le Grand, Martin Solveig, David Guetta and the Black Eyed Peas. Recently, Avila’s debut single "Breaking Your Fall" has attracted attention from major labels and become an internet sensation—we’re hoping to hear it at the festival.  Download "Breaking Your Fall" on Amazon Download Breaking Your Fall (Remixes) on Amazon
 (Photograph: Ester Segarra)
Photograph: Ester SegarraGhost B.C. Sundays April 14 and 21 Origin: SwedenPreviously played Coachella: First-timer Ghost B.C. (a.k.a. Ghost) are an anonymous, underground Swedish metal band. They gained a serious amount of cred with their first album, Opus Eponymous, and the hype has only increased since the release of their sophomore Infestissumam, tracks off which you'll hear during their Sunday sets.  Download Opus Eponymous on Amazon Download "Secular Haze" on Amazon
DIIV Sundays April 14 and 21 Origin: New York, NYPreviously played Coachella: First-timer Let’s hear it for reverb. Let’s hear it for the sound of long summer nights, only half-remembered, that were probably the best times of your life. Let’s hear it for Polaroids and girlfriends, flowers and drugs, cassettes and sunsets. In other words, let’s hear it for DIIV. The band is the project of Zachary Cole Smith, a guitarist with the excellent dream-pop group Beach Fossils. The guitar lines have barely skipped a beat between the two bands, with Cole Smith picking out exquisite, ear-pleasing melodies on his six string like floating seeds on the summer breeze. Lyrics are used sparingly, and when they are, they’re simple, murmur-along refrains. Their songs, you could argue, all sound kind of the same. But they also all sound kind of great—guitar hooks spinning round and round in your mind, forever, forever, forever, forever...  Download Oshin on Amazon Download Singles on Amazon
Little Green Cars Sundays April 14 and 21 Origin: Dublin, IrelandPreviously played Coachella: First-timer Irish country-rock crew Little Green Cars, a five-piece outfit signed to Glassnote, will preview tunes from their forthcoming debut, Absolute Zero, out May 13. The LP boasts production from Markus Dravs, who has produced Arcade Fire records, as well as the reigning Grammy Album of the Year, Mumford & Sons' Babel.  Download "The John Wayne" on Amazon Download "Witching Hour" on Amazon
Mord Fustang Sundays April 14 and 21 Origin: Tallinn, EstoniaPreviously played Coachella: First-timer Estonia's Mord Fustang, who makes and plays a circus-rave version of bass music, follows the electronic-music tradition of switching around the first letters of familiar names (raise your hand, Com Truise). Hope to hear Fustang's smash hit "Lick the Rainbow."  Download "Lick The Rainbow" on Amazon Download "The Electric Dream" on Amazon
Robert DeLong Sundays April 14 and 21 Origin: Los Angeles, CAPreviously played Coachella: First-timer Think of Angeleno dance music artist Robert DeLong as an electro-singer-songsmith, kind of like an edgier, more fun Owl City. He'll play the festival in support of a bangin' new LP, Just Movement. His nerdy habit of hacking video game controllers into instruments will set his music apart at the festival.  Download Just Movement on Amazon Download Global Concepts - EP on Amazon
White Arrows Sundays April 14 and 21 Origin: Los Angeles, CAPreviously played Coachella: First-timer Dry Land is Not a Myth is the debut album of LA's psychedelic electronic pop outfit White Arrows, and it sweetly melds glitchy synths, pop sensibilities and tribal instrumentation into a potent, gleeful blend (not unlike Givers, with whom the band has toured).  Download Dry Land Is Not A Myth on Amazon Download Fireworks of the Sea on Amazon
Deap Vally Sundays April 14 and 21 Origin: Los Angeles, CAPreviously played Coachella: First-timer This female rock duo met in a needlework class in Silver Lake, hit it off, and now produce bluesy, alt garage rock that sounds a bit like the music of Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys and Jack White of the White Stripes—if Dan and Jack bonded over fiber arts, that is.  Download "Gonna Make My Own Money" on Amazon Download "Ain't Fair" on Amazon
 (Photograph: Jennifer Tzar)
Photograph: Jennifer TzarWild Belle Sundays April 14 and 21 Origin: Chicago, ILPreviously played Coachella: First-timer Siblings Elliot and Natalie Bergman make up this Chicago pop rock band, whose sound volleys from psychedelic pop to ska, reggae, funk and jazz. They do a little bit of everything, which you'll hear on this year's release Isles, as well as during their Sunday sets.  Download Isles on Amazon Download "Keep You" on Amazon
 (Photograph: Mikael Dahl)
Photograph: Mikael DahlAdrian Lux Sundays April 14 and 21 Origin: SwedenPreviously played Coachella: First-timer Adrian Lux is a Swedish producer of trance-poppy, synth-riff-heavy sounds; he scored big with that "Teenage Crime" track from a few years back, which he's sure to play during his Sunday sets, along with other crowdpleasers such as "Can't Sleep" and "Strawberry."  Download Adrian Lux on Amazon Download "Teenage Crime" on Amazon
Ladies Night Sundays April 14 and 21 Origin: New York, NYPreviously played Coachella: First-timer Producer Liv Spencer and musician Geoff Renaud combined their talents in late 2012 with breakout DJ sets across downtown NYC . Their performance on SS Coachella's maiden voyage cemented their reputation as purveyors of raucous quality dancefloor vibes, which you can experience for yourself during their Sunday sets.