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Courtesy Peacock/NBCUniversal MediaAngelyne

An Angelyne TV show is coming soon starring Emmy Rossum as the L.A. billboard queen

The limited series hits Peacock this May.

Michael Juliano
Written by
Michael Juliano

L.A. may lack the sort of sports-mascot-loving, city-flag-tattooing sense of civic pride you find in some other cities. But there’s one odd thing that Angelenos can seem to agree upon: worshipping at the billboard-sized altar of Angelyne.

The pink Corvette-driving local legend is best known for blanketing L.A. with revealing billboards in the ’80s that advertised, well, herself, with nothing more than her name, phone number and a titillating pose. And now, she’s finally getting her own TV show—sort of.

Emmy Rossum is portraying the billboard queen in Angelyne, a miniseries set to hit streaming network Peacock on May 19. You can check out the date reveal trailer at the bottom of this story, as well as the initial lengthier teaser below, which consists mainly of people craning their necks upward and gawking open-mouthed at billboards.

“So, what are you advertising?” asks Martin Freeman in the teaser’s first scene. “Myself, of course,” Rossum answers in a spot-on Angelyne impression. It seems Rossum may have picked up some mannerisms from her time with the legend herself; the actor shared this picture of the two back in February 2020 along with the news that Angelyne would serve as an executive producer on the show.

Until the series debuts, if you don’t mind spoiling some of the intrigue, make sure to check out this wild 2017 story in The Hollywood Reporter that uncovers Angelyne’s backstory.

We’ll leave you with this Angelyne quote from the trailer: “I am a bright pink light here to inspire joy.” And boy are we glad to have that joy right now.

This story was originally published April 16, 2020 and has been updated with the show’s release date.

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