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Swingers Diner
Photograph: Courtesy CC/Flickr/Chris Yarzab

Finally, some good news: Swingers diner gets saved and will reopen soon

Its former general manager purchased the restaurant and is bringing it back.

Written by
Stephanie Breijo

It’s rare for a restaurant to bounce back from what was meant to be permanent closure—especially during a recession and a pandemic—but one of L.A.’s most beloved late-night spots, watering holes and all-around favorite diners is doing just that.

“We are closed permanently, but hoping for a Hail Mary,” a representative of Swingers told Time Out L.A. at the start of April. It looks like now, thanks to its former general manager, the Beverly restaurant got one. According to a news release, the restaurant’s former general manager, Stephanie Wilson, purchased Swingers and finalized the paperwork over the weekend.

Swingers, a fixture since 1993, announced its closure across the restaurant’s Instagram stories, slowly at first, by reposting employees’ farewells. Eventually what felt like all of L.A. social media erupted with decades-old photos and memories from fans lamenting the Beverly diner’s closure—a blow felt doubly considering the Santa Monica outpost shuttered a few months prior. But, as of today, we know there’ll be lights on in the retro-fabulous original location again soon enough.

“When I heard that the owner had decided to close Swingers forever, my heart dropped,” Wilson says in the announcement. “Swingers is an institution. It’s where some people had their first fry, or met the love of their lives, and everyone who lives in L.A. has a Swingers story. For me, it’s a place where I see so many people that I love—from our regular customers to my coworkers. I knew I couldn’t let it go, so I decided that I would do everything I could to bring it back.”

Wilson’s reopening plans for Swingers include takeout service as well as patio seating, with a launch date that could see the restaurant back up and running as soon as November 1. The menu will remain unchanged, and in addition to draws such as all-day breakfast, you might even be able to see a few of your favorite faces, as a number of employees are being brought back on staff.

In the coming days the website will get an update along with some Swingers merch, and as to when that griddle will start sizzling eggs and bacon again, you can keep an eye on the restaurant’s Instagram page for updates.

Swingers is located at 8020 Beverly Boulevard, near the Fairfax District.

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