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Market Chicken Rotisserie
Photograph: Patricia Kelly Yeo for Time Out

Table at Third & Fairfax: Returning to Market Chicken Rotisserie

Kelly revisits one of the market’s healthier options after eating fried chicken for weeks on end.

Patricia Kelly Yeo
Written by
Patricia Kelly Yeo

Table at Third & Fairfax is a weekly dining column in 2023 where Food and Drink editor Patricia Kelly Yeo will eat her way through the Original Farmers Market. Each column will drop on Thursday for a week-by-week recap of her journey through the classic L.A. tourist attraction. Last week, Kelly visited Michelina Artisan Boulanger.

Nine months and 36 different types of fried chicken later, I’ve finally published a guide to the best fried chicken in L.A. In the last two weeks, I’ve tried about a dozen fried chicken dishes across the city, and while I’m still turned off by the idea deep-fried chicken skin, I still have a solid appetite for chicken meat itself. Returning to the Farmers Market on Wednesday, I know exactly where I’m headed for the second time: Market Chicken Rotisserie (est. 2022). The stall is run by the people behind Pampas Grill and Phil’s Deli, and if their chicken plates are any indication, their sandwiches, salads, wraps and grain bowls will be just as delicious.

On the way there, I stop by the newest grocery vendor, Mediterranean Market, which opened three weeks ago. The stall is run by Sam and Jasmine Chatallian, who are related to the owners of nearby Moishe’s. I don’t need anything at the moment, but it’s fun to peruse the boxes of Turkish delight, imported olive oils and other products, including an extensive collection of Middle Eastern bottled fruit juices and other bottled beverages. The cold case is full of labne and other yogurt-based products, plus some cured meats. Before the year is up, I plan to try a couple of the refrigerated drinks, most of which I’ve never seen anywhere else.

Over at Market Chicken Rotisserie, after considering one of the wraps I end up ordering the pulled chicken grain bowl ($12) with a side of avocado ($2). There are five sauces to pick from—honey mustard, ranch, Italian, balsamic and aji. Given the fact I already know their aji sauce is excellent, I go with that. After five or so minutes, I’m digging into a healthy, flavorful bowl of mixed black and pinto beans, par-boiled rice with veggies, quinoa and a small lettuce and tomato salad. The pulled chicken comes in what looks like a tomato-based orange sauce that adds a subtle heat to the protein without a ton of fat. As with my first visit to Market Chicken, the meat itself is extremely tender. Within 10 minutes, I’ve finished almost the entire bowl, sans some of the mixed beans.

Of the lower-calorie, nutrient-dense options at the Farmers Market, I think Market Chicken Rotisserie is the only place to hit the sweet spot between filling and healthy. It also happens to be one of the more affordable stands. While you can get smoothies and wraps at the Salad Bar or mod out a salad at Trejo’s Tacos, you can’t beat the flavor and price of Market Chicken’s rotisserie. 

Meals from Table at Third & Fairfax fall into three categories: Skip It, Worth Trying and Must Have.

Vendor: Market Chicken Rotisserie
Order: Pulled chicken bowl
Verdict: Must Have. This grain bowl is a great healthy option at the Original Farmers Market.

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