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Los Angeles Rams logo
Courtesy Los Angeles Rams

The new Los Angeles Rams logo is here to give you something else to talk about

Michael Juliano

Find all of your conversations circling back to the same topic lately? Well, here’s a completely new diversion to debate: the Rams logo.

The Los Angeles Rams are expected to kick off their inaugural season at the new SoFi Stadium in Inglewood later this year, and so on Monday the NFL team unveiled its new logo.

The snarling, cartoonish ram with its swirling horn is gone, and in its place we now have “L.A.” wrapped with a sort-of-similar horn. The ram head still lives on, though, in this secondary logo, a more modern take on the old one.

If you dig through the team’s “new look” website you’ll find all sorts of tidbits about the history of the logo, the vibrant new colors (“Rams Royal” and “Sol”) and how it’ll look at the upcoming stadium. But like all new logo reveals, we imagine that won’t do much to appease the fans—many of whom are not happy right now, at least on Twitter.

Much of the conversation on social media is circling back to a widely-derided version of the logo that leaked on Twitter a few weeks ago. And while the actual logo looks much more polished than that outlined, off-color cap, it’s basically the same.

So… will fans stick to the old gear? We’ll have to wait and see until we’re all allowed to pack together in stadiums again.

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