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You don’t have to worry about street sweeping tickets in L.A. until at least October 1

LADOT has again extended its relaxation of some parking restrictions.

Michael Juliano
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Michael Juliano

UPDATE (9/30): Street cleaning enforcement will resume on October 15.

Good news: L.A. is relaxing its street sweeping enforcement yet again—and this time for a sizable stretch of time. Mayor Eric Garcetti announced the news on Friday, saying in a statement that “Angelenos shouldn’t be penalized for staying home.”

Relaxed enforcement has been extended for the following through October 1:

– Residential street sweeping
– Peak/rush hour and anti-gridlock zone restrictions
– Abandoned vehicles (72-hour rule)
– Expired registrations
– Loading zones (white curb) resuming 10-minute grace period

And some extra good news: Though most of those will be enforced again beginning October 1, street sweeping won’t; that will resume at a to-be-determined later date. In addition, parking fines won’t increase when failing to pay a ticket, extended grace periods for pick ups and drop offs will continue, extensions are granted for payment deadlines and you’re allowed to print temporary permits at home. 

Just as a refresher, the city is currently enforcing metered parking, posted time limits, temporary no parking signs, emergency access areas, colored curb zones and city-owned lots. And another reminder: This only applies to the City of Los Angeles; other cities enforce their own parking rules.

The relaxation of street sweeping enforcement has been extended multiple times: to early July, early August, the middle of August and now, most recently, October..

Our original story from June 3 appears below. 

Barely been touching your car lately? Thankfully, you’ll have yet another month to ignore street sweeping enforcement in the city of Los Angeles.

LADOT announced on Monday that it would extend some of its relaxed parking enforcement policies, which were first enacted in late March, until July 6. In addition, the deadline for any existing parking fines has been pushed to July 6.

Probably the biggest news for street-parking Angelenos: residential street sweeping zones will not be enforced, nor will rush hour and gridlock zone parking restrictions. However, metered parking, posted time limits and colored curb zones will continue to be enforced.

One other important note: LADOT only oversees parking within the city of Los Angeles, so if you’re located elsewhere within the county you’ll need to check with your local parking enforcement for their own regulations (for example, West Hollywood is ignoring permit parking requirements while Pasadena has suspended its overnight parking rule).

Here’s the rundown of everything LADOT is and isn’t enforcing.

LADOT has relaxed enforcement for:

– Residential street sweeping
– Expired registration on a vehicle
– Peak/rush hour and gridlock zone parking restrictions
– No ticket/tow for abandoned vehicles and oversized/overnight parking
– Vehicles displaying recently expired permits within preferential parking districts will have a two-week grace period following the expiration to renew

In addition, LADOT is taking some extra enforcement relaxation efforts:

– No parking fine increases until after July 6
– Extended grace period for people dropping off or picking up
– Immediate extensions on all deadlines for payments until July 6
– LADOT will supply a temporary, print-at-home permit to residents within a preferential parking district who have renewed their permit but will not receive the new hangtag before their current permit expires

But LADOT is still enforcing:

– Metered parking
– Time limits within preferential parking districts for vehicles without a valid or recently-expired permit
– Posted time limit zones in residential and commercial areas
– All posted Temporary No-Parking signs
– No blocking emergency access (alleyways, fire hydrants, etc.)
– Colored curb zones
– Parking restrictions for City-owned lots

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