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Bakeries in LA: Where to find the best Christmas cookies

These bakeries are making our favorite gingerbread, peppermint-studded and hand-painted cookies to satisfy that holiday sweet tooth.

Photograph: Joshua Thaisen
Photograph: Joshua Thaisen

Gingerbread Men
Available at The Village Bakery and Café, Gingerbread Men, $2.25-$4 each.

Catch him if you can, this gingerbread man is on the run. His cute bow and buttons compensate for a standard ginger cookie.

Photograph: Joshua Thaisen

Toasted Gingerbread Snowmen
Available at Ramekin, $1.50.

Frosty gets a makeover with a homemade gingerbread body topped with fluffy toasted marshmallow. Besides the detailed sprinkles, we love the hidden pockets of chocolate ganache under the top hat and red scarf—s'mores anyone?

Photograph: Joshua Thaisen

Sugar Cookies
Available at The Village Bakery and Café, Sugar Cookies $2.50-$4 each.

These charming cookies deliver on looks, but fall short on flavor. We still love them for a box full of holiday cheer with festive shapes and detailed designs.

Photograph: Joshua Thaisen

Sugar Cookie
Available at The Village Bakery and Café, Sugar Cookie $2.50-$4 each.

These charming red-nosed cookie deliver on looks, but fall short on flavor. We still love this festive design for a box full of holiday cheer.

Photograph: Joshua Thaisen

From left: Rosco and Molasses Ginger Sandwiches 
Available at Cookie Casa, Roscos $21 dozen, Molasses Ginger Sandwiches $42 dozen.

You’ll be licking the cinnamon and sugar off your fingers after one bite of a Rosco—a traditional Spanish cookie ever slightly spiced (we tasted hints of anise). Combine oversized sandwich cookie nostalgia with molasses and ginger and you get a salty sweet combo that begs for another bite.

Photograph: Joshua Thaisen

Ginger Cookies
Available at Stella Barra, $3.25 each.

We can’t get enough of these size-of-your face cookies, which are everything we want from a ginger cookie: crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside, covered in sugar and (not too) spicy flavor.

Photograph: Joshua Thaisen

Cranberry Macarons
Available at Bouchon Bakery, $2.50 each.

These aren’t grandma’s cookies, but we’d expect nothing less from Thomas Keller than colorful French macarons, which don’t disappoint on tart cranberry flavor.

Photograph: Joshua Thaisen

Hand-painted Sugar Cookies
Available at K Bakery, $5-$7 each.

Mini works of art, serve these hand-painted sugar cookies to Martha Stewart who’ll love the buttery taste, festive shapes and bright colors.

Photograph: Joshua Thaisen

Peppermint Chocolate Cookies
Available at Deluscious, $3.50 each

Packed with mint chips, this cakey brownie cookie is for the chocolate lover… and with a hefty price tag, maybe the trust fund type, too.

Photograph: Joshua Thaisen

Available at Sweet Butter Kitchen, $2.00 each.

Caramel oozes out of this super sugary cookie cementing a place between your (sweet) teeth.

Photograph: Joshua Thaisen

From left: Sugar Cookies, Molasses Snowflakes, Gingerbread Men
Available at Elysee Bakery, $13.95 per lb.

Expect fun shapes and homemade tastes from this Westwood Village bakery.

Photograph: Joshua Thaisen

From left: Pistachio Cookies, Fig Cookies
Available at Eagle Rock Bakery, $10.50 per lb.

Instead of the Figgie pudding, bring out these better-than-Fig Newton cookies filled with whole figs and nuts. Plus, their festive colored pistachio cookies sprinkled with powdered sugar are simply delicious. 

Photograph: Joshua Thaisen

Peppermint Candy Cane
Available at Milk Jar, $3 each, $15 half dozen, $30 dozen.

A seasonal favorite at Milk Jar, this cookie is big, chewy and full of peppermint-y goodness. Think of it as a peppermint bark-gone-cookie.

Photograph: Joshua Thaisen

Hand-painted Sugar Cookies
Available at K Bakery, $5-$7 each.

Mini works of art, serve these hand-painted sugar cookies to Martha Stewart who’ll love the buttery taste, festive shapes and bright colors.

Photograph: Joshua Thaisen

From left: Sugar Plum Hamentaschen, Gingerbread Men, Mini Butterscotch Brownies with Walnuts, Shortbread Trees, Raspberry Jewels
Available at Clementine, Sugar-Plum Hamentaschen, Gingerbread Men, Shortbread Tress $8 ½ dozen, Raspberry Jewels $7 ½ dozen, Mini Butterscotch Butterscotch Brownies with Walnuts $1.15 each.

Clementine’s incredible variety will please everyone at the party. We love the sugar plum hamentaschen—crystalized sugar bits surround a flakey pastry cookie filled with tangy-sweet sugar plum jam that might as well be on the menu year-round.

Photograph: Joshua Thaisen

Available at Röckenwagner, $3.00 each, $13.95 for a 5 pack, $19.50 for 6 in gift tin (pictured).

Gingerbread meets fruitcake in this nutty German specialty baked on a paper-thin communion-like wafer which, (surprise!) you can eat—making this a holy holiday cookie.

Photograph: Joshua Thaisen

From left: Butter Cookies, Mocha Sandwiches
Available at Beverlywood Bakery, $10.95 per lb.

Covered with sprinkles, delight tots who want a variety of colorful treats or pick a grown-up flavor whose buttery cookie texture plus mocha equals yum.

Photograph: Joshua Thaisen

From left: Ginger Snaps, Durango Cookies
Available at Valerie Confections, $2.50 for ginger snaps, $2.75 for Durango cookies

They may not snap, but the soft and chewy, not too sweet cookie has a nice balanced gingery flavor. For the sweet tooth: a snickers bar exploded in Valerie’s Durango cookie and that is perfectly fine by us. 

Photograph: Joshua Thaisen

Hand-painted Sugar Cookies
Available at K Bakery, $5-$7 each.

Mini works of art, serve these hand-painted sugar cookies to Martha Stewart who’ll love the buttery taste, festive shapes and bright colors.

Photograph: Joshua Thaisen

Available at Röckenwagner, $5.99 dozen.

Baked on wooden forms flown in from Germany, these brown butter holiday favorites are the predecessor to the modern day animal cracker. Try dunking in coffee or milk for a perfect post-Christmas dinner treat.

Photograph: Joshua Thaisen

From left: Chocolate Dippers, Christmas Tree Sugar Cookies
Available at Breakaway Bakery, Christmas Tree Sugar Cookies $1.40 each, Brownie Dippers $1.60 each.

These vegan, gluten-free sugar cookies are wonderfully festive and surprisingly don’t crumble. And all we can say about the dairy and gluten-free chocolate dippers is, who doesn’t love anything perfect for dunking in coffee and covered in chocolate?

Photograph: Joshua Thaisen

Butter Cookies
Available at Stolichnaya, $6.99 per lb.

For the child at heart who still loves sprinkles.

Photograph: Joshua Thaisen

Ginger Butterscotch
Available at Sweet Butter Kitchen, $2.00 each.

Massive sugar load awaits where butterscotch gets an unlikely spicy partner-in-crime. 

Photograph: Courtesy Jin Patisserie

Pistachio Sablee
Available at Jin Patisserie, $6.85 per 100g bag

While most of the holiday treats at Jin Patisserie skew towards chocolate and cake, these tender, buttery cookies with bits of pistachio are perfect for an after-meal treat (or dunking in piping hot mugs of cocoa).


Head to these bakeries for all your holiday cookie needs. Whether you’re leaving them out for Santa or looking for a sweet gift idea, get inspired by these Christmas cookies that will please kids and adults alike. Flip through our guilt-free slide show of drool-worthy pics before making any New Year's resolutions. From classic gingerbread men and cut out butter cookies to traditional treats from around the world and even vegan sweets, fill up on holiday cheer as we round up the best Christmas cookies at local LA bakeries.

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Featured bakeries

The Village Bakery & Cafe

This Atwater Village cafe bakes their baguettes, scones, muffina and other drool-worthy treats every morning, so that you're guaranteed a fresh purchase every time. Stop by for breakfast, where you can indulge in their oatmeal cinnamon pancakes or housemade granola.

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Atwater Village


Critics' pick

This soon to be hipster with a sweet tooth haven creates a new bakery experience with a coffee shop meets bakery feel at Ramekin. Named for the ceramic bowls used for baking (think: creme brulee), every item on the menu is baked to order so carve out about 20 min for your visit. Order a cup of coffee or tea (all local) while waiting for a cookie, cobblers, cake or pie. If you don’t feel like waiting, get a bowl of freshly made ice cream or sorbet. Stop drooling over your computer and go see what all the hype is about.

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Los Feliz

Cookie Casa

Cookie Casa is a standby bakery for Angelos searching for a sweet treat with a made from scratch flavor. The signature cookie called a Rosco is a pie-pastry dough cookie with hints of anise and sherry, rolled in cinnamon and sugar. More than just cookies, their mouthwatering cakes, brownies, bars and cupcakes are definitely worth a try too.

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Stella Barra

Steps from the Arclight, Stella Barra is the perfect pre- and post–movie nosh stop—open until midnight Sunday to Thursday and until 2am Fridays and Saturdays. There's plenty of seating in the lofty space with a full bar serving local craft beers, Italian and Californian wines by the glass and bottle and creative cocktails; farmers market salads and small plates to share; and, of course, chef Jeff Mahin's top-notch pizzas, boasting a chewy, sourdough crust and California-grown toppings. Try the fennel-flavored, housemade sausage topped with organic tomato and mozzarella ($14.95) and, while you can get it, the seasonal spring onion and bacon ($15.95). We also love the signature burrata ($10.95), plated with housemade bread and tomato jam and take-away baked goods on display in front, from oversized Rice Krispy treats to bacon chocolate chip cookies.

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Bouchon Bakery

Thomas Keller's Bouchon Bakery arrives in Los Angeles (there are locations in Napa Valley and New York City) with a posh 90210 address. The tiny storefront offers traditional French pastries and viennoisseries from buttery croissants to delicate and elegant tarts on the first floor of Bouchon Bistro.

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Beverly Hills

K Bakery

Growing up in an Armenian-American household, food was always important to head baker and owner of K Bakery, Kim. Attorney by trade, but baker at heart her cakes, cookies, brownies, cupcakes (the list goes on) makes mouths water at this Pacific Palisades bakery. Stop by for more than just sweets and grab breakfast, a quick lunch or specialty “to go” dinner for the family on the go.

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Pacific Palisades

Milk Jar Cookies

Cookies abound at Milk Jar where baking from scratch in small batches is the standard. Favorite standbys (read: chocolate chip cookies) get spiced up along side of seasonal flavors like chocolate-covered banana or peppermint candy cane. Pair a cookie with a glass of milk from Broguiere's Dairy in Montebello or a cup of joe from Handsome Roasters in downtown. Cookies are $3 each, $15 ½ dozen and $30 dozen. (ps: they ship cookies too.)

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Miracle Mile

Deluscious Cookies

Let these cookies grace the platter at any party and smile as you try to pass them off for your own. Deluscious “couture” cookies isn’t Diddy Riese with prices starting at $4.50 per cookie, but with hand delivery and cross country shipping, you get what you pay for. From corporate gifts to cookie of the month clubs, Deluscious’ cookies from scratch recipes that could have come from your kitchen and are delivered to best friends, bosses, or coworkers doorstep.

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Sweet Butter Kitchen

This is not your typical LA bistro. Stepping into Sweet Butter Kitchen feels like you've fallen down the rabbit hole and ended up in a quaint New England cafe, where delicate details adorn the shop's outdoor patio and indoor coffee counter. Sandwiches, salads (the Goddess Salad is as heavenly as it sounds) and small entrées are offered for breakfast, lunch and and early dinner (the cafe closes at 6pm), and you can even pick up a picnic box to go for a planned outing. Don't forget the baked goods to go along with your cappuccino—Sweet Butter makes some stellar cookies and cakes that you'll smell before you even get to the door.

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Sherman Oaks

Elysee Bakery

Part UCLA student study haven, part young couple crowd, this standby Westwood Village cafe serves all kinds of coffee confections and the best pastries in the Village in a cozy atmosphere. Flakey butter croissants, decadent chocolate cheesecake and fruit tarts are baked from scratch daily. A great weekend brunch spot, splurge on the strawberry Nutella crêpes, they don’t disappoint. If you happen to be there at the end of the day, be extra courteous to the staff—they give away extra fresh pastries.

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