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The 100 best dishes and drinks in Los Angeles 2014: Sandwiches and burgers

Burgers and sandwiches are the ultimate finger food, but we managed to come up with this list of the best we ate in 2014. No ketchup necessary.

We may swear by In-N-Out, but Los Angeles is teeming with burgers that don't require the phrase "animal style, please" to be uttered at the end of each order. Post-hangover food, stoner food, brunch food (seriously, just put an egg on it)—burgers are the ultimate "treat yo'self" meal. Here are our favorites of this year, along with a few sandwiches, wraps and buns that we just can't quit.

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Photograph: Jakob N. Layman

Belcampo burger at Belcampo Meat Co.

You'll know why you're paying $12.50 for a burger ordered at a counter as soon as you bite into Belcampo's namesake version. This beef is some of the most flavorful we've had, and the cheddar and caramelized onions piled on top only add fuel to the discussion that this just might be the best burger in LA. $12.50. - Erin Kuschner

Photograph: Jakob N. Layman

Banh mi at ink.sack

This is one of the meatiest odes to the Vietnamese classic that you'll find in LA, thanks to slices of pork shoulder and bacon and crumbles of chicharrones. And while the bread used at ink.sack is not traditional, it has enough crunch to satisfy any sandwich connoisseur. $6. - Esther Tseng

Photograph: Jakob N. Layman

Tall bun at Bird N Hand

The best dish at Bird N Hand is the original tall bun, a mound of fried chicken, hashbrowns, slaw and pickled onions piled high between two buttermilk biscuits that would make any Southern grandma proud. And at $9.50 for two impressively large sandwiches, it's a downright steal. $9.50 - Erin Kuschner

Photograph: Jakob N. Layman

Bacon cheeseburger at Bill's Hamburgers

Crispy bacon strips, mayo, lettuce, American cheese and a nicely-seared patty—by God, Bill makes one hell of burger. Simple and delicious, this cheap hamburger is like a siren in the mist beckoning us to the Valley time and time again. $5.30. - Jakob N. Layman

Photograph: Ryan Tanaka

Lobster roll at The Anchor

This, friends, is a lobster roll. The toasted bread is golden from a generous foundation of butter; the lobster is plentiful, rich and supremely authentic. Oh, and did we mention the shaved truffles on top? $16. - Erin Kuschner

Photograph: Jakob N. Layman

Pork BBQ bao bun at The Bun Shop

With citrus slaw, chunks of fatty pork, BBQ sauce, slivers of fresh cucumber, the pork BBQ bao at this Koreatown newcomer is a must when ordering one of the shop's combos. $7.50 for two buns. - Erin Kuschner

Photograph: Michael Juliano

The Sandwich at Roma

There’s no room for pickles and peppers to muck up the meaty simplicity of this Italian specialty: paper-thin slices of mortadella, capocollo and salami, topped with provolone and an olive oil drizzle on a homemade crackly roll. $5.50. - Michael Juliano

Photograph: Dylan + Jeni

KBBQ Burger at Plan Check Kitchen + Bar

Pork belly, kimcheese (say what now?), gochujang BBQ sauce...what kind of burger is this? Plan Check's new DTLA location opened this year, adding this beauty to the menu—and yeah, it's as good as their Southern Fry. $14. - Erin Kuschner

Photograph: Erin Kuschner

Gyro Gone Wild at Hy Mart Sandwiches

The laundry list of veggies packed into this compact wrap resembles a pressed juice label, but it's the crispy falafel, freshly shaved gyro meat and homemade tahini sauce that make this sandwich a Valley must-try. $8.99 - Erin Kuschner

Photograph: Courtesy Picnik

Sweet Sicilian sausage at Picnik

Craft beer. Housemade sausages. Chocolate covered maple bacon soda. Picnik has all of these, and aside from the bacon soda (because you're adventurous), you should get the Sweet Sicilian sausage, because it's plump, perfectly seasoned and delicious. $7. - Erin Kuschner

Photograph: Jakob N. Layman

"Not So Fried" Chicken Sandwich at Mendocino Farms

It's hard not to love everything at Mendo (their pork belly banh mi, their Drunk'n Goat grilled cheese, their upcoming pastrami sandwich as part of a "Pastrami Project"), but the "Not so fried" chicken sandwich is at the top of our list. Shaved free range chicken is covered in Mendo's krispies, slathered in herb aioli and pickle slaw, and topped with fresh tomatoes and pickled red onions between two thick slices of ciabatta. Drool. $9.65. - Erin Kuschner

Photograph: Kate Wertheimer

Salami, manchego cheese and chive butter sandwich at Proof Bakery

Starting at noon, there are four baguette sandwiches offered at this popular Atwater Village bakery and coffee shop, but the salami variety, served on a warm, salted baguette with manchego cheese and chive butter, is a wonder. Hold onto that crispy baguette and never let go (until the next one). $7. - Erin Kuschner

Photograph: Jakob N. Layman

Matsuhisa burger at Nobu Los Angeles

Nobu has seemingly perfected the "protein style" burger. Sandwiched between two grilled, extra firm tofu "buns," the beef sliders (two per order) are cooked to perfection. Topped with lettuce, shiitake mushrooms, crispy sweet onions, truffle aioli and wasabi ketchup, and served with cornishons and frisee on the side, the carb-free, fancy-pants version of our favorite In-N-Out order is a special off-menu item—and one that will make you want to order something other than sushi during your next Nobu visit. $16. - Ramona Saviss