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Photograph: Jakob N. Layman

11 fashion bloggers in LA every fashionista should follow

Fashion bloggers these days are a dime a dozen—here are the stylish Angelenos you should know and follow.

Written by
Amanda Montell

We combed through the (always chic) black hole that is the fashion blogger-sphere to curate this list of LA-based style idols. From artful outfit-of-the-day photos and street style snaps to tips for browsing the best shops in LA (and even for some recommendations for things to do in LA), these 11 plugged-in muses serve up some of the chicest content you can find in cyberspace. Whether you're a lady or a gent, a rebel or a vintage-lover, you're bound to fangirl over the eye candy and advice on these choice blogs. Just wait until you stumble upon one taking #ootd photos on Melrose—that's the peak of stylecrush fandom. Here are our favorite 11 LA fashion blogs (in no particular order).

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Like many an Angeleno, this Webby Award-winning street style blog was born in a distant land and relocated to LA in 2010, partially for the glamour but mostly for the grit. Streetgeist's makers consist of two longtime friends from Greece, who have managed over the past four years to unearth and immortalize LA aesthetics that go beyond board shorts and body-con. Photographer Alkistis embarks on photo missions throughout the city, from the Third Street Promenade, to Melrose, to DTLA—the blogger's pick for LA's most stylish neighborhood. Equipped with her Canon 5D Mark II, Alkistis scouts the confidently dressed, the wackily dressed, the effortlessly dressed, and shoots them each positioned in Streetgeist's trademark vertical stance. Both the images and the subjects are masterfully curated and fraught with character, confirming our suspicions that LA's wearable art scene is alive and kicking. Be sure to check out the blog's wackiest ever photographee.
Crafted by fashion thrill-seeker Tommy Lei, this beautifully formatted menswear blog is steeped with matchless photographs, style ideas and vignettes of the blogger's experiences in the LA fashion scene. Cruise through MyBelonging's "Styletelling" section and it will become immediately clear that the often androgynous and always trend-setting ensembles—photographed pristinely throughout the city—are a daily labor of love. Each post is a feast for the eyes and a patent illustration of Tommy's goal: to inspire Angelenos to upcycle their material belongings for the purpose of self-expression. Tommy tells us there's no place like LA when it comes to eccentric yet laidback style (he personally loves himself a pair of tailored sweatpants). The blogger recommends MRKT in Silverlake for the most futuristic, fashion-forward menswear.
Envision Pretty
Danielle Cheever, the creator of this delightfully organized and content-rich blog, is the type of sparkling human being you'd trust to pick out your outfits, prepare your dinner and redecorate your sun room, knowing that everything would turn out lovely, down to the bow on your purse and the almond flour in your gluten-free cobbler. Danielle's site provides decor inspiration, DIY projects, recipes and outfit ideas that are both elegant and accessible enough to have caught the attention of and Popsugar Street Style. Originally a Midwestern girl, Danielle is reliable and charming both in her personality and her posts, updating Envision Pretty regularly with fashion fodder to suit even the most penniless of Angelenos. She reveals that her favorite shopping spot in LA is the Melrose Trading Post, where, since having moved to the West Coast, she's picked up many closet staples, including the classic LA summer uniform: a pair of high-waisted, vintage Levi's cut-off shorts.
Visual candyfloss presents itself in blog form with interior design-educated Aimee Song's alluring online lookbook. Since shifting her focus from interior architecture to fashion, Aimee's glossy site has become a gold standard in the blogiverse, with eye-popping images of her bold, glamorous looks that you'll want to plaster all over your Pinterest. This blog consists of almost exclusively OOTD shots, photographed against a variety of scenic LA backdrops, as well as more exotic locales, depending on the blogger's travels. Whether you're looking for a stylish distraction from your workday, proof that leather leggings can work or simply an education in the perfect pose, Song of Style deserves a place among your browser bookmarks.
The business management and psychology student behind this cutting edge style bible takes an utterly unacademic approach to clothes. In between pulling all-nighters, Eugenie Grey dedicates herself to this catalogue of badass fashion porn, piecing together bold, forward-thinking ensembles that continue to challenge what you think you know about style. This girl is nothing if not a risk-taker, employing magazine-quality photos and dynamic SoCal backdrops to enhance her envelope-pushing duds, which span chunky gold body chains, seven-inch metallic platforms, whimsical dresses and edgy leather pieces—all topping a collection of tattoos and a waterfall of ever-evolving hair. Keeping her text minimal and her fashion inspiration at a constant peak, Eugenie says she's influenced by unexpected uses of wardrobe basics. Her No. 1 style staple? An Acne Studios leather moto jacket.
Though the lead damsel behind this polished style guide admits that she doesn't actually own a single piece of Dior, the witty title is not a misnomer, but instead symbolic of a lifestyle. Jacey Duprie's elegant, urban streetwear, captured through magazine-quality photos and clever captions, proves that you don't have to be 18 to pull off a crop top or earn six figures to make a suit look sexy. Jacey doesn't shy away from structured jackets, tweed skirts and strappy pumps. Most of the blogger's trappings marry reasonably priced items from Zara and Anthropologie with designer splurges, resulting in some seriously luxe aesthetics. The damsel teaches you how to assemble expensive-looking ensembles without having to spend six month's salary on every last piece. One of her favorite closet items at the moment is her Rails Kendra shirt, proving that even plaid button-downs can look swank.
"I appreciate LA's casual air and messy, thrown-togetherness," divulges Jayne Min, the STOP IT RIGHT NOW mastermind, whose style suggests equal parts Katharine Hepburn and Edward Sharpe, but whose sense of humor is all her own. "It's like the chicken or the egg puzzle, where I don't know if I appreciate it because I'm innately slovenly or if LA has actually made me this way." We adore Jayne's anti-slovenly and lovingly self-deprecating charm and lack of pretention. The blogger pairs effortless photos (featuring studded ear cuffs, leather scarves, oversized coats and her delightful dogs) with captions that wittily describe her style inspiration and general attitude. Frankly, Jayne Min is cool. Her proclivity for plaid is cool, her ability to find the best vintage denim at the Rose Bowl is cool and—perhaps most importantly—her relatability is cool. We Angelenos are proud to claim her as one of our own.
Renaissance Angeleno Krystal Simpson has dipped her steel toe in reality television, modeling and general jet-setting, but luckily, the down-to-earth blog she created in 2007 is here for keeps. What is Reality Anyway?, which Krystal describes as "part photo album, part journal, and part travel diary," gives us a cool glimpse into what could otherwise be seen as the overtly glamorous life of a reality persona in LA. Whereas censorship and phoniness run rampant in some tinseltown circles, Krystal invites all of us viewers to tag along for her TopShop photo shoots, her Galore Magazine interviews, her red carpet walks at the iHeartRadio Music Festival and more. And even though the events are awesome and the clothes are rock-and-roll, Krystal's blog gives us an unintimidating look at her true personality and everyday life, which (when she's not skateboarding around LA in Saint Laurent kicks) involves a lot of online shopping, while laying in bed, wearing "sweats, dirty hair, a beanie, Uggs... the works."
Stay Classic
Regular dudes should rip a page out of the undoubtedly suede-bound book of Stay Classic's dapper mastermind, Tim. The blog's layout (formatted by Tumblr, by the way) is as streamlined as the concept: Debonair professional photographer shoots thrice-weekly self-portraits of the polished threads he's actually wearing that day. What's impressive is that most of Tim's high-end looking wardrobe comes from totally heard-of shops at prices for the everyman—$29 J. Crew Factory button-downs, $4 funky socks from H&M, TopMan tweed slacks bought on clearance for $20. Ultimately, Stay Classic is an unpretentious guide for how regular guys can piece together affordable clothes and come out looking pretty damn sophisticated. Tim's favorite spot in LA to score a closet gem? Buffalo Exchange. Easy.

A vintage-lover's haven manifests itself in this sweet, streamlined blog for the thrifty Angeleno. Antiquey filtered photos of old school-meets-new-school ensembles line each page with mini blurbs from blogger Caitie, including tidbits and advice for how to marry vintage pieces with modern trends and closet staples. Watch mainstream items from Forever 21 and Madewell take on throwback personalities with the addition of a retro velvet hat, androgynous oxfords or a plastic purse from the 80s. Caitie's outfits are never bank-breaking nor devoid of whimsy. Her posts provide inspiration for LA's vintage-loving and budget-conscious—those who enjoy a little creativity with their style and don't need a tricked-out blog to get it. Trade secret from Miss à la Mode herself: Angelenos who don't shy away from thrifting in the trenches absolutely must explore Jet Rag's Sunday morning sale, where everything costs $1.

Since having launched what was once a darling personal project in 2008, Emily Schuman has become the George Washington of fashion blogs. The Condé Nast-seasoned mother of this fashion, food and stylish living site has since collabed with Coach to design a wildly successful pastel pink handbag, in addition to publishing a Cupcakes and Cashmere book (yes, a physical printed book—and another is due out soon). This blogger has captured the hearts of thousands with her winsome balance of relatable charm and luxe aesthetics. Schuman's consistently updated and alluringly photographed looks of the day, recipes, beauty tips, decor and DIY ideas make C&C a benchmark for fashion blogs in LA and beyond. Plus, we take her restaurant recommendations seriously. This woman has taste.
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