Fall fashion inspiration from Etsy's stylish David Morgan

Etsy’s social-media coordinator favors color for fall, and references the ’80s and ’90s for his funky ensembles. Check out his favorite fall fashion outfits and find out how to spin his style.
 (Photograph: Sasha Maslov)
Photograph: Sasha Maslov“Part of my job is to discover beautiful things, and I’m always inspired by what I come across. In style and in work, I appreciate items that have a strong, compelling story.”
 (Photograph: Sasha Maslov)
Photograph: Sasha Maslov“I buy most of my shirts at thrift stores because they are the best place to find retro prints and oversize fits, which I love.” Morgan’s Jordache jeans are from Rags-A-Gogo (rags-a-gogo.com) and his John Ashford Sport shirt is also a thrift-store find.
 (Photograph: Sasha Maslov)
Photograph: Sasha Maslov“I love a good shawl for fall! It has to be big, so I can wrap it in fun ways, and the colors have to be a bit muted, so that I can wear it with a bunch of things,” he says of this style, which he bought at Beacon’s Closet (beaconscloset.com).
 (Photograph: Sasha Maslov)
Photograph: Sasha MaslovMorgan picked up these handmade bracelets at the Malcolm Shabazz Harlem Market.
 (Photograph: Sasha Maslov)
Photograph: Sasha Maslov“I always reference the late ’80s or early ’90s as a big part of my style backdrop. The silhouettes were a little exaggerated and dramatic, which I like, and the colors were very fun and vivid. Television shows like The Cosby Show and A Different World, as well as R&B groups like Bell Biv DeVoe are always in my mental mood board.”
 (Photograph: Sasha Maslov)
Photograph: Sasha Maslov“I found a brown pair of farmer overalls at a thrift store [in Maryland], and they make me smile every time I wear them. They’re so simple, unique and fun!”
 (Photograph: Sasha Maslov)
Photograph: Sasha MaslovMorgan pairs a shirt from Buffalo Exchange (locations throughout the city; visit buffaloexchange.com) with a cardigan that was handed down from his father. “I’ve had many of my favorite things for many years, and love clothing with texture and history. I always love a good story.”
 (Photograph: Sasha Maslov)
Photograph: Sasha MaslovMorgan purchased this leaf necklace from a costume-jewelry store in the Bronx that is now closed. “I think it was 99 cents; it was so inexpensive, but I love it.”
 (Photograph: Sasha Maslov)
Photograph: Sasha Maslov“I’m also almost always seen with a bag. I have a few great vintage travel bags in my collection, which I’ve found at various thrift stores.” Morgan picked up this carryall in Prince George’s County, Maryland.
 (Photograph: Sasha Maslov)
Photograph: Sasha Maslov“A good pair of shoes that you feel comfortable in is essential to any outfit. They’re arguably the items in one’s wardrobe that get the most use, so they definitely need to be sturdy. Well-made shoes are treasures that can be worn for years and years.” Morgan picked up this pair of Botticelli’s (botticellishoes.com) from a Salvation Army in the Bronx.
 (Photograph: Sasha Maslov)
Photograph: Sasha MaslovA J.Crew sweater was a hand-me-down from his father, and the oversize scarf was a gift from a friend.
 (Photograph: Sasha Maslov)
Photograph: Sasha MaslovMorgan lounges in a pair of Liz Sport pants, which he purchased at Junk (junk11211.com).
 (Photograph: Sasha Maslov)
Photograph: Sasha MaslovThe leaf necklace was another 99-cent-store score from shop in Union Square, while the beaded necklace is his own handiwork.
 (Photograph: Sasha Maslov)
Photograph: Sasha MaslovMorgan hand-crocheted this bag himself with wool yarn and used thrifted handkerchiefs for the inside lining.
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 (Photograph: Melissa Sinclair)
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By Rachel LeWinter

As Etsy’s social-media coordinator, David Morgan is constantly inspired by the marketplace’s talented community of sellers. When he’s not shopping on Etsy, he prefers to buy from thrift stores such as NYC's Rags-A-Gogo, and stocks up on offbeat men’s accessories, colorful socks and well-made shoes.

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David Leon Morgan, 27, socia-media coordinator for Etsy (etsy.com), Bronx; @Etsy, @DavidLeonMorgan

Favorite part about social media: “I am fascinated with the way social stories have the power to immediately connect disparate groups of people.”
Least favorite thing about social media: “There is so much to see and so little time to see everything! It’s easy to get sucked into the vortex of celebrity drama and cat videos. I practice the art of restraint daily.”

His personal style: “My style is a true reflection of my thought process. It’s a little all over the place, very colorful yet very sincere. I try to only buy things that resonate with me in an emotionally or spiritually positive way, which often makes shopping a somewhat arduous process.”

His inspirations: “I grew up in a religious home, so I appreciate clothing distinct among religious sects, such as the Amish and Mennonite communities. I love how clothing can be used to articulate one’s spiritual beliefs. I also love blue-collar uniforms. Clothing with resiliency that’s specifically made for practical use makes me feel safe.”

Style motto: “Don’t underestimate the power of clothes. They are extremely powerful tools to communicate who we are and what we stand for. Be fearless and relentless in expressing both. Explore new ways to articulate both, too. View trends as options, not as standards. The only fashion rules are the ones you create for yourself.”

Favorite stores: "I’m an avid supporter of Goodwill (locations throughout the city; visit goodwill.org). You never know what beautiful surprise you’ll find, and their mission to support the community and provide opportunities to people with special needs makes the shopping experience even more fulfilling.”

Favorite fall trends: “I’m a big fan of the colorful-sock movement. They’re such a fun, unexpected surprise that can be incorporated into a range of styles. I also am in love with fitted leather jackets this fall. They get better with age, and are perfect complements to both casual and dressy looks.”

On his fall shopping wish list: “I need a good transitional coat. Something with removable lining, perhaps?”

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