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Photograph: John McStravickDAT LONG EXPOSURE THO.

Girl, are you an LA freeway? Because we want to be on you.

We explore our love/hate relationship with the Los Angeles freeway system like mature adults.


Girl, are you the 110? 'Cause those curves are dangerous.

Boy, are you PCH on a summer Saturday? 'Cause you've got me seriously hot and bothered.

Girl, are you the 101 at rush hour? 'Cause everyone wants a ride.

Boy, are you the 5? 'Cause you keep saying you'll change, but you're still a rundown piece of shit.

Girl, are you the 10? 'Cause you're so unpredictable—I never know when you're going to be crazy.

Girl, are you the 105? 'Cause I need a ride to the airport.

Girl, are you the 405? 'Cause it looks like you're getting some work done. Always.

Boy, are you the 134? 'Cause I'm just hanging around 'til something better comes along.

Girl, are you the 405 on-ramps? 'Cause you've been playing hard to get.

Girl, are you the 110/101 intersection? 'Cause I just keep crawling back to you.

Boy, are you the 2? 'Cause you're little but I'll hop on if I'm in the neighborhood.

Boy, are you the 210? 'Cause you're looking like my ticket outta this town.

Gonna get in on this action? Here are the 10 commandments of LA driving. Just remember to always use protection... seatbelts, people!

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