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5 wishes we have for LA in 2015

We think 2015 is shaping up to be a great year—but only if LA can live up to our requests and resolutions

What do you want to see happen in LA in 2015? We posed that question to ourselves and surprisingly every response wasn't "more rain." Instead, we decided to pin our hopes for the new year on game-changing projects, personal resolutions and the death of tired trends. We're always first in line to tell you why LA kicks ass, but we think our wish list still leaves a little bit of room for improvement. Click through the slide show below and find out what each of our editors had to say. (Want more 2015 clairvoyance? Here are the rest of our 2015 predictions.)

Photograph: Courtesy the Bloc

Kate Wertheimer, Music, Film and Sex & Dating editor:

LA is long overdue for a cool dinner cinema—no offense, iPic. And last summer we were finally promised one of our very own: the Alamo Drafthouse, a theater with 9 screens and seating for 800, to open at 7th and Flower (near the Metro, hallelujah!). We've no lack of great theaters in this town, but the Alamo—with a strict etiquette policy, crème brûlée french toast, huge array of events and even its own film distribution company—is sure to be a game changer.

Photograph: Jakob N. Layman

Erin Kuschner, Food & Drink editor:

I wish for the return of big plates. No, not even big plates—medium, standard-size plates will do just fine. I wish that the phrase, "All of our plates are small and meant to be shared" will cease to exist, and that I can enjoy a dinner with friends that doesn't leave both my wallet and stomach still empty by the end of the night.

Photograph: Courtesy SLO County Bicycle Coalition

Sara Fay, editor:

I would really like our bike paths to connect—the LA River Bike Path, specifically. That big gaping hole of a bike path (let alone bike lanes) is just a hole in my heart. Imagine how amazing it would be to have one path that connects Glendale and Griffith Park to Downtown LA, all the way down to Long Beach. It would make commuting by bike a much more feasible reality for millions of people, and that is just the beginning. With all of the recent plans for development along the river, 2015 seems the perfect time to start; it could be a beautiful thing.

Photograph: Courtesy BuildExpo

Michael Juliano, Things to Do and Comedy editor:

I never want to drive to Santa Monica again. It's nothing against the seaside city; I just refuse to deal with the soul-crushing traffic and constant gridlock anymore. Ideally, we’ll all enter into a sort of Westside automotive celibacy thanks to the Expo Line extension. Pressure’s on, Metro—Phase 2 really needs to stick to its 2015 opening.

Photograph: Courtesy Stir Market

Ramona Saviss, managing editor:

I'd love to see more food halls opening up around LA, specifically on the Westside. Just by going to Grand Central Market and, more recently, Stir Market, I get a thrill from foodie indecisiveness—because, you know, more lunch options are better than none.