Future Cities, Now!

The people, places, innovations and ideas shaping the future of Los Angeles

Main image for Future Cities, Now!
Illustration: Time Out/Tom Hislop

It’s crystal-ball time. What is L.A. going to look like in 2021? What about 2025? Or 2050? To find answers, let’s look at L.A. right now. What are the most innovative changes happening in the city today—the people and places working towards a better future for one of the most exciting cities on the planet?

L.A. is a life-size lab where we’re seeing better ways of working, playing, living and loving. The city is adapting to these times in ways impossible to imagine just months ago, and here we’re bringing you a snapshot of those changes.

It’s time to take stock and take a stand: What kind of city do we want to live in? And which are the most exciting, creative innovations emerging now, pointing the way to the better city of the future? It’s all here. This is Future Cities, Now!