Team building Los Angeles
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Team building activities and group events in Los Angeles

Need to get your team together? These activities and events will have them bonding in no time


In a city known for its diversity and creativity, there’s no shortage of innovative ways to bring your team together. From challenging brain teasers to immersive culinary experiences and everything in between, Los Angeles offers an array of options to suit every interest and taste. The most successful and memorable team-building events don’t feel like a day at the office; leave the corporate lessons back at HQ. When you choose something unique and slightly outside of people’s comfort zone, you’ll find your team coming together in new ways. Whether you’re looking to boost morale, foster collaboration, or simply have a great time with your colleagues, the City of Angels has a team-building activity or group event you’ll love. 

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Team building activities and group events in Los Angeles

Any cooking team building event

A cooking class is an excellent idea for a team building event because not only is it a practical skill that your team members are sure to be interested in, but after the cooking portion of the event, they can spend time talking with each other as they enjoy the fresh meal they just prepared. These cooking events can have menus that range from handmade pizza parties and specialty pasta making events to more “creative” cooking activities like cake decorating or sushi art classes. Schedule a cooking event for your team and give them the chance to bond, eat dinner together and have fun learning some new recipes.

Team building games and competitions

A bit of friendly competition is a great way to ensure that your team members are invested in your event and it does wonders for collaboration as they work as teams to ensure their victory. In any of these fun games and competitions, your team members will work together to solve problems, answer questions or build creative structures as they race against the clock. These events can include speciality or general trivia, active games like office Olympics or games like Feud Frenzy or Guess the Price. No matter what game you choose, your participants are sure to have a memorable and fun-filled evening.


Any arts and crafts team building event

Arts and crafts workshops are an excellent idea for a team building activity because it gives your team members the chance to learn more about one while exploring their creativity. There are a range of options, like painting, sculpting, wheel throwing or something more unique, like a shot of art party, and they all give your team members a chance to express themselves creatively and share their work is a great way to learn more about one another. Some of these events, like a paint and sip event, can be laid back experiences, while others will be more focused opportunities to give participants a space to really explore their creative drives. At the end of every event, your team members will have the chance to share their creations, giving them one more chance to bond and learn more about their co-workers.

Any tasting and mixology team building event

There is a reason happy hour is such an enduring post work tradition and you can bring happy hour to your team in one of these tasting and mixology team building workshops. In a mixology course, your team members will work with a professional bartender and learn to make classic and modern cocktails like a martini, a Manhattan or a rum punch (and have the chance to sample their creations). In a tasting event, a sommelier will guide your team through a series of wine tastings as they learn about the different kinds of wines and how climate, cultivation and varieties of grapes impact the taste and body of a given wine. These events are relaxing and interactive events that your team members are sure to find rewarding.


A team holiday party

The holiday party has become a staple of office life, but it can be a hassle to plan and organize, especially for larger teams. You can take the guesswork out of the process and ensure that everyone is in the holiday spirit by signing up for a team building holiday event. These events can include gift exchanges, gingerbread making workshops, spooky Halloween themed events and more. A professional organizer will oversee all of the details to ensure that your holiday event is the highlight of the year for your team members.

A professional development team building workshop

While there are lots of reasons to host a fun and exciting team building event, it also pays to spend time with your team learning important tech and interpersonal skills. This will improve workflow, help your team work on new projects and build a stronger community within your office. In these group workshops you can have your team trained in the use of applications like Illustrator or InDesign, coding essentials like JavaScript, practical data science concepts or even soft skills like public speaking and interpersonal communication.

Cooking team building activities and group events

Make Your Own Sushi

Dive into the art of crafting perfect sushi rolls in this sushi making event. An expert sushi chef will teach your team all the secrets behind preparing the ideal sushi rice, selecting fresh ingredients, and mastering the art of rolling like a pro. This fun-filled class promises to tantalize all your senses as you create three delicious types of rolls: Tuna, Salmon, and California. Bring your appetite and enthusiasm and get ready to impress your friends and family with your newfound sushi-making skills. Plus, don't forget to BYOB—bring your favorite beverage to compliment your homemade sushi feast.

Handmade Dumpling Party

Dumplings are savory delights, bursting with juicy fillings and classic seasonings. Take a flavorful journey into the world of dumplings with a dumpling party. This hands-on class team building program offers the perfect blend of fun and relaxation. You’ll learn the art of dumpling wrapping from traditional folds to creative twists, and create two mouthwatering fillings—a savory pork blend and a veggie option. With access to the highest quality ingredients and expert instruction, everyone on your team will be able to make the perfect dumplings. This casual and interactive event caters to all skill levels so it ensures a memorable and fun experience for everyone.


Mexican Feast And Fiesta

Celebrate one of the most popular cuisines in the world in this incredible group bonding experience! You and your team will make a Mexican feast complete with guacamole, salsa, ceviche, and handmade tostadas, and toast to your culinary success with a handmade margarita. Groups will get to work together in a private, working kitchen where they’ll be led by an expert chef through to completion. In the end, you’ll come together to enjoy your creations at a sit-down meal. Buen provecho!

Plant-Based Meal Prep

Provide your team with a practical set of cooking and meal prep skills that they can use to make their lunch hour significantly less complicated. This workshop helps groups focus on teaching productive meal planning utilizing plant-based ingredients. By the end of your class, the professional chef will have taught you and your team how to strategize around healthy, delicious food, and everyone will go home with three prepped and stored meals along with the recipes required to repeat your success at home.


The Art of French Pastry

This team building event offers a hands-on experience where you'll master the art of crafting French choux pastry from scratch. Despite French cuisine’s reputation for complexity, an expert pastry chef will show you how surprisingly simple it can be. From piping to baking and filling, you and your team will be guided through every step to create exquisite eclairs and cream puffs that rival those found on the streets of Paris. This casual event is designed to be both fun and instructive, whether your team is composed of seasoned cooking enthusiasts, curious beginners or a mix.

Spanish Paella Class

Send your team on a culinary journey to Valencia and uncover the secrets of perfect Spanish paella. Traditionally prepared over an open fire on lazy Sundays, this iconic Spanish dish is a feast for the senses. Infused with fragrant saffron, savory chorizo, succulent chicken, and vibrant vegetables, this paella recipe promises to impress. Whether your team is composed of seasoned chefs or kitchen novices, this class is tailored to suit all skill levels. Everything you need is provided, from equipment to ingredients, ensuring a hassle-free and enjoyable cooking experience. Roll up your sleeves and get ready to create culinary magic.


Zero Waste Cooking

It’s 2024 and it’s no secret that food choices also have a profound impact on our planet’s health as much as ours. In this Earth lover’s cooking class, your group will learn recipes and tactics to reduce food waste and eat sustainably while still keeping a critical component of eating intact: deliciousness. At the end of your class, your group will get to enjoy their eco-friendly meal and then go home with a reusable tote bag and a three-week zero waste meal plan.

Scratch-made Pasta with Carbonara Class

Indulge in the art of pasta-making with this fun and interactive workshop. In this pasta making workshop, you and your team will learn the secrets to crafting the perfect pasta dough and transforming it into delectable noodles. While your dough rests, your instructor will demonstrate how to whip up a classic carbonara sauce from scratch. Then, it's time to roll up your sleeves and get hands-on with pasta rollers, shaping the dough into the ideal noodles. After cooking your pasta to perfection, sit back and savor the fruits of your labor paired with delicious sauces.


Handmade Pizza Group Event

Get ready for a pizza party like no other as you and your team members all prepare their own exquisite “Personal Pizza Masterpiece." Become the pizza chef as you learn the art of pizza-making from expert artisan bakers, from crafting the perfect dough to selecting your favorite toppings. After baking your pizzas to perfection, unwind and enjoy your creations at our communal table with a glass of wine or beer (or unlimited iced tea and lemonade for non-drinkers). Plus, take home your handmade dough and homemade sauce to keep the pizza party going. This hands-on experience promises fun, flavor, and plenty of fantastic memories.

Homemade Pasta Group Event

Another great option for a cooking group activity is this homemade pasta workshop. In this group event, participants will learn how to make their own dough by hand, use knives and other tools to cut and shape the pasta and how to cook it to perfection. Participants will be able to experiment with seasonal flavors as they cook two unique pasta dishes. This team building event is sure to go over well, particularly for teams that are interested in the idea of turning their group activity into dinner.


Cookie Decorating Group Event

With the right creative eye, anything can be made into a work of art. For example, in this workshop, led by a seasoned chef, you’ll turn cookies into a canvas as you and your team learn the art of decorating cookies that can serve as a great treat or the perfect holiday gifts and decorations. With the guidance of the chef, you'll work on techniques like icing application, flooding, and even writing, giving your team the tools to transform simple cookies into stunning masterpieces. At the end of the event, even will have the chance to show off their creations, swap cookies and chat as they enjoy the delicious fruits of their labor.

Cake Decorating Group Event

Another option for turning your food into your canvas is this cake decorating workshop, which will let your team unleash their inner cake bosses. The first half of the workshop focuses on getting your team comfortable with the basics, ensuring they have the proper skills and technique down pat. In the second part, your team will put their newfound skills to the test as they create a stunning buttercream cake that looks straight out of the window of a French bakery. Once the event is over, everyone will have time to share their creations, take pictures and cut into the initial slices of cake.

Tasting and drink-making team building activities and group events

Intro to Mixology Group Event

Wave goodbye to dull team building events as your team enters the world of cocktails with flair and flavor. Led by an experienced mixologist, your team will craft three sensational cocktails while enjoying every shake, stir, and sip along the way. Plus, you’ll learn the rules of mixology so you can concoct your own signature drinks in the future. From mastering the art of mixing to exploring different spirits–whiskey to rum, gin to tequila, and even a seasonal holiday surprise–this hands-on experience promises plenty of laughs and delicious libations.

Wine and Cheese Tasting

This delightful wine and cheese-tasting event is the perfect way to reward your team for a job well done. You’ll sample two exquisite varieties of each while discovering their unique production methods. Wine and cheese are not just culinary delights—they're art forms, and in this beginner-friendly event, you'll receive expert instruction to elevate your tasting experience and conversation skills. With carefully selected wines and cheeses and insightful guidance from your instructor, you'll be equipped to engage in more sophisticated discussions about flavor profiles and pairings.


Agave Spirit Tasting Experience

Dive into the world of agave spirits and unravel the mysteries of Tequila versus Mezcal, Blanco versus Anejo, and beyond. This hour-long tasting adventure introduces the distinct flavors and nuances of three unique agave-based spirits. From sipping techniques to the rich history behind these spirits, you'll soak up fascinating insights and have a blast along the way. Your tasting station will be stocked with everything you need, from the spirits themselves to tasty pairings and handy note cards for jotting down your thoughts. It's an interactive and educational experience that promises plenty of fun and flavor for all.

Belgian Beer Tasting

Step into the world of Belgian craft brewing with this team building, beer-tasting experience. Your group will dive deep into Belgium's storied brewing history while sampling a selection of exceptional beers, perfect for fostering team building and camaraderie. Discover the intricate flavors and unique brews that define the Belgian brewing tradition, making each sip an adventure in itself. Led by a knowledgeable beer expert, you'll learn the secrets behind these remarkable brews and gain a newfound appreciation for the art of Belgian craft brewing. Plus, with six 11.2 oz bottles of beer varieties included, you're all set for a flavorful journey from the comfort of your own home. Cheers to unforgettable experiences and unforgettable brews.


Whiskey Tasting Experience

Join this exciting journey into the diverse realm of whiskies, led by an expert bartender. Your team will explore whiskies from different regions, unraveling their rich histories and distinctive flavor profiles. From the hues to the aromas, you'll learn about the intricacies of whiskey and learn to discern its nuances with each sip. Whiskey is one of the most controlled spirits in the world (in regards to what you have to do to call your mash a whiskey, a rye, a bourbon, etc), so learning the difference between these different kinds of whiskeys is a lesson in and of itself. Your tasting station will be fully equipped with an array of whiskies, taste pairings, and handy note cards for documenting your discoveries. Plus, you'll even get to take your tasting cards home as a memento of your whiskey-filled adventure. It's a fun and educational experience perfect for whiskey enthusiasts and novices alike.

Intro to Mocktails

Get ready to shake up some fun in this lively mocktail-making workshop. Led by a friendly and seasoned mixologist, you and your team will craft three sensational mocktail recipes while enjoying every step of the process. From mastering the art of mixing to learning insider tips, you'll gain valuable skills to create mocktail masterpieces. Everyone will have a personal station equipped with all the tools, ingredients, and components they need to concoct these three delightful mocktails. It's an engaging and refreshing experience perfect for adding a splash of excitement to any event or team-building activity.


Private Sommelier Wine Tasting Workshop for Teams

Experience the ultimate experience in wine tasting right at your venue with a certified sommelier who will expertly guide you through a curated selection of wines. Your sommelier will teach you how to see, smell, and taste each wine, unraveling the mysteries of balance, length, intensity, and complexity. This unforgettable team-building experience will equip you with the knowledge and confidence to discuss wine like true experts.

Wine Tasting Cruise

Take your team on an unforgettable group building excursion where you’ll sip on a fine sampling of wine while you spend the afternoon on a private cruise of the waters of Marina Del Rey or Newport Beach. In this afternoon sip and sail event, your trip kicks off with a presentation by a certified sommelier. You’ll savor the taste and texture of a carefully chosen variety of wine while you learn about the history of the region’s wine production. Learn to evaluate the quality of the wines, and analyze their balance, length, intensity, and complexity. Then, they’ll have the rest of the afternoon free to socialize, drink more wine, and take pictures of the beautiful view.

Games and relaxation for team building and groups

Private Trivia

Get ready to put your knowledge to the test in this Private Trivia game. From music and movies to global cuisine and dog breeds, a diverse range of topics guarantees an entertaining experience for everyone. Divided into teams, you'll compete through four dynamic rounds, each offering a unique challenge. With rounds covering traditional trivia, music, images, and surprises, get ready to unleash your inner trivia master and engage in some friendly competition with your colleagues. It's a fun-filled adventure that will have you laughing, strategizing, and celebrating your team's triumphs.

Brick Building Team Challenge

Get ready to tap into your creativity and teamwork skills with this exciting Lego® team-building event, where you’ll collaborate in teams to tackle a series of engaging challenges. Challenges push you to work together to build specific things with your bricks, such as building a zoo scene with unique animal creations, constructing identical structures using a variety of blocks and colors, creating Lego® self-portraits, or competing in tower-building challenges. Each challenge promises fun and camaraderie. Teams will be judged based on accuracy and quality, encouraging you to use both precision and creativity in your builds.


Office Olympics

Gather your team and get ready for a blast of fun-filled challenges. Office Olympics is packed with hilarious, hands-on activities that will keep everyone entertained and engaged. With a lively facilitator to guide you through, your group will dive into exciting competitions like type-racing, Family Feud-style challenges, marshmallow tower-building races, and even harmonica playing and spoon races. It's the perfect way to foster teamwork, laughter, and friendly competition while creating unforgettable memories with your colleagues. Are you ready to take on the challenge and go for the gold?

Icebreaker - Get to Know Your Teammates

In this ice breaker event, you’ll discover fascinating facts and anecdotes about your colleagues that will strengthen your bond and foster a more connected work environment. From marathon runners to karaoke aficionados, you'll be amazed by the talents and experiences hidden among your coworkers. In small breakout sessions, you’ll interview each other, gathering intriguing tidbits and stories from your teammates. Then, you'll come together to share your discoveries, exchanging small facts, stories, and jokes. Whether you've been working together for years or are welcoming new members to the team, this event is sure to create lasting connections and spark conversations that will enrich your workplace culture. Get ready to dive into this fun and fast-paced experience and uncover the unique personalities that make your team shine!


Guess that Price Group Activity

Test your team members' knowledge of the retail price of a host of goods in this fast-paced, fun rendition of the classic game show format. You’ll play a series of mini-games that ask you to accurately guess the price of everything from store-brand toilet paper to luxury Caribbean vacations. Find out which member of your team has the best eye for deals and who knows the most about what it costs to live their dreams in this exciting and fun-filled team-building competition.

Feud Frenzy Group Challenge

Engage with your team in a fast-paced, competitive spin on the class game show format that will have you testing who in your team truly has a finger on the pulse of the population. You’ll break off into teams and strategize to find out how survey respondents feel on everything from the best food to eat in your car to the worst place to run into your in-laws. As the clock is ticking, your team members will need to think laterally and outmaneuver their co-workers in three rounds and a lightning round. Have your team members chanting ‘good answer’ and hyping each other up in this creative and competitive team building event.


Mini Game Showdown Team Event

For teams who want to experience a wider range of games, the Mini Game Showdown might be the perfect fit. This event is jam-packed with four different games that will give each player an opportunity to showcase their strengths. Whether your teammates enjoy trivia or strategy games, there’s something here for everyone. The lineup includes trivia, speed racing, Feud Frenzy, and escape room puzzles, so any group is sure to have an evening full of laughs and lighthearted competition.

Wellness Retreat

If you’re not the competitive types but also not “makers”, a wellness retreat can be the perfect getaway for you and your group. In this half or full day retreat, you’ll work together on key skills to harness positive energy, find your inner peace, and seek joy and connection with one another. Groups can customize their retreat to their personal needs, and can even loop in team mates from other parts of the world via online facilitation.


Improv Team Building Workshop

For the group looking to level up their bonding through spontaneous fun and engaging exercises, an improv workshop may be just the thing you’re looking for. Workshops can be customized to tackle specific skills such as listening & empathy, or just be geared as a humorous way to improve on-the-spot collaboration and thinking. Your improv expert will guide you through the experience in its entirety, complete with a group reflection and discussion period at the end.

Escape rooms for team building and groups

Escape Room - Special Ops: Mysterious Market

Get ready for an adrenaline-fueled adventure where you and your team become special ops agents on a mission to save the world. After an unexpected discovery in a spice market, you're thrust into an international crisis of epic proportions. To stop the impending catastrophe, you'll need to put your tactical skills to the test and unravel a conspiracy that goes deeper than you ever imagined. Can you and your team escape the room and save the day before it's too late? In this immersive experience, you'll work together to solve challenging puzzles, honing your teamwork, collaboration, and analytical skills along the way. It's not just a game—it's a thrilling journey that will push you to your limits and leave you craving more. So gear up, assemble your team, and prepare for an unforgettable adventure that will challenge your wits and bond your team like never before.

Escape Room - Prison Break

Get ready for the ultimate challenge: completing a daring prison escape. Split into two different prison cells, you and your team must work together to outsmart the guards and break free from a 1950s-style prison. Sneak your way into the warden's office for a shot at freedom, but beware—failure means facing a life behind bars. The attention to detail ensures a realistic experience, right down to the authentic prison toilets. This thrilling adventure includes 60 minutes of escape room madness, guided by welcoming hosts who ensure a smooth, fun, and unique experience from start to finish. Looking to take your event to the next level? Customize your experience with add-ons like happy hour, catering, and more. Don't miss out on the chance to test your wits and see if you have what it takes to break free.


Escape Room - The Depths

Prepare for an aquatic escape room adventure unlike any other as you plunge into the depths of the ocean to uncover the secrets of an abandoned laboratory. Rumors swirl about the disappearance of Dr. Humphreys, a brilliant researcher, and the mysterious experiments conducted in his absence. It's up to you and your team to navigate a submarine to the lab, decode Humphreys' research, and unearth the truth hidden beneath the waves. But beware—unknown dangers lurk in the depths, and you'll need all your wits to navigate this treacherous underwater maze. In this immersive experience, your group will collaborate to solve challenging puzzles, testing your teamwork, analytical skills, and ability to think under pressure. Are you ready to dive in and unravel the mysteries of the deep?

Escape Room - The Heist

Attention, Agents. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to execute the ultimate museum heist. A priceless Monet painting has vanished from the Barclay Museum of Historical Art, and all signs point to the museum's curator, Vincent Hahn. Your objective? Infiltrate the museum undetected, crack into Hahn's office, retrieve the painting, and make a clean getaway before he returns. In this thrilling escape room experience, your team will collaborate to solve intricate puzzles, enhancing your teamwork, analytical prowess, and ability to think on your feet. Are you ready to put your covert skills to the test and pull off the heist of the century?

Arts and crafts team building activities and group events

Paint & Sip Party

Looking to add some flair to your next team event or meeting? Spice things up with a Paint & Sip session. Classes can be set up at various locations, from their home studio to your office or even a restaurant. All the art supplies you'll need are included, including canvases, paints, brushes, and aprons. Engaging instructors will walk you through the painting process step by step, ensuring everyone has a blast. The only thing missing is food and drinks, so feel free to bring your favorites along.

Pottery Wheel Throwing

Looking for a more intense pottery experience for you and your team? Consider this wheel throwing event where your team members will learn their way around a pottery wheel and have the chance to make their own vases, pots or mugs. An expert instructor will guide participants in the art of using a pottery wheel and then everyone will get an opportunity to work on their own personal pottery project. Once the class is completed, everyone will have their projects set aside for glazing and firing and they’ll be able to pick up their finished work to show off and to use around the house.


Art Shot Painting Party

The Art Shot Painting Party offers an immersive art experience that defies convention and sparks creativity. In Art Shot, you’ll work in groups of seven to create a unique 24 x 36-inch artwork by shooting paint at a spinning target. This will create a stunning and unpredictable artistic creation that your team can take pride in having made. Bid farewell to typical corporate gatherings and embrace something genuinely distinctive and motivating.

Soap Making Group Event

Transform your bath into a luxurious retreat with delightful handmade glycerin soaps. Crafting these gorgeous soaps is not only simple but also a fantastic way to unleash your team’s creativity. During this workshop, your group will craft a variety of soaps and explore options like colors, molds, and fragrances. You can even delve into making organic, natural, or medicinal soap. Custom-made soaps are not only gentle on sensitive skin but also make for one-of-a-kind gifts and stylish bathroom decor.


Play with Clay: Air Dry Clay

In the world of pottery, not all clays are created equal. This workshop uses “air dry” clay which will allow your group to learn all of the necessary skills for incredible hand building pottery, but not have to wait weeks to take home their creations. You’ll be able to make anything you like, from abstract forms to planters or dishes, and a seasoned expert will walk you each through your project from start to finish. Want the “full” experience? For an additional cost you can upgrade to a terracotta or glazed version of this same class, though you’ll need to come back to grab your masterpieces!

Acrylic Painting Group Workshop

Looking for a fun team-building activity that draws out your creative side? This painting class is perfect for both absolute beginners and more experienced painters. An expert instructor will lead your group through a step-by-step paint-along experience where each technique is explained before being executed. You can ask questions and receive the guidance you need to create a completed painting. With a new painting featured every week, there's always something fresh to explore and master. This class will unleash your inner artist while building team bonds.


Snack, Sip & Pour Candle Making Experience

Plan a team-building activity that's both fun and practical. In this dynamic candle making workshop, your team will discover the art of creating beautiful, fragrant candles from scratch. An experienced instructor will guide you through the ins and outs of candle making, from selecting the right materials to adding delightful fragrances and colors. By the end of the workshop, you'll have crafted unique candles that are perfect for gifting or personal use. Guests will get wine and some light snacks, and while you’re waiting for your candles to cure, you’ll have access to miniature golf and games to pass the time together!

Art Splash Painting Party

Looking to ignite your team's creativity and collaboration? Look no further than this unforgettable corporate event. Shot of Art offers immersive art-making experiences that break the mold and spark innovation. In Art Splash, you’ll enjoy a 40-minute class where you each create an abstract work of art on a personal canvas. But it's not just about creating art; it's about fostering teamwork, improving communication, and strengthening your team's bond. Say goodbye to ordinary corporate gatherings and hello to something truly extraordinary and inspiring. Get ready to turn your team's experience into a masterpiece.


Terrarium Workshop

Connect with teammates while you connect with nature in this Terrarium Workshop. This team-building endeavor not only infuses greenery into your surroundings but also fosters a tranquil ambiance. Whether you display your terrarium on a shelf or table or showcase it in a creative hanging display, your terrarium will add a touch of serenity to any space. Your instructor will guide your team members through the assembly of their terraria based on the principles of feng shui, a Chinese practice of arrangement and organization that creates balance and harmony with nature to bring good luck, prosperity, and health. You’ll seek those values through the arrangement of succulents, moss, rocks, and soil, leaving each participant with a personal oasis.

Sculpture in the Park

Enjoy the scenic natural beauty of Los Angeles in this outdoor group sculpting event. An expert instructor will provide a brief overview of how to utilize sculpting clay and tools to begin the process of turning a block of clay into practical utensils or works of art. Everyone will make either three small pieces or one large piece and there will be time to collaborate with one another and show off the finished projects. Everyone will even be able to choose the color of their glaze, giving the sculptures one more personal touch.


Outdoor Team Building With Clay

Set in a beautiful outdoor studio and garden environment, this workshop will have your team exploring their creative side through both hand building and wheel techniques. The goal is to bond over freedom of expression, and share in the joys of what you make both as individuals and together when you let your spirit run. Of course, you’ll have the supervision of a seasoned professional who will guide your group to completing a clay project, which you can pick up after the event.

Virtual Team Building Activities

Plan a team building journey filled with nostalgia, culinary delights, creative endeavors, and festive celebrations. From competitive games to arts and crafts, mixology sessions, and beyond, you can choose from a diverse range of activities to suit your team's interests. Let experienced professionals take care of all the details while you and your team indulge in an unforgettable bonding experience. Whether you're reminiscing about the '90s or exploring new culinary horizons, virtual team building events promise fun, excitement, and lasting memories.


White Elephant Team Gift Experience

This classic holiday game brings an element of excitement and strategy to exchanging gifts. Seasoned entertainers, curated activities, and a custom-built online games hub ensure you’ll have a fun and collaborative experience. Whether it's for a holiday celebration or a special team bonding occasion, a White Elephant Gift Exchange promises to create lasting memories and strengthen the bonds within your team.

Gingerbread House Holiday Party

Channel your inner architect as you and your team members craft a unique gingerbread masterpiece. With holiday tunes setting a merry atmosphere, everyone will get busy decorating their houses while your event host facilitates fun and collaborative team games. Finally, it's time for the grand reveal during the show-and-tell session, where you’ll showcase your delicious architectural creations. All materials, including gingerbread cookies, icing, and assorted candies, will be conveniently shipped to your office or chosen location, ensuring a hassle-free and enjoyable experience.


Why Schedule a Team Building Event in Los Angeles?

Hosting a team building event isn't just about escaping the office (though, if that is what you want, there are quite a few team events that are perfect for accomplishing that goal). Building a strong community is an important part of having a healthy and productive work space and doing things together outside of the office is how friendships are made. If people genuinely know and enjoy their coworkers, it will make the daily grind of work feel less like a grind and, in turn, improve productivity. A team building event is great for creating a space for your team members to get to know one another in a natural and organic way. It is also a good way to get more participants from your employees. Your team members aren’t going to collectively decide that they want to take a sushi making course together, but plan it for them and they are sure to attend.

Plus, team building events can be good ways to help your team members develop soft skills that are applicable in the workplace. An improv class is going to be a fun evening, but it can also help team members become more confident in sharing their ideas and communicating. An escape room can produce a memorable evening and it can help participants develop lateral and critical thinking skills. Even a cooking class can help participants learn how to follow directions and interpret complex instructions, thinking a few steps ahead.

Choosing the Team Building Event for Your Group

Getting the most out of your team-building experience requires you to have a plan from the beginning, since you can’t sign up for any old event and call it a day. If you want to reward your team for a job well-done, you might host a wine and cheese tasting, while an event focused on breaking the ice among a newly formed team might be better suited as a game night or group workshop. You’ll also want to think about your team’s interests and preferences, since these events aren’t going to be successful if your team members don’t buy in (and a boring team building event will turn them off of future events). This might mean choosing somethingwith broad appeal (mixology workshops, tasting events and cooking classes are great for just about any group) and choosing a more narrow event based on the niche interests of your team (particularly if they are a small like-minded group).  You’ll also need to take into account logistics and issues like travel. Some activities, like escape rooms can only host a finite number of participants at once, while an outdoor painting class can host more participants (while possibly requiring more travel.

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