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Photo of Kurt Braunohler by Jakob N.'ve performed sets in a pool

You know you're a comedian in LA when...

Sixteen of LA's funniest reveal what it's like to be an LA comic, in a nutshell


You know you're a comedian in LA when you know these things to be true: There's no distinction between your work life and your personal life. You wear leather jackets and Chuck Taylors, and your diet consists mainly of street tacos. And since you basically live in your car, you're reading this on your phone. You're a comedian in LA, and we salute you. Whether you smash hecklers at big clubs in WeHo or try out your too-soon material in alt rooms on the Eastside, you all fight the same battle: to maintain your sardonic point of view amid this constant sunshine. Below, some of LA's best comics sound off with 16 of their own ways of knowing exactly who they are, for better or worse.

1. ...after the show, everyone lines up to take a picture with the porn star that was in the audience.—Byron Bowers [see him on Season 3 of the Eric Andre Show]

2.'re in bed by 11pm.—Kristen Schaal [see her cohost Hot Tub every Monday at the Virgil

3. had the best show of your life, but no one laughed because the audience was filled with agents quietly deciding if you fit into their master plan.—Thomas Middleditch [see him on HBO's Silicon Valley

4. ...your set at an open mic is your first "conversation" of the day.—Maria Bamford [see her in Maria Bamford: The special, the special, the special! on Netflix and iTunes]

5. ...comedians from New York outwardly dislike you and inwardly want to ask you what neighborhood to move to.—Nick Thune [listen to his new album, Folk Hero, on]

6. have five minutes about dating and 20 minutes about traffic.—Eliza Skinner [see her cohost Big Money every Thursday at the Virigil]

7. ask another comic, who's lived here for ten years, if they just moved to LA.—Andy Kindler [see him in I Wish I Was Bitter on Hulu and iTunes]

8. say it so much you even ask your own children: "So, are you out here now?"—Jason and Randy Sklar [listen to their podcast, Sklarbro Country, on Earwolf and iTunes, or see them in Sklar brothers: What Are We Talking About? on Netflix and iTunes]

9. ...between your day job, meetings and shows, you never see your house and the only things you put in your body are food truck burritos and cold-pressed juices.—Ian Karmel [see him cohost Good Looks Comedy Show on the last Tuesday of every month at Play]

10. talk about your personal brand, but you're not joking.—Karen Kilgariff [listen to her podcast, Do You Need A Ride? on the All Things Comedy network]

11. have to deal with a glut of actors trying stand-up because their agents and managers told them it'd be good for them.—Jonah Ray [see him cohost The Meltdown every Wednesday at Meltdown Comics]

12. have material about how much you love Los Angeles, so you know for sure that you are a bad person.—TJ Miller [see him cohost Performance Anxiety every other Tuesday at the Pleasure Chest]

13. "headline" a show and are the least famous person on the lineup.—Paul Danke [listen to his debut album, Dank, out in November on AST Records]

14. used to live in New York.—Kurt Braunohler [see him cohost Hot Tub every Monday at the Virgil, or watch his web series, Roustabout]

15.'ve performed at a venue that charged YOU a two-drink minimum.—Luke Ashlocke [see him in Globetrotter on the Jon Lovitz Comedy Network]

16.'re a Lyft driver.—Dave Ross [listen to his podcast, Terrified, on Nerdist]

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