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Your LA bucket list

Here, 84 musts for tourists and native Angelenos alike. How many have you done?

Photograph: Michael Juliano
Korean Bell of Friendship.

LA is a pretty big, pretty amazing place. So it's no surprise that the list of quintessential Los Angeles attractions is equally impressive. Whether you're a tourist or a local, the following 84 activities, places and meals are ones you should definitely check out (if you haven't already). We fessed up to the most embarrassing things we have yet do to here—so what about you? Use our checklist to tally up what you've accomplished, and what you have yet to explore.



Benjamin V

Can anyone else not see the list?

Deanna B

38 down 46 to go! Haha SkyspaceLA and skyslide should be added to this list as soon as it opens.

George H

Only 38. 

I'm embarrassed. 

George Vreeland Hill

José C

( I need to get out more)


UDK casting laurel canyon...was cast in ryan murphy pilot - klein snl


palihouse hotel - meeting tv comedy writers in person, having a drink with, great bar - klein snl


comedy store on sunset, the best - really fun - klein SNL


famous 3$ margaritas  ..at K& Daves...culver city - robbie klein saturday night live 


stay @ famous banana bungalow west hollywood, so fun 26$  so fun... - robbie klein saturday night live 

Charlotte H

I also did a lot not on the list. . I guess they were just referring to a specific square mileage, because I have done tons more than this. On the top of my head I gave someone a list of 100 things to do for a new coworker who was new to town.

Charlotte H

I did 53 of the things on this list.

Robin N

omg im soo happy to find this list ive been looking for soemthing fun to do durig summer in La

Jakob N. Layman

I need to get cracking on this list and explore some new places in LA!