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Underground LA: Secret menus, hidden art and underground parties

Uncover LA's secret places with our guide to the best dishes and art where you’d least expect it, quirky museums and the best things to do below street level.

Photograph: Jakob N. Layman

You don't have to look too closely to see that LA runs deep—deep underground, that is. And we're not talking about earthquake fault lines. LA has plenty of secret places to discover and some are staring right at you. Use our guide to find the best underground parties, secret menu items, quirky museums, amazing art in public places, best dishes in unexpected places and things to do (literally underground) in LA.


Best LA restaurant secret menu items

There’s more than just the In-N-Out secret menu in our guide to these LA restaurant hidden menu items.

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Best underground LGBT parties in LA

Forget the usual pick-up spots in West Hollywood—bust a move (and hook up) at the best underground LGBT parties in Los Angeles.

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Things to do

LA’s best subterranean spots

Head underground in LA with our list of the best secret places to be below street level in the city—especially during rush hour traffic.

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Secret art hidden across LA

There's tons of secret art in Los Angeles, from subway art underground LA to world famous street art right under your nose.

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LA's best dishes in the most unexpected places

Check out the city's most clandestine cuisine at our top picks for the top unexpected places to eat the best dishes in Los Angeles.

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Best LA dance parties with an underground feel

Think music first at these top LA dance parties—all house-centric havens for Angeleno party people.

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