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Miami fireworks
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13 New Year's resolutions every Miamian should make

Virginia Gil

Every year starts off the same: make lofty New Year’s resolutions, break them by February. Why do we fail at sticking to our resolutions? Is losing five pounds really that difficult? No, but it's also a self-serving goal. This year, we're making promises that are manageable and serve a greater purpose, like making us better citizens and, if nothing more, safer drivers. Before setting your own intention for 2017, take a look at our list of New Year's resolutions every Miamian should make and see what works for you. You may find yourself borrowing more than just one.

1. Appreciate the city for all its quirks and faults.

2. Be kinder to tourists, even if they seemingly only stop us for directions to the beach while we’re rushing to work.

3. Use turning signals.

4. Spend more time at the beach.

5. Date with an open mind.  

6. Do our part to make Miami monogamous again. (Was it ever?)

7. Wear fashionable fitness gear to the gym. Working out in our pajamas is so 2016—not to mention insulting to our fellow gym goers.   

8. Stock up on hurricane supplies ahead of storm season. Remember that canned foods and boxed wine have a very long shelf life.

9. Embrace life in Miami—traffic and all.

10. Up our dating game. In 2017, we’re moving out of our parents’ house and learning how to salsa.  

11. Soak up more of that Miami sunshine.

12. In 2017, we will be on time. Really.

13. Stop being an asshole

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