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19 things Miamians will try not to complain about once the shutdown is over

Virginia Gil
Written by
Virginia Gil

No matter how much you love where you live, you’re bound to complain about it. Yes, even the people who annoyingly share sunset photos on Instagram with the caption “we live where you vacation” are unhappy about something in this city. But after hunkering down in our homes during Miami-Dade County’s order to shelter in place, we’ve all gained some perspective on the things we used to bitch about incessantly. From traffic and humidity to long waits at our favorite restaurants, these are the things you’ll never (well, maybe not often) hear us whine about again once this is all over.

1. Crowded bars. Bring on the sweaty strangers!

2. Miami kisses. ¡Hola! 😘 😘 😘

3. Traffic. Don’t hold us to this one for too long.

4. Waiting for a table at a restaurant. We promise to make reservations and be on time from now on.

5. Communal seating. Dining with strangers = opportunity to make new friends.

6. Street noise. After weeks of silence, the volume of car horns and people talking on cell phones will seem like music.

7. Dressing up. Spandex and sweatpants were nice...for a while. We’re ready to give our athleisure wardrobe a break.

8. Being the first one anywhere. Finally, we understand “Cuban time” and we’re ready to embrace it.

9. Gym selfies. Just don’t block us from using the machines, k?

10. People asking how we are. Hello, new friend!

11. Overrated rooftop bars. We don’t care how long the lines are or how expensive the drinks will be, we’re just happy to be somewhere outdoors drinking with our friends.

12. Being called Mami by someone that’s not our child. Fine, we’ll let it slide.

13. Menu hawkers. No, we’re not tourists but, sure, go ahead and yell out the daily specials while we walk away.

14. Finding parking in Miami Beach, Brickell or Downtown. We’re out and that’s all that counts for now.

15. Waiting for our cars at valet. Whether at the Arsht after a play or at a friend’s condo building, we’ll stand around forever. 

16. Heat and humidity. Going outside will feel like a blessing even while we’re melting.

17. Religious groups knocking on our doors on Saturday morning. We may not answer it but we won’t angrily close our blinds on them again. 

18. Overpriced concert tickets. $84,00 to see Harry Styles at the AAA? Sure! Just give us a minute while we dial up our loan officer.

19. Miami slang. We know “irregardless” is not a word, pero we miss our friends so much that we’re going to hug them really tight when we see them, bro.

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