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The Deck at Island Gardens
Photograph: Patrick CampioneThe Deck at Island Gardens

The best places for a first date in Miami, according to Miamians

Aw, Miami! You do have a romantic side.

Falyn Wood
Written by
Falyn Wood

We don’t want to sell ourselves short, but Miami isn’t exactly known for being a wine-them-and-dine-them type of town. We’re more like a let-them-into-your-VIP-section, flex-your-bank-account kind of city. No shade! We really excel at that, and it must be working for some people.

But Miami does have a softer, more romantic side. That was made abundantly clear when we asked you, our readers, to share your favorite Miami first-date date spots. Of course, there were your typical joke responses (so. many. strip clubs!). Though it seems many of you put some real thought and sweet consideration into where to take a date when you want to woo them.

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Below, find the best places in Miami for a first date, according to Miami's lovers (plus a few of our thoughts on your picks).

Lagniappe wine bar Miami
Photograph: Courtesy Lagniappe

Where to take a first date in Miami: The nice responses

Photograph: Courtesy E11even

Where to take a first date in Miami: The naughty responses

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