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We asked, you answered: here's what Miamians are most grateful for

Unsurprisingly, the weather. Surprisingly, I-95.

Ashley Brozic
Written by
Ashley Brozic

You know, we Miami folks have A LOT to be thankful for. Not having to shovel snow off the driveway? Jot that down in the gratitude journal. 35-straight miles of some of the best public beaches in the country? How did we get so lucky! And we're not even getting into the blossoming of our restaurant scene. What is that, like 13 Michelin Stars?! We went around the proverbial dinner table and asked our readers, "what is it you're most thankful for?" Here's what they had to say. 

So much diversity

Time Out readers were most grateful for their sundry neighbors, with all of their various cultures and what each brings to the table. And when we say "brings to the table," we also mean the food. One commenter summed it up nicely: " We get to take a piece of everybody’s culture with us for the rest of our lives. We truly are one with diversity."

Miami International Airport

We may be like a petri dish of the world, but we Miamians like to get outta town to see the real thing. As MIA is smack in the center of town, so you can usually get from your house to the check-in counter in less than an hour. And the other hand, the world likes to come to us. Miami International Airport is America's second busiest for international passengers, offering more flights to Latin America and the Caribbean than any other in the country. 

The weather

No surprise here. Where else can you walk out in chancletas and a tank top... in the middle of January?  We live in a paradise of almost eternal sunshine, and even when it rains there's always something fun to do

The palm trees

 While the rest of the country is in the process of saying farewell to their leafy greens, we've just finished cracking open a beach chair under ours. Palm trees are LIFE here in Miami – no matter where you look outside, there's always one in sight. 

Sunsets – and sunrises

"Every day we get a unique, breathtaking spectacle," one person commented. And it's damn true. Pink, purple, blue, yellow, gold – every day is like a sprawling natural light show, whether you catch the AM version or the night. 

Our highways

This one's a surprising one, but two people commented they're grateful for our highway system. I-95, The Turnpike, I-75: they all got a shout, specifically the express lanes. Did sarcasm play a role? We'll let you decide as we sit in bumper to bumper.

Christmas party – a lo Cuban style

Aqui viene La Caja China! Miami gets lit for the holidays with our own quirky traditions you can't find anywhere else. Like good Latinos we celebrate Noche Buena, putting the salsa music on blast as we dig into a fire roasted pig with all the yuca, moros y más that our bellies can handle. 

Our party town

How many other cities have a 24-hour district where a world-renowned strip club is building luxury residences? Miami is wildbro. One commenter loved "the relaxed party vibe in all of Florida, but especially Miami" and while "relaxed" isn't quite how we'd describe this city, we have to appreciate that we've got a bar for everyone

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