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The best things to do on a rainy day in Miami

Don’t let your afternoon be a washout. Find fun indoors with our list of things to do on a rainy day in Miami.

Photograph: Courtesy Union Beer Store

So it's a rainy day in the 305, which means the best Miami beaches are out of the question and, well, so are the best rooftop bars in Miami. You'll probably have to postpone that trip to a Miami water park, too. But don't fret, you poor soggy soul. Because just because the clouds are rolling in doesn't mean you can't have a blast in this city. Here are 11 awesome things to do on a rainy day in Miami.

Best things to do on a rainy day in Miami


Catch a movie at CMX Cinema

Movies and rainy days go together like, uh, movies and rainy days. And if you’re on the hunt for a cinema in Miami, we recommend Brickell’s new CMX. This ain’t no quaint indie theater. CMX, just shy of 40,000 square feet, specializes in a luxury cinema experience. Tickets aren’t cheap (prices hover around $22 per ticket) but CMX certainly goes above and beyond. The theater boasts a full bar and food menu—with items like Cuban egg rolls and pulled pork sliders alongside classic movie fare.

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Explore Frost Science

The new Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science draws a crowd no matter the weather, but it’s especially fitting for a rainy day. With 30 different aquariums, laser light shows, a 3D planetarium, liquid nitrogen desserts and exhibits ranging from space to the human body—you can literally get lost in Frost Science’s immense building. Plus, you’ll stay dry. 

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Curl up at Bookstore in the Grove

Remember how terrifying it was when we thought Bookstore in the Grove was going to close? And remember how great it was when we heard that it was resurrected by a benevolent developer? Now you can once again kill those rainy afternoons browsing the aisles of the Coconut Grove favorite, sipping coffee and nibbling on something from the store’s cafe in-between chapters.

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Coconut Grove

Get cozy at Vicky’s House


There’s something comforting about being curled up in your mom’s kitchen during a thunderstorm, pigging out on ice cream because—you know—it helps ease your fear of thunder. Well, if mom happens to be a bit out of reach (and out of ice cream) Vicky’s House, the LoKal offshoot modeled after the owner’s old ’80s kitchen, is the next best thing. And ice cream? Oh, Vicky’s got that. In addition to cold beer and video games, Vicky’s slings the best and most dazzling milkshakes youve ever seen. Try the brand new Pretty in Pink, served with pink sprinkles, a mini-cupcake and your very own photo of Molly Ringwald.

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Coconut Grove

Go crate diving at Sweat Records

Miami’s favorite record store, Sweat Records, is the perfect shelter for a local music lover. Grab a coffee from the counter bar and pick your way through an eclectic mix of just about every genre you could imagine—from obscure funk and punk to true 305 locals you’ll only find at Sweat. Afterward, maybe a beer or two at Churchill’s next door?

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Little Haiti

Book a lane at Kings Bowl Doral

Located in the sprawling new CityPlace Doral, Kings Bowl is what would happen if you gave your classic neighborhood alley a couple cocktails, a fancy new designer shirt and told it to dance, baby. Alongside the venue’s 14 lanes, guests can enjoy karaoke in private rooms, plus it has a rum lounge, shuffleboard, pool and a food menu with dishes like avocado toast ($8) and spicy chicken pad thai ($15) alongside bowling classics such as wings and burgers. Feeling fancy? Book the private King Pin room and enjoy four lanes to yourself.

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Stroll through Brickell City Centre

Though there is no shortage of shops, restaurants and various bells and whistles in the Brickell City Centre, the reason you should experience it during the rain is more scientific. The City Centre boasts something called a “climate ribbon,” which—no—is not just a fancy way of saying “roof.” The climate ribbon is an original feat of engineering that spans four city blocks and cost a reported $30 million. Its purpose is to keep Miamians cool by trapping the natural breeze and funneling it into the Centre. When it rains, the ribbon creates a truly unique atmosphere, capturing the air’s cool, damp feeling while somehow keeping you dry.

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Work off some energy at Sky Zone

The indoor trampoline park has been a popular concept for years now—mostly because it’s the realization of every childhood fantasy wrapped into one. Sky Zone has a location in Doral and offers fitness classes, dodgeball, SkySlam basketball and a free-for-all open jump. Tickets range from $15 (60 minutes) to $22 (120 minutes) and Sky Zone also books birthday parties and private events.

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Get tipsy at Union Beer Store

Union Beer Store is the first of its kind in Little Havana. Part craft beer store, part bar, it’s a perfect spot for anyone at all interested in the magical golden liquid. With a cozy, dive bar atmosphere (and classic video games) Union just feels like the perfect place to crash during a thunderstorm. And the small but tasty menu of sandwiches and bar snacks means you won’t go hungry.

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Little Havana

Skydive inside at iFLY

Five out of five pilots do not recommend skydiving in the rain. Skydiving indoors, however, sounds like a great idea. You’ll have to drive out to Davie for a turn in iFLY’s indoor flight chamber, which blasts you into the air and simulates the feeling of free falling. You’ll have an instructor by your side and the whole experience, including the pre-flight training, will last just under two hours. Flight packages start at $69.95 and go up depending on how many flights you want.

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Hit the track at Xtreme Action Park

Go-karts never stopped being fun. For whatever reason, we just left them back in our childhood. Well, at Xtreme Action Park in Fort Lauderdale, you can hit the indoor track while staying dry. The karts can reach 45 mph and race sessions are eight minutes long. Just bring closed toe shoes, a driver’s license or another form of ID and get ready to race. Expect to spend $20 to $125, depending on how extreme you want to get (prices vary according to equipment rentals and length of ride). And if you just want to watch your buddy’s crash, don’t worry. There’s a bar.

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Fort Lauderdale

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By: Alex Dudok de Wit