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The best clubs in Miami

Our pick of the best clubs in Miami for non-stop, all-night, DJ-fueled dancing and partying right through to sunrise

Photography: Courtesy DNSOTF

Locals are quick to remind folks that the Magic City has a lot more to offer than the much-heralded Miami clubs, but there’s a reason world travelers rank us among the top international pleasure scenes. Whether you’re looking to ball out of control or party on a budget, whether you’re looking for a super dance club or a night out at some fabulous gay club in Miami, we’ve got after-hours under control. From South Beach to Wynwood, Little Havana to downtown, every corner of Miami’s cultural hub keeps the fire burning till sunrise—and sometimes even later.

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Best clubs in Miami


Club Space

An evening-turned-to-day on Club Space’s Terrace is a veritable rite of passage. Thanks to a 24-hour liquor license, partiers often dance through sunrise, exiting into sunset. The first floor keeps heavy with hard-hitting trap and bass artists of the highest caliber, but it’s the upstairs Terrace that gives this place its reputation. Up there, revelers watch the sunrise while dancing to marathon sets from some of the biggest names in house and techno music.

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As seen on TV and heard in rap lyrics by everyone from Kanye West to Drake, LIV sets the standard for megaclubs worldwide. Nestled inside the lobby of the historic Fontainebleau hotel—itself a backdrop for major motion pictures including Scarface to Goldfinger—LIV is at once opulent and turntbeyond belief. Afrojack, Martin Garrix and Laidback Luke hold down monthly residencies at the EDM powerhouse alongside a regular program of huge DJs and rap stars. And the stars show up to worship. On any given Sunday, you might run into Floyd Mayweather, Lil Wayne or a Kardashian. With a focus on bottle service, there is more table space than dance floor. Deep pockets are encouraged.

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South Beach


This 24/7 nightclub is every Miami nightlife stereotype rolled into one, which can make for a very fun night—or day. E11even literally never closes. But, let’s say you’re stopping by on a weekend around 2am (early by E11even standards), you’re likely to see men tossing dollar bills at topless dancers while gorgeous women sway to big room EDM and hip-hop. You might also spot a celebrity or two; Drake, Nicki Minaj and others have performed in E11even’s “party pit.” You’ll spend too much money, wake up with a headache and possibly a few regrets. One thing is certain: You’ll never forget your first time at E11even.

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Park West


Be prepared to be wowed as you walk through the beautifully renovated lobby of the Edition on Miami Beach. Basement is packed on the bottom floor of the old Art Deco hotel where its disco era-inspired decadence fits right in. The club itself is straightforward with a penchant for booking funky underground heroes, but the real showstoppers are the rainbow-colored bowling alley and ice-skating rink just next to it. Partiers often take a break from dancing to enjoy drinks and play a few games. That’s part of the fun.

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Miami Beach

Rec Room

Just across from the Delano on Washington Avenue, Rec Room mixes great décor (think shelves lined with old records and vintage collectibles) with a laid-back atmosphere and moderately priced drinks. A night out at this subterranean spot can feel a little like you’re partying in someone’s basement. Local DJs appreciate the open-format style, which gives them the room to play anything from ’90s hip-hop and ’80s new wave to current hits.

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South Beach

The Electric Pickle Company

International DJs are quick to gush about this two-story Wynwood space, saying it's their absolute favorite place to play—especially those favoring underground house and techno. Inside, it’s intimate and dark with a kind of “anything goes” party policy that guests and die-hards find very “European”. Owners are renowned for their music-first approach, and prices are kept moderate. You won’t find any bottle service attitude here.

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Heart Nightclub

This electronic club has proven to be a small yet scrappy contender in the 24-hour downtown scene, booking a mix of underground and rising DJs. Heart is more intimate than some of its counterparts—the dance floor, bathed in pink and blue lights, isn’t big enough to get lost on but it also rarely feels cramped to the point of triggering one’s claustrophobia. The club’s philosophy of good music and good vibes has earned it some loyal fans.

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Park West


One of the first to come up in the Wynwood Art District, this low-lit hipster haunt is best known for its fresh and progressive musical programming covering all bases from emerging rappers to next-up superstar DJs, and independent artists of all kinds. With big comfy couches and no proper stage, DJs and bands play on “the carpet”. There’s literally nothing between artist and fan, which makes for uniquely up-close-and-personal shows. Decorated with risqué pictures, posters of ’60s-era sex kittens, old books and a pool table, Bardot aims for Parisian-style and dirty sophistication. It can get quite crowded for sold-out events, and with no outdoor space, it most definitely will get smoky, but most fans are willing to brave it to see these rare or up-and-coming acts.

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Wynwood Art District

Ball & Chain


Today’s Ball & Chain is a recreation of a 1930s hotspot that once occupied the same space and welcomed jazz superstars like Billie Holiday, Count Basie and Chet Baker to its stage. Across from the historic Tower Theater, the Ball & Chain has its own storied past filled with Jewish and Cuban community influences. We recommend sampling a few Cuban-inspired cocktails: the Mojito Criollo (made the classic way with the mint leaves left intact for enhanced aroma, and more sugar), the Canita (white rum, lime, house-made honey syrup, guarapo or sugarcane juice, sugarcane stick) and the Pastelito Daiquiri (pastelito-infused aged rum, lime, simple syrup, and a side of pastelitos or guava pastries). Expect live jazz at 6pm sharp Thursday through Saturday. On Saturdays, a wild Cuban fiesta, La Pachanga, kicks off around 9pm when salsa dancers take to the bar. 

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Little Havana



If you were think about Twist as a human being, you’d see it as a tanned and horny 22-year-old man, slowly unbuttoning his shirt to show you the best South Beach has to offer. While clubs like Salvation have come and gone, Twist remains the place for any gay man in town to end his night. Two levels and seven bars make this a must-visit—you can bar-hop without ever having to step outside the premises. And the abundant drink specials make the nights sail smoothly! Don’t forget to stop at the back Bungalow Bar to experience the go-go boys whose dark skin and bulging pecs will impress even the most uptight of your gurls. There’s no real dress code, but there is a night for every type, from Sabroso Thursdays with Sazon Latino to Pusilla’s Underwear Contest—which, if you’ve got what it takes, will score you a $100 bar tab. As they say at Twist: ”Never a cover, always a groove!" 

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South Beach
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