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How to plan the best bachelor parties in Miami

Bachelor parties in Miami can be tough to execute. That’s why we planned out three different kinds—just for you.
Photograph: Weil

Bachelor parties in Miami are not a rare sight. But a good one is tougher to find. They can be easy to mess up. Too many of these bro-heavy weekend trips fall prey to tourist traps and blow their entire budget in one night trying to work their way through the best nightclubs in Miami. Rookie mistakes are easy to make. But a great bachelor party has to be balanced and carefully considered. Which of the best Miami hotels is right for your party? Which of the best restaurants in Miami will please all of your palates? These are all valid questions. Nobody said it would be easy. Luckily, we’re here to help plan the right bachelor party just for you. Below, we’ve broken your itinerary down into three categories: fancy, party vibes and low-key. 

Bachelor parties in Miami

Fontainebleau Miami Beach
Photograph: Courtesy Fontainebleau Miami Beach

Where to stay

Fancy: It’s hard to pick a more classic Miami lodging than the Fontainebleau Hotel. This vintage spot has enough class to (hopefully) keep the boys on their best behavior. 

Party vibes: If it’s a champagne-spraying good time you're after, the SLS South Beach is your spot. Not only is it super close to the South Beach party scene, but the hotel is home to the most fist-pumpin’ pool party in town: Saturdays at Hyde Beach.

Low-key: Easy on your mind and budget, the trendy Freehand can fit your entire party in one of their cozy shared rooms. Outside, the mood is all leisure with a pool, delicious cocktails and comfy lounging areas.

Red, the Steakhouse
Photograph: Courtesy Red, the Steakhouse

What to eat

Fancy: Does any meal say bachelor party quite like a tennis racket-sized T-bone steak? Nope. And does any restaurant do the art of protein as deliciously and elegantly as Red, the Steakhouse? Nope. 

Party vibes: At the Wynwood mini-food hall 1-800-Lucky, the bros can chow down while getting pretty boozy at the outdoor bar, where you can sip sake out of a juice box. 

Low-key: Got some foodies in your party? The wonderful, creative Stubborn Seed is a great place to have a mind-blowing meal in a chill atmosphere. 

The Anderson
Photograph: Courtesy The Anderson

What to drink

Fancy: South Beach’s Employees Only is the kind of cocktail bar that makes you want to sit up straight. Close your eyes and just point anywhere on the menu. You’ll love everything.

Party vibes: Sweet Liberty knows how to throw a party. In addition to having incredible drinks, this spot’s late-night crowd is a blast. 

Low-key: A bit off the beaten path in the Upper Eastside, the Anderson is a dark, sultry cocktail bar that makes drinks so good you might just stay put until they kick you out. 

Courtesy: World Red Eye

Where to party

Fancy: Despite the name, Basement is high class, a classic South Beach disco that offers rainbow bowling lanes, indoor ice skating and we haven’t even gotten to the dancefloor yet. 

Party vibes: Can’t decide between a strip club or a nightclub? Why not both! At the bizarre and opulent E11even, both concepts have been combined for an explosive experience that must be seen to be understood.  

Low-key: The weekend crowd at Wood Tavern is far from lethargic, but the place still has a nice house party atmosphere to it. Expect old-school hip-hop, plenty of Adidas and the strong scent marijuana perfuming the air. 

Cycle Party
Photograph: Courtesy Cycle Party

What to do

Fancy: You’re in Miami so why not find your way onto a sexy boat or yacht? It’s not too hard. Boatsetter—a sort of Airbnb for boats—will help you rent your own (captain optional) or hit up Kustom Charters for a captained excursion with a side of booze. 

Party vibes: If a bicycle and a bar had a baby, you’d get Cycle Party. On this bar crawl, you get around on a huge bike contraption that fits 15, drinking like a fish along the way. 

Low-key: Skip the highfalutin country club and head to Topgolf in Miami Gardens. This multilevel driving range offers private hitting bays (so not too many people see you shank it) and service from the facility’s restaurant and bar. 

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