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Aerial shot of European Sleeper train linking Berlin and Brussels
Photograph: European Sleeper

The brand-new sleeper train to Berlin launches this week

The long-awaited European Sleeper service will connect London and Berlin via Brussels, with additional stops in Amsterdam and Rotterdam

James Manning
Grace Beard
Written by
James Manning
Grace Beard

European train travel is back in a big way. A slew of new European sleeper trains have been announced for 2023 and beyond, including Nightjet’s Germany to Croatia service and an exciting new route from Prague to Switzerland via Czech national rail operator ČD. But surely the most anticipated is the brand-new European Sleeper service – and it’s about to make its first official voyage.

Initially billed to launch in 2022, the so-called ‘Good Night Train’ will link Brussels and Berlin via Amsterdam and Rotterdam, letting travellers shuttle between three dazzling European capitals via one overnight service. What’s more, the route will link up with Eurostar, meaning passengers from the UK will be able to join the sleeper train service to Berlin with one quick change in Brussels. That’s right: from this week, you’ll be able to hop on the 15:04 from London St Pancras, enjoy a quick beer in Brussels and wake up in Berlin.

The service from Brussels will initially run three times a week, and tickets from Brussels or Amsterdam to Berlin start at €49 for a seat – though you’ll want to spend a bit more and book a couchette or sleeper bed for a better night’s kip. Depending on the size of your group, taking a sleeper train could be cheaper than flying. And all services will include free wifi, coffee and a light breakfast – something you wouldn’t get on a budget flight, that’s for sure.

If that’s not exciting enough, the pan-European sleeper route is set to extend even further in 2024, sweeping passengers from Brussels all the way to Prague, with an additional stop in the historic German city of DresdenEuropean Sleeper also recently announced plans to set up a direct night train route between Amsterdam and Barcelona in spring 2025, which will also serve the north and south of France. Eventually, the service might even link up with the UK – thereby criss-crossing a huge chunk of the entire European continent.

All this is a big win for green travel. Apparently, a single trip from one of these trains will produce 75 fewer tonnes of carbon than the equivalent plane journey. Honestly, flying is so last year.

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