1. A woman runs her hand along a digital art installation.
    Photograph: By Rossilynne Skena Culgan / Time Out
  2. A floral archway.
    Photograph: By Rossilynne Skena Culgan / Time Out
  3. A digital display that looks like blue crystals.
    Photograph: By Rossilynne Skena Culgan / Time Out
  4. INTERnet exhibit
    Photograph: Courtesy of INTER_
  5. INTERnet exhibit
    Photograph: Courtesy of INTER_
  6. Two women in black witchy costumes pose in an infinity room.
    Photograph: Courtesy of INTER_
  • Art | Digital & interactive
  • Tribeca


Stepping inside INTER_ from the busy intersection of Broadway and Canal feels like entering another world, one that’s quieter, gentler and indeed joyful.


Time Out says

The energy in INTER_, Manhattan’s newest art experience, feels more like a meditation retreat than a typical gallery—and that’s by design. 

The experiential, multi-sensory museum in Soho invites visitors into a heightened state of contemplative awareness through a sound bath, light installations and aspects of meditation all combined with interactive digital art. 

After a orientation where you can can share something you want to let go of, visitors head up a trippy illuminated escalator. They'll hand out 3D glasses, which makes the lighting look even wilder. 

Next, inside a massive dome dubbed INTER_sensory, abstract digital art fills the walls with images evoking natural phenomena like earth, fire and water. A stirring ambient soundtrack pairs with 360-degree projections that respond to visitors’ movements. At one point, bubbles even cascade down from the ceiling. Audio cues offer a reminder to stay present: "Leave your worries behind," a voice recites. "Remember to look around and appreciate the small details of the world," the voice encourages. Similar to a meditative experience, the audio track also encourages visitors to stay curious, be aware and let the sights come and go.  

With the awakened state achieved inside the dome, you'll next head through a floral tunnel an into a space with several interactive display screens. At one titled Influence, for example, a sign reads "you have agency over your own reality." You can then press a button and see your shape shift on the screen. 

Also don't miss the infinity room and a water installation controlled by turning crystal balls where you're encouraged to set an intention and use the powerful vibrations there to help manifest it. 

Other activities include a cavernous volcano-esque basement, a place to reflect on what you're grateful for, a gong room where music plays while the floor vibrates and finally a bright white gallery space exploring the collective memory of the experience. There's also a photobooth, so you can snap a few pictures to take the memories with you.


415 Broadway
New York City
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