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Top five shows: Aug 9–15, 2012

The best of the week in art.

 (Photograph: Courtesy Edelman Arts)
Photograph: Courtesy Edelman Arts

Scott Covert, “The Dead Supreme” at Edelman Arts
Frottage—no, not as in dry-humping, but rather as in the Surrealist technique—is given a celebrity-obsessed update in these works, which feature rubbings taken from the headstones of famous and infamous figures. Through Aug 20

 (Photograph: Courtesy of Regina Rex)
Photograph: Courtesy of Regina Rex

“Practices Remain” at Regina Rex
This “roving” show, which began in Miami, aims for the gray area between finished and unfinished. Through Aug 26

 (Photograph: © Bruce Nauman. Courtesy Gagosian Gallery. Photography by Robert McKeever)
Photograph: © Bruce Nauman. Courtesy Gagosian Gallery. Photography by Robert McKeever

Bruce Nauman, One Hundred Fish Fountain at Gagosian Gallery
Inspired by the artist’s memories of boyhood fishing trips, this gallery-filling installation consists of 100 bronze casts of bass and catfish spouting jets of water while suspended from the ceiling by wires. Through Aug 24

 (Photograph: Jason Mandella)
Photograph: Jason Mandella

Jonathan Allmaier, “Pointing Paintings, Bump Paintings and Key Paintings” at James Fuentes LLC
Allmaier’s lively paintings evince a peculiar mix of image, abstraction, process and animism. Fri 10–Sept 30

 (Photograph: Courtesy the artist)
Photograph: Courtesy the artist

Mark Flood, "The Hateful Years" at Luxembourg & Dayan
For more than 30 years now, artist Mark Flood has been working in Houston, creating memorably daft mixed-media text paintings and collage remixes of cigarette ads and gossip magazine covers—all of which in some way takes the pulse of that heart of darkness called middle America. This survey focuses on a particularly fruitful period for his work, the 1980s: the decade of Reagan and the beginning of the country's out-of-control swerve to the right.

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Evelyn Konrad
Evelyn Konrad

That's the painting that I picked at the Southampton Art Show, and for which I made an unsuccessful bid. Terrific work! Both aesthetically and intellectually.