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Darnell Holguin, Bathtub Gin, New York's Best Bartender 2015
Photograph: Rayon Richards

New York’s Best Bartender 2015: Finalist Darnell Holguin

Get to know Darnell Holguin, one of the top 10 finalists in this year’s competition

Written by
Nick Leftley

Bar: Bathtub Gin

Been a bartender for: 11 years

Signature drink: Hemingway's Lover

What’s the best thing about being a bartender? The interactions and energy to share with the room. It keeps building up for a night to remember.

What New York bar trend do you love? Even dive bars are paying a little bit of attention to cocktails. It’s not about trying to infuse this, or creating an elixir of that, but the knowledge is there. At the very least, if you didn’t have the experience yourself, a bartender could guide you to something new.

As a bartending superhero, what’s your superpower? Dancing behind the bar. When the music and the energy are good, it takes over. I become more efficient, and it’s a good show. I have a weakness for Michael Jackson, but you’ve got to pick your environment—I’m not at Jean-Georges doing the moonwalk.

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