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Tim Miner, The Long Island Bar, New York's Best Bartender 2015
Photograph: Rayon Richards

New York’s Best Bartender 2015: Finalist Tim Miner

Get to know Tim Miner, one of the top 10 finalists in this year’s competition

Written by
Nick Leftley

Bar: The Long Island Bar

Been a bartender for: 12 years

Signature drink: I'm not sure but I'll probably light it on fire

What’s the best thing about being a bartender? My office is where people go to have fun!

What fictional bar would you most like to visit? I’m a film-school nerd, so Rick’s Café Américain from Casablanca, without a doubt. Although it might be tied with the Blue Parrot, the bar across town, because that was where more seedy things happened.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve witnessed from behind the bar? Sometimes people are having so much fun they want to climb up on the table, and I’m like, “Those aren’t bolted to the ground and they’re really wobbly—not that you’re thinking about structural integrity now.”

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