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$10,000 bread baskets and other insane items from the Four Seasons auction

Written by
Christina Izzo

After more than half a century inside the landmarked Seagram Building, the Four Seasons—a favorite of power lunchers and well-heeled tourists—shuttered on July 16th. (The restaurant will reportedly move a few blocks away in 2017, and the original space will become home to a new project from Team Torrisi.) With the shuttering came a live—and livestreamed—auction, held by Wright auction house, of the restaurant’s designer furnishings, from Hans J. Wegner chairs to Mies van der Rohe ottomans. Not surprisingly, the wares from the iconic midtown dining room went for quite the pretty penny. These are the 10 most cartoonish high-priced hauls from the Four Seasons auction.

1. The bronze, Emil Antonucci–illustrated "Four Seasons" sign that once hung on the 52nd Street entrance sold for a cool $120,000. (The illuminated awning sign was comparably a bargain at $15,000.)

2. A set of breadbaskets from Garth and Ada Louise Huxtable fetched $10,625—a wise investment, since you'll have nothing to eat but bread for the rest of your life after such ludicrosity.

3. Four ashtrays—yes, tiny trays for the ashes of cigarette butts and what's left of your hopes and dreams—nabbed $12,500 during the auction. 

4. A curved Phillip Johnson banquette, a.k.a. table 35, went for $62,500. If that doesn't force you to finally start hosting dinner parties, we don't know what will. 

5. The Johnny Swing "Murmuration" coin chair, formerly parked in the restaurant's lobby, was snatched up for $112,500. Looks, ahem, comfy. 


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A nickel-silver caviar bowl, complete with a mother-of-pearl spoon, was scooped up for $8,125. Now you can have your morning bowl of Russian beluga in style, darling. 

7. What does a standing wine cooler go for nowadays? Oh, just $16,250. Chump change. 

8. Four Seasons silverware, with service for twelve of your fanciest friends, was purchased for $22,500. Seriously, you better really like these friends of yours. 

9. You're likely still eating your feelings post-auction, so that Garth and Ada Louise Huxtable dessert cart you just bought for $13,750 will be put to good use. Loads up on those Yodels. 

10. A single custom, bronze-topped Eero Saarinen Tulip table from the restaurant's Grill Room will set you back $45,000, better known as the tuition price to attend Harvard. 

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