10 awesome videos shot in the NYC subway


The subway can be a gloomy place.

It’s not meant to be fun or luxurious, but to get you from point A to point B with the least amount of exposed genitalia. However, every now and again you come across some remarkable talent in many forms: singers, dancers, musicians and performance artists. 

1. An Internet classic, this group took advantage of the MTA's policy that conductors have to demonstrate they're paying attention at every stop by pointing at a sign to brighten their day. 

2. If you have to be Rick Roll'd, it might as well be by a collegiate a cappella group. 

3. A DJ can often be a terrible thing, but it's hard to think of a quicker way to wake up on your morning commute. 

4. You travel below some of the city's best talent everyday, but in this case the cast of The Lion King brought the talent down to commuters. 

5. An amazing example of two random musicians coming together to jam and entertain the masses along the way. 

6. Let's talk about sax. It's hard to compete with those moves and that baritone. 

7. Sax sells, so here's another one. But this one involves an impromptu battle to some classic MJ. 

8. This guy would be a welcome surprise anytime, but especially when the wait time for the next train just reads: "Delay." 

9. A lot more planning went into this one, but it's truly impressive watching them pull off a full dining experience on the L. 

10. In response to the MTA's new ad campaign these two decided to act out some of the new signs for commuters. Very helpful.

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