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10 reasons why New York City is basically college

Written by
Jonathan Millstein

Tis the season when New York City sees an influx of interns and recent college grads, moving to the big city all doe eyed and making everyone else feel old. (Not to mention all the caps and gowns around the city.) However, they quickly learn that living in NYC is basically just like being back in college.

Photograph: Courtesy Edward Yourdon

1) Recreation

Forget the quad. You have 843 acres of green space and athletic fields in Central Park. Not to mention some different food and drink options.

Photograph: Courtesy CC/flickr/Kat Stan.

2) Roommates

You look around and find yourself living with the same number of people in a smaller space and don’t rule out the possibility of bunk beds.

Photograph: Courtesy Bex Wade

3) Drinking

There is so much drinking.

Photograph: Courtesy CC/flickr/Pictures of Money.

4) Finances

The parents still slip you some cash when you see them or pick up one of your bills every now and again.

Photograph: Shutterstock

5) Sports

There is a basketball team in the heart of it all and, like your school, they won’t be winning it all.

Photograph: Courtesy CC/flickr/CollegeDegress360.

6) Goals

You still have no idea what you’re doing with your life.

Photograph: Courtesy CC/flickr/kindonnelly.

7) Friends

You make lifelong friends from all over the country and world.  

Photograph: Courtesy CC/flickr/Mike Mozart.

8) Food


Photograph: Courtesy Erik Pendzich

9) Intramurals 

It may not be house verse house or GDIs, but there's still some friendly competition and drinking (see #3). 

Photograph: Courtesy CC/flickr/Alan Light.

10) Geography

The city is like a sprawling campus you have to learn to navigate. And never rule out the chance that you may definitely get lost.

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