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10 reasons why Wegmans is amazing from a former employee

Jennifer P

Please excuse us while we take another moment to reiterate how excited we are that Wegmans is coming to New York City...

If you grew up with or have been to the Disney Land of grocery stores, then you’re probably already salivating over the anticipation of going ham on a Danny’s Sub, just like the rest of us. What’s a Danny’s Sub you ask? I can tell you, especially since I used to make them. But first, here are ten reasons—from a former Wegmans Café employee—why New Yorkers are (or why you should be) losing your shit over this news.

1. Unlike most grocery joints in the city, you won’t find cramped aisles, harsh fluorescent lighting and that weird, wet cardboard smell. The décor inside Wegmans was designed to look like a beautifully maintained, European city and it will reel you in with its charm.

2. The produce selection is top-notch because a lot of it comes from local farmers. And did you know that Wegmans operates its own organic farm in upstate New York? Pretty impressive for a company that only has 85 stores in six states.

3. After reading the latter, you’re probably thinking is this just another over-priced Whole Foods? Think again. Wegmans carries its own generic store brands and it’s cheaper and tastier than most other options. From pasta to hummus, yogurt, cookies—you name it—Wegmans makes it affordable and delicious.

4. New York has its fair share of amazing patisseries, but take a bite of the bakery’s moist (sorry, had to) chocolate cake and you’ll be sold for life. They also make a mean loaf of blueberry bread. If you find it, try it immediately. Don’t ask questions.

5. On the topic of sweets, the bulk candy aisle reaches Wonka status.

6. The infamous Danny’s Favorite Submarine (basically an Italian sandwich) is a 14-inch piece of heaven on earth. The bread is made fresh every day—they even have a roll that tastes like an Everything bagel—and it’s just really, really good, okay?

7. Café highlights include freshly prepared sushi, a coffee bar, hot prepared food bar, $6 dollar meals (which contain a huge piece of protein and two delicious sides), a pizza shop that makes buffalo chicken pizza and so much more, you guys.

8. You’ll find that Wegmans employees understand what customer service entails and know how to do it right. Ask a Wegmans employee where the Manuka honey is and they will find it for you, no matter what it takes. You need someone to watch your cart while you use the bathroom? They’ll guard it with their life. No side eye, no eye roll—they just want to help you out because they love what they do, dammit!

9. Do you like cheese? They usually have 300 types of cheese in stock at a time. That’s a lot of cheese and a lot of happiness.

10. This isn't confirmed for the Brooklyn outpost, but the grocery section is open 24-hours (always a good thing). 


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