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Photograph: Courtesy Creative Commons/Flickr/Cristiano Corsini

11 couples you'll see in NYC on Valentine's Day

Written by
Sophie Harris

By Time Out contributors, edited by Sophie Harris

Valentine's Day in New York is no small thing—everything in the city gets the heart-shaped treatment, from window displays to special themed menus (we'll admit our heart skipped a beat when we saw the Kim 'n' Kanye dinner at Brucie restaurant). In honor of the big day, we present our list of couples you'll spot in Gotham this Valentine's Day.

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1. The "oh, we don't care about Valentine's Day" couple
They're in sweatpants buying grilled-cheese fixins at the deli, and are clearly perfectly happy to avoid the holiday hype. Somehow this makes them the cutest couple you'll see all day.

2. The teenagers
They'll make out in the subway, they'll make out in the bar, and you can bet they'll make out at the table next to you because they're on a fancy date with the money they made from their weekend jobs.

3. The "we do Valentine's Day a different night" couple
You'll spot them dressed up for dinner at Tavern on the Green the week before or after February 14, when reservations are easier to get and they don't have to pay for a prix-fixe menu. Very pragmatic.

4. The bickerers
They're arguing on the subway about whose fault it is that they're late for their dinner reservation, and somehow you wind up watching the fight spiral out of control until they're taking jabs at each other's parents. Ah, that good old Valentine's Day meltdown.

5. The yogis
They've spent two hours at a "Twin Flame" eye-gazing tantric event, and now they're on their way back to their yurt to put their newfound knowledge to practice.

6. The ironics
They have reservations at White Castle—er, Love Castle—for dinner, then TGI Fridays for dessert and drinks.

7. The exes
From their conversation, it's clear they're not together anymore, but they're definitely still having sex. Since neither seems to be seeing anyone else at the moment, they're getting drunk at a dive bar.

8. The NYU freshmen
They live in the same dorm by Washington Square Park and have been dating since October. They're super dressed up and dining somewhere candlelit and overpriced, feeling cool and grown-up.

9. The "so perfect together, they make you sick" couple
You would hate them if they weren’t so goddamn adorable. They look like they’re genuinely enjoying themselves. It’s hard to tell if they’ve been together 10 months or 10 years because it’s hard to imagine they ever weren’t a twosome. They split a few things off the menu, natch—literally everything they do is together—and when dessert comes, only pick at it (they’re both completely in shape, of course). We wish them well.

10. The "making a thing of Valentine’s too early" couple
You get it: You met a cool guy or gal on OkCupid on, like, February 1 and were suddenly like, “Ooh, I can have a date on the 14th!” But they’re still in that awkward phase and just don’t look comfortable to be out on the the year’s most awkward holiday. So they make small talk and drink too much and when the check comes, they squirm around in their seats trying to figure out who should pay.

11. The couple with no sitter
Forced to spend the night at Big Daddy's Diner, they've got one googoo eye on each other and the other on their little angels, who are busy throwing Hunka Hunka Burnin' Love Pancakes at other patrons and trying to stick their fingers in the candle flames.

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