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12 Met Gala dresses and their bodega counterparts

Will Gleason

Last night, the fashion glitterati assembled on the steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art to celebrate the opening of this year’s Costume Institute exhibition: “China: Through the Looking Glass.” Even though the Asian-themed evening had some nervously expecting an evening full of problematic looks, the results were surprisingly tame overall for the “fashion Super Bowl.” Even, Katy Perry managed to leave the cultural appropriation at home for the most part.

But, as always, there were plenty of eye-catching dresses. In fact, from Rihanna’s omelette-chic cape to Solange’s vitamin water-hued frock, there seemed to be another, even more daring trend that emerged from last night's fashion showcase. Without further ado, we present "Corner Bodega: Through the Looking Glass."

Sarah Jessica Parker interpreting a bag of Flaming Hot Cheetos


Kim Kardashian draws inspiration from the silky deliciousness of Marshmallow Fluff

Solange, a Venus emerging from the waters of a purple Powerade

Beyonce reinterprets saran wrap

Rihanna deconstructs sunny-side up eggs

Kristin Wiig makes you rethink what a stick of butter really is

The Olsen twins or two bodega cats lurking in the shadows?

Anne Hathaway is the fine toasted hazelnut at the center of America's Ferrero Rocher

Jennifer Lopez is both the pomegranate and the Chobani yogurt

Kate Hudson comments on both the nature, and structure, of a pack of Magnum Condoms

Katy Perry manages to be all Four Lokos at once

Kendell Jenner is the ghost in the Green Machine       


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