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Winter Storm Hercules
Photograph: Virginia Rollinson

12 things we miss about winter in New York

By Tolly Wright

Dear Winter,

On this muggy day, we wanted you to know that we miss you. Did we ever complain "It's too damn cold"? We suppose so. But as we wait for the public pools to open, or for a day off from work to go the beach, we can't help but to see your virtues. Maybe we ended things too soon? So here goes nothing, these are the reasons we want you back:

1. Ice cream melts too fast now, back in the cold days a cup of Ample Hills Creamery lasted for hours.

2. You could really spread out at Sheep Meadow

3. There was always an excuse to be lazy and take an Uber. It was a time of no car service judgments.

4. Everyone’s gross hand germs were safely contained in two layers of mittens.

5. "Watching a whole season of Friends on Netflix" was an acceptable response to the question, "What are you doing on Saturday?”

6. Kissing in the snow is romantic, kissing in city rain is just uncomfortable. 

7. The frigid wind in the face was such a jolt of energy it was like free coffee. 

8. Garbage wasn't cooking in the boiling sun, or if it did smell our noses were too stuffed to notice.

9. Down coats were like a physical buffer on crowded subways from that weirdo sharing your poll.

10. Rompers give much worse wedgies than snow pants.

11. Sliding on ice all the way to work, made your morning commute so much faster. 

12. Your Thursday night booty call now prefers to be on top of roofs instead of you.


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