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12 things you’ll miss when you leave New York

Will Gleason
Written by
Will Gleason

With seemingly constant subway delays, extreme weather and insane rents, NYC can be a pretty stressful place to live. But there are also plenty of things that you can only get here, and nowhere else. (Or else, why would people keep living off the L train?) In no particular order, here are the 12 things you'll miss most about New York when you move to Los Angeles. (Or, you know, anywhere else.)

1. Bodegas
Where else can you buy a gourmet sandwich, pack of condoms, pint of ice cream and a six-pack at 2 in the morning without batting an eye? Not only are NYC's ubiquitous corner stores carefully curated to provide you with everything you need, but you've probably grown overly attached to the cat that's always in yours.

2. The subway
Yes, it's been a lot more overcrowded lately with rising delays, but for the most part, many New Yorkers take the subway system for granted. It could be worse. Something you quickly realize after spending a weekend riding the MBTA in Boston.

3. The constant influx of new restaurants and bars
It's never difficult finding something new to do every single weekend in New York. Working here may be difficult, but finding ways to fill your free time most definitely is not.

4. Free stuff in the summer
Kayaking on the Hudson River, outdoor movies in Bryant Park, concerts in Prospect Park. For some reason, New York randomly decides all of its best things should be free in the summer. And, compared to other places, that's a lot of stuff. It almost makes you feel less upset about the sweat lodge-like subway platforms and air conditioner drip.

5. Rooftops
Outdoor summer parties are always fun, but outdoor summer parties with a view of the New York City skyline are so, so much better. You may find yourself drinking on a roof somewhere else, but you can bet it won't have the same feeling as being high up in NYC. 

6. Pizza
Other cities may be catching up when it comes to other aspects of the food scene, but when it comes to pizza, New York will always come out on top. Especially compared to those saucy buckets of crust they call pizza in Chicago.

7. Walking everywhere
It's great exercise. And whenever you buy a new outfit, the sidewalk basically transforms into your personal runway. Peacocking in front of coworkers just doesn't capture that same magic.

8. The street grid
Good luck getting lost every time you try to go anywhere.

9. Productive commutes
Taking the train to work every morning means plenty of time to finish that chapter in your current book or coming up with last-minute ideas for a morning meeting. Also, it brought us this beautiful Instagram.

10. Late-night delivery
Have a craving for Eggs Benedict at three in the morning with a side of sweet potato fries? Bad news, you're probably going to have to make it yourself.

11. The museums
Even if you didn't go that often, it was nice knowing they were there.

12. The people
Constantly bumping up against 8 million people means that every day is full of surprises. As much as you'd like to, you're not going to get that same energy on a freeway.

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