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14 everyday subway moments that go unappreciated

Written by
Tolly Wright

Sure, riding the subway can induce all sorts of anxieties, but for most New York commuters it's just a part of everyday life. There's plenty to complain about—major delays, trash on the platforms, more rat sightings than any of us care for—but it's not so bad. If riding the rails has been getting you down, just remember these regular occurrences that make public transportation so much more bearable. 

1. When the motorman sees you running down the stairs and keeps the doors open for just a few seconds longer so you can hop in.

2. A stranger warns you that there's spilled soda or coffee in the seat you were about to plop into.

3. Those days when the train car is actually the perfect temperature. 

4. Those even rarer days when the platform is neither too hot or too cold.

5. Having a seat on a train that is facing major delays—at least you won't be standing for 30 minutes!

6. The drunk guy who looks like he's about to puke makes it off the train and into the platform trashcan in time. 

7. When you're convinced your monthly pass already expired, only to find you still have one more day.

8. Your monthly card expires the day you leave for a week-long vacation. Or even just on a Saturday when you were planning on staying home anyway.

9. Any time you're riding the subway with multiple babies and none of them is screaming. 

10. When a buskers plays a song that brings a smile to everybody's face or at least reminds you that there are talented people out there. 

11. The subway that makes its way through stations so quickly that you make it to work on time despite leaving your apartment 10 minutes late. 

12. Running into an old school friend or coworker during the ride and the whole trip flies as you catch up.

13. When you accidentally doze off but wake up just as you are getting to your stop.

14. Those beautiful days when every line is under construction or facing delays...except the one you need. 

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