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14 types of people you’ll meet in a New York bar

Will Gleason
Written by
Will Gleason

NYC has some of the best bars in the world (thanks in no small part to the city's amazing bartenders) and that makes them the perfect congregating spot for all types of New Yorkers. Spend a night out drinking in the city, and you'll definitely encounter at least a handful of these types of drinkers from wine-sipping loners to teetering party girls.

1. The old-timer

He's been living in the Village since 1982 and you can bet he has a word or two about how things have changed around here.

2. The IPA die-hard

Try to get this bearded Lumbersexual to drink a light beer and he'll probably come at you with his axe.

3. The underage NYU kid

Why of course this blonde girl with a Midwestern accent is actually a 30-year-old from Pakistan with a recently expired license. That makes complete sense.

4. The smoker

Actually, this is a type of person you'll meet outside a New York bar.

5. The girl who can’t stop yelling about shots

"Excuse me, I was wondering if you knew where the bathroom was?" "SHOOOOOOOTTTTSSS!!!"

6. The Murray Hill bro

He's the one watching the game.

7. The reader

You'll find her in the corner drinking a glass of wine an hour and finally trying to finish The Interestings.

8. The chorus girl who belts every song

Just try to tell this girl that this is not an open call for Chicago and that the chorus of Total Eclipse of the Heart is not her 16 bars. Just try.

9. The Bachelorette party girl

This is her natural habitat (not literally, that's probably somewhere outside the city) and she rules it with an iron fist. 

10. The one who’s been wasted since boozy brunch

(He still thinks he's at Poco)

11. The literally-entwined, dressed alike couple

You can't tell their legs, or their plaids, apart.

12. The Tinder date

The forced smile says, "I'm having fun" but the uncomfortable body language say, "I really wish I stuck with OK Cupid."

13. The horrible bartender

They appear to be constantly on both the verge of tears and breaking every bottle in the near vicinity.

14. The mind-blowingly good bartender

The reason why so many people are here in the first place.

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